Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pastor Douchebag Gets His Come-Uppance...

Florida pastor who wanted to burn Korans loses his flock.

Personally, I don't give a shit about what Terry Jones wants to burn. It was evident from the very beginning of his little publicity stunt that Pastor Doofus thought the escapade would make him a rich man...err...I mean, bring him enough money and fame, the better to do "the Lord's work" (and why is it that the Lord's Work always seems to entail a lot of sex with underage girls and hookers and drugs?)...but that plan has fallen flat.

God supposedly works in mysterious ways, Pastor. see if you can figure out why She did you so wrong.

The stunt was designed to fight fire with fire; to engage in a little bit of religious-based, symbolic terrorism against the Islamic enemy at a time when the Muslims were engaged in the same against us (the Ground Zero Mosque controversy). It backfired...and then fizzled... mostly because once Reverend Jones got his mug on television, most people decided that he was a fucking lunatic. He got his 15 minutes, as the saying goes, and then was thrust right back into the obscurity he came from.

Naturally, the Pastor is bitter.

Members of his Gainesville, Fla., flock took off, he said, because they didn't want to hear "the truth" about Muslims. I'm sure there's more to it than this, but good luck finding out just what.

I did, however, find this statement quite accurate:

"People come to church and want to hear, 'God loves you, you're a good person..."

Well, DUUUUUUHHHH! What do you think people go to church for in the first place? They go for reassurance that someone is, indeed, "in charge", that Life is simply not an accident followed by a series of unconnected events. They want surety in their lives; that the "wicked" are punished and the good rewarded, that there is something beyond Death. If people could live forever, free of misery, pain and uncertainty, God would not exist. Certainly the Reverend knows this; he's made his living off of it for a very long time.

But because no one wanted to come to his little book barbecue, because he was exposed as a loon in public and folks probably don't wish to associate with him anymore, the truth comes out; you people only followed The Good Book because you're all selfish basket cases who need constant reassurance.

Unlike the True Warriors of God, like Pastor Jones, who are prepared to carry the illogical insanity that is religion to it's logical conclusion, and engage in pointless, symbolic actions of petty destruction designed to draw attention to their own special brand of stupidity.

If Reverend Jones thought about this situation for a few seconds, he might come to the following conclusion:

When a Muslim threatens to destroy something in the name of God, thousands flock to his banner and cheer him on, or even eagerly seek to help him.

When a Christian threatens to destroy something in the name of God, people recognize it for the cheap publicity stunt that it was, tell him to go fuck himself, and then attend Mass elsewhere.

I think the people Reverend Jones is castigating for being unwilling to learn "the Truth" might already know more about truth and righteousness than he does, even if I don't happen to agree with them on the existence of a higher power. Burning Korans is stupid. It's even dumber when it's intended to simply garner money and publicity.

Here endeth the lesson.

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