Monday, November 29, 2010

Conspiracy Theory is History For Stupid People, Part II..

The democrats (small 'd' intentional) are casting about for someone to blame for the incredible pasting they took last Election Day, and for the falling popularity numbers of the their Savior, Barack Obama.

Since reason, logic and truth are tools never to be found in the good libtards toolbox, every failure of the progressive agenda, and all attached to it, simply must be the result of a conspiracy by the forces of reactionary conservatism. Conspiracies woven from whole cloth always answer all the questions swirling about liberal failures, and spare libtard the pain of having to ask the questions.

People hate ObamaCare? Must be because republicans talked badly about it.

Barack Obama is about as popular as tuberculosis? Must be the racism on Talk Radio.

Democrats lost the House of Representatives and damn-near lost the Senate? Must be because all those bitter clingers and Teabaggers fixed the election, suppressing minority voters and taking scads of foreign money to defeat good democrats who had only the best interests of the United States in their hearts.

There's apparently a secret hideout where all these conservatives, Tea Partiers, Godbots and Closet Klansmen get together, far from prying eyes, and plot the demise of the democratic republic. There, in smokey back rooms, the Chamber of Commerce, Tea Party, Republican Party (and probably the Knights Templar) all get together to plot and scheme, and then they unleash their dastardly super-secret plan to crush the poor and true-hearted.

Of course, none of this actually ever happens. Dimwitted democrats just think it does -- they simply have to -- because the truth (they suck, their ideas suck harder, and their President swallows) is too difficult a concept to fathom, and too painful to admit.

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

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