Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Repeat After Me: If it Looks like a Bomb...

The Mooselimbs are at again, and again, our government has failed to stop a couple of terrorists until the very last second, and when it would have been far too late to actually save anyone if there had been an actual bomb.

The TSA people are calling this a "dry run" and they assure us that they had Air Marshalls aboard the flight the entire time. Yeah, like that would have helped? They're obviously trying to spin this incident by making it all look as if they had these guys all the time. I'll bet the presence of Air Marshalls was a mere face-saving coincidence.

Nice job, TSA. these guys got on the plane, and one of them has been placing mock bombs on others for what seems like a while now. The fact that air marshalls are aboard means nothing; these two should never have gotten on board in the first place. TSA stopped one of these guys initially because of his baggy clothing, and then when they found his fake bombs, let him go anyway!

You just have to love this part:
"Because al Soofi’s mock bombs did not contain actual explosive material, TSA allowed him to board the plane and fly to Chicago. While defying common sense, carrying mock IEDs does not defy TSA security. Apparently neither does the fact that al Soofi was carrying $7,000 in cash and was destined
for Yemen."

And to make matters worse, he threw security off a second time by the simple expedient of changing flights at the last minute. Your government asleep at the switch. I'm so freakin' happy we unionized and federalized airport security, aren't you? I'll never fly again.

Of course, the response to all of this will not be stricter guidelines concerning anything that looks like an IED, whether it has explosives in it, or not. The response will not involve heavier and closer scrutiny of Muslims, because that would be, like, insensitive...and stuff. The response will be an avalanche of Congressional stupidity that will make flying more expensive, more intrusive, more uncomfortable, more restrictive and more expensive than ever. The people who will bear the brunt of an updates security regime (i.e. having their rights violated so as to not insult Islam) will be AVERAGE AMERICANS who just want to go somewhere.

It's what Congress is good at: slamming barn doors after the horses have already shit and fled, and failing to see the obvious solution -- keep fucking Muslims off fucking airplanes -- and if you must let them get on, then subject them to the same level of scrutiny the Left has afforded Sarah Palin's womb.

And to top it all off we'll probably be "treated" to a lofty, Teleprompter-fed speech about how awesome our Homeland Security is by the Great Vacationer in Chief. If there's anyone who knows less about security than TSA and Congress, it's President Marriott Suites. It's a fucking joke.

Spare us.

Muslims can cry all they want about being misunderstood, and their religion being one of peace, but clear-headed, right-thinking people know better. These guys are still trying to kill people aboard airliners in the name of their "God". Just how, exactly, are those the actions of a peaceful people?

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