Friday, November 12, 2010

The Thrill Is Gone...

The world has fallen out of love with Barack Obama. Took them long enough.

No Free Trade Agreement for Obama, World Economic Leaders thumb their nose at him and fart in his general direction.

Interesting quote:

"Each rejected core elements of Obama’s strategy of stimulating growth before focusing on deficit reduction. Several major nations continued to accuse the Federal Reserve of deliberately devaluing the dollar last week in an effort to put the costs of America’s competitive troubles on trading partners, rather than taking politically tough measures to rein in spending at home."

That sounds so eerily familiar...

Of course, if you wanted to rein in spending, you could start here; U.S. Postal Service loses $8.5 billion, carries less mail.

If there was ever a service which has been superseded by technology and superior competition, this is it. It wouldn't even be a "tough" decision for someone with a sack.

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