Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"It's Obama's fault people want to believe he's Muslim"

So sayeth the Washington Post.

The Post ought to be careful: if you say anything is Obama's fault, the Obamatards call you a racist. When they do, just use the same retort I do:

I'm not a racist; I hate Obama's White Half, too!

I have an issue with that word "want": it is impregnated with accusation. It implies that people have a psychological disorder that compels them to think in a way that is contrary to reality. Get rid of the word "want". Secondly, I don't think Obama has any religious convictions whatsoever. I think he uses religion (or has used it) in the same way he's used a teleprompter; it's a tool that he trots out as needed.

The idea that a guy spent 17 years in a pew with Reverend Wright and never heard the "Kill Whitey" rhetoric, the "Bloodsucking Jew" routine, or the Black Separatist nonsense? That's a load of crap, and the idea that we're supposed to take him at his word when he says he didn't know, defies logic. Either he went in there and fell asleep every Sunday for 17 years, or he knows damned well what was being said in that church. He either agrees with it, or it went in one ear and out the other.

But Reverend Wright and his church, I think, were never more than camouflage. Barack Obama, the Community Organizer, could never become Barack Obama, The Politician, without that church. It gave him"street cred". It gave him a political base. Sitting in that pew every Sunday or 17 years was just the price Obama had to pay to get where he was going. Did he believe in anything Wright had to say? Your guess is as good as mine, and mine is something along the lines of "yeah, yeah, yeah, get to the Amen, Rev! I wanna get out of this suit! I wouldn't even be here if my wife didn't make me come!".

Which brings us to my second thought on Obama and religion: I think he only attended Wright's church because Michelle initially made him, but only afterwards found it politically convenient to stay there.

This explains why Obama was so casual about tossing Reverend Wright overboard when he needed to do it: the need for that mantle of religion was gone. Barack Obama was now able to stand or fall on his own. His 17 years as cuckoo in the nest had now come to an end. He no longer needed the Black Church -- he was already at the threshold of the White House.

If you doubt that Barack Obama uses religion as a smokescreen, to bamboozle you into thinking he's this-that-or-the-other, consider this: after nearly two years in office, the once-highly-publicized Obama search fora "new church" mysteriously came to an end. No church was ever found. The Obama's are never seen entering or leaving a place of worship (probably because they're too busy taking separate, weekly vacations), they don't even use it in one of those Potemkin parenting displays where they drool about the moral virtues and how they're important to the raising of the Obama Girls.

Or, maybe this is closer to the truth: The Real Reason Why Obama Supports Reverend Wright.

Next thought:

Who gives a fuck what he is? (Besides incompetent, corrupt, unprepared, and wrong on just about everything).It is my considered opinion that people who give a crap about such things are laboring under a severe disability. And yeah, I know the argument; someone will undoubtedly e-mail me and say (paraphrased in best Goober voice) "If'n a man ain't got no faith, how'd yer s'pect him ta be trustworthy?". To which I respond: "I don't, Jethro; he's a fucking human being and a politician, which means he's a douchebag, and lying every time his lips move -- including during the Lord's Prayer."

I can list all the "men of faith" who had neither morals or scruples, but then I would be sitting here for the next 52 years. I rest my case. If this is a subject which consumes your every waking thought, start drinking, please. The real point is to say "He's not one of Us", the "us" being the mouth-breathing Evangelical retards who walk about praying for the end of the world so that they can cash in the Brownie Points they think they're entitled to.

I'm sorry to say that you'll probably be very sadly disappointed when Armageddon arrives.

The argument about Christian/Muslim is ultimately besides the point: Obama is a douche who needs to be voted out of office in 2012, and have the worst of his policies stopped by a republican takeover of Congress in the mid-terms, and that should be all anyone really needs to know or think about.

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