Monday, November 29, 2010

The Would-Be Christmas Tree Bomber...

Stop all Muslim Immigration to the United States. Today.

The Oregon Christmas-Tree Jihadi.

We should just automatically assume that if your name is "Mohammed" that you are a terrorist who just hasn't gone"boom" yet. Really, what the fuck is it with these guys that they all seem to be named Mohammed, or worse, like this guy, have two Mohammeds in their name?

Note to Homeland Security: get the guys with two or more Mohammed's in their name first. They seem to be the worst of the lot...and the easiest to catch, because they're also apparently the dumbest of the lot.

And Somalis seem even less-well equipped to live in the West than other Muslims. Probably because they come from a place that's still stuck in the Mud Age. Maybe they just can't deal with the reality of a place where you don't wake up with a few dozen flies in your mouth, and spend the rest of your day fighting the ants for scraps of food.

Anyways, this kid was obviously set to do major damage, and the amazing thing is that the FBI was on to him for almost Day One, it seems. I'm not sure how they do that, but good job.

I wonder how many of these "naturalized", "home-grown" jihadis turn to radical Islam once in America after the blond chicks refuse to give 'em any? I'd be fascinated to know if the FBI is keeping stats on such a thing, since it appears, to me, that the main cause of "radicalization" is the inability of these assholes to get laid.

After all, they come froma sexually-repressed culture, and follow a sexually-repressed religion which tells them that the infidel's women are his plaything, only to find that when they try to chat up the infidel babes they typically get rejected...and probably insulted in the process.

Because let's face it: Western Women may be easy, but they just can't get past the smell, and you can't make butter with a toothpick, boys. They like men, you see.

Yep. At the end of it all, The Suicide Bomber is just a foul-smelling, sexually-frustrated, mentally-retarded, third-world loser who can't make the Beast With Two Backs with a woman he's be taught to believe is his natural inferior (even inferior to Muslim women!). Eventually, when masturbating to rape and donkey sex videos on YouTube no longer suffices, they resort to explosives. At least something is gonna go off in this guy's life.

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