Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wild Turkeys...

From my local newspaper, we learn of the plight of a rafter (I thought it would be a flock?) of wild turkeys which are semi-terrorizing a Staten Island neighborhood,and the efforts of one man to save the birds for no reason I can discern except that he's, perhaps, nuts....and has too much cash on hand.

According to the would-be bird saviour:

"My heart goes out to them because they can't fend for themselves."

So much for the Theory of Evolution, huh? They seem to have managed just fine thus far, not withstanding the habit people in these parts have for not plowing through a flock of wild turkeys at 100 mph. or shooting the little menaces when no one is looking.

I also found this quote rather remarkable:

"DEC has so far been unable to find any facilities willing or able to take the turkeys that would be able to keep them separate from wild turkey populations. If such a facility were to be found, funds would be needed to cover trapping, testing and transporting them."

We seem to have the same problem with illegal aliens around here, too.

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