Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glad I Quit When I Did...

Citigroup is full of crooks.

They could have asked me in 2004, when I left for good; I would have saved everyone a great deal of trouble, and money, and none of this would have come as a great shock.

Now, as to Barack Obama and Kirsten Gillibrand;

When large corporations give large amounts of (other people's) cash to such medocrities, it's usually because the corporation simply hopes to buy the votes and support of people who are, literally, either too dumb to recognize graft when they see it, or worse, whom the corporation believes are just as corrupt as they are.

Kirsten Gillbrand is, and has been, nothing but a placeholder -- a reliable vote that backs up that other abomination, Charles Schumer, in a den of thieves (the U.S. Congress) that steals far more money from the taxpayer and it's customers than the board of Citigroup could imagine in their wildest of dreams. She needs to be a goner come November, even if that means electing whatever chimpazee someone taught to speak that ultimately runs against her.

Barack Obama is with us for at least 2 more years, unfortunately, butit behooves us to dilligently take note of who puts money in his pockets, too, if only to ensure that he doesn't pull the Full Mugabe and use his position to line his own pockets while his country slides into chaos.

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