Friday, July 30, 2010

Now It's a Tax on Garbage?

The City of San Francisco, always a bastion of intelligence, rational thought and good government (NOT!), has decided to impose a tax on fast food as a means to wage an increasingly-expensive battle with litter.

Yeah, right. I'm buying that one.

I would think it safe to assume that what San Francisco's upper-crust has an issue with is NOT so much what's in it's trash; after all, I'm certain they're finding empty crack vials, used condoms, dirty hypodermic needles, and worse, in their trash bins.

The irony here is that City Government, at some level, is probably responsible for the worst kind of trash which finds it's way into The System, what with giving those hypos away free-of-charge to hardcore addicts, and the schools handing out condoms like candy -- all, of course, to prevent the spread of AIDS -- but no one would dare suggest that there be a tax levied on condoms or Homosexuals, or that we stop handing out drug paraphernalia to those determined to kill themselves.

We live in an upside-down world where encouraging people to engage in risky behavior that will probably kill them (by providing them with the means, the excuses, and the political mojo to make it happen) just so we can start taking extremely stupid and expensive measures to save them from themselves, somehow makes good financial sense to the Solons of the City By The Bay. To suggest that the City do otherwise and, say, discourage drug use -- so that the city doesn't spendmoney on free needles, and would have more cash tokeep the streets clean -- is somehow considered "Anti-Gay". No, the sainted Elders of San Fran would rather tax legitimate commerce, and under a false pretense, to boot, especially if they can pass the tax increase off as being good for society; in this case, they'll be supposedly getting litter off the streets, but in reality they'll be continuing the ongoing assault against society's slugs consuming whatever the fuck they feel like and then sticking the Taxpayer with the medical bills.

The Food Nazis in America will tell you that Wendy's is bad for you. That McDonald's will kill your children. That The Colonel is selling you a poison that will slowly rot your asshole from the inside out, but only after it stuffs you full of fats, salt, and concentrated sugars that, in the rather weird calculus of the American Libtard, are infinitely more dangerous than gay sex or intravenous drug use. No wonder they don't mind if Iran has nukes; Devil Dogs and Wing Dings constitute a greater threat to Civil Society.

Quite frankly, if someone dies of an overdose, that's his problem. Ask me if I give a shit. Same for the Anally-Injected-Death-Sentence; you put your pecker someplace it wasn't meant to go, and you take your chances, andpretty much deserve what you get. Somehow, the consequences incurred by the Stupid and Irresponsible became Everyone Else's -- and by that we mean The Taxpayer's -- Problem.

And now it's Everyone' Else's Problem because some poor shithead (read: "Minority") who can't stop at just one Krispy Kreme, and who practically lives on a diet that consists of KFC, pork rinds, Malt Liquor, and the Four Basic Food Groups of MSG, Salt, Sugar and Caffeine, might fucking drop dead as his swollen heart bursts from the strain of moving his 450-pound ass through the streets of San Francisco. Oh, they say it's to keep the streets clean, but no; the tax is really intended to make Pizza Hut too expensive for the average Welfare Recipient to afford to eat three meals a day.

What a fucking racket: they get paid to stay poor, stupid and exploitable, and then the very people who exploit them make sure they can't even eat what they please with their stolen taxpayer money. And yet, the Exploited just can't wait to vote for more of the same. The New Plantation is alive and well.

It's time for a little Social Darwinism to take hold in America before more self-appointed hall monitors, like the San Fran City Council, suddenly decide they have a vested interest (and can make a buck) in limiting your number of bathroom trips, dictating how many hours a day you can sleep, how much water you will get on a daily basis, or how many times you're allowed to yawn before all that excess carbon dioxide you're expelling makes you a weapon of mass destruction.

I want people to die as a consequence of their own stupidity; that's how Nature is supposed to work! Those that make the right choices thrive and prosper, and those who don't are dropped from the herd. If we actually had a society where consequences were geared to actions, and which was free of government interference on every subject, we'd all be a lot healthier, freer, and richer. The world would be a whole lot better if cans of pesticides didn't have little red labels warning"Do Not Spray In Mouth", or if oscillating fans didn't have safety cages on them, because the truly lazy and retarded amongst us would be pushing up the daisies -- and the government that preys on their stupidity, to the detriment of the rest of us, would be gone.

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