Monday, November 15, 2010

Told You So...

Tea Party to GOP: More Small Government/Lower Taxes, less Gay Marriage/Abortion.

More on this absolutely-foreseeable tomfoolery here.

Personally, I agree with the Tea Parties, if only because giving a crap about who's gay, and keeping tabs on their behavior so that one can look down their nose with a sense of superiority, is not exactly an exciting hobby.

What the Tea Party is saying here is simply that they didn't send republicans to Capitol Hill to waste time on Social Issues when we're all about to starve to death. If some within the GOP (and you know who you are, Mitch McConnell) thought last Election Day was about a return to the pre-2006 status quo, well it seems they got another thing comin'.

Good for the Tea Party! It's about time someone told the Right Wing Taliban where to get off.

You will never change the moral culture of America with regulations and laws (after all, we have literally millions of those already, and immorality doesn't seem to be going away, does it?), and besides, government only has the ability to affect those things at the margins, at best.

If you wish to change the culture, then the best place to start is where religious douchebags usually are the most effective; on the individual level. Get enough individuals to oppose abortion, gay marriage and to support prayer in the public schools, and popular support will see those things carried through. Instead of buying politicians, the God, Guns and Gay Coalition should be winning hearts and minds. That is, after all, what religion traditionally does, isn't it?

But that requires work. That takes too long. There's millions of morons drooling over the thought that the Rapture may occur any day now, and millions more eager to help it bring it about sooner, if they can. It's why they bought GOP politicians, or rather, a particular brand of GOP politicians, in the first place.

You know, guys like Larry Craig, the Airport Men's Room Lothario, or Mark Foley, the alleged Congressional Page Groper. The Family Values types.

It's also why religious conservatives are always disappointed: they seek Messiahs, only to find out their heroes are merely politicians.

Perhaps it's time to let reason trump faith in an effort to solve real problems, and leave the effort to save sinner's souls where it belongs: in church, not in the Halls of Congress.

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