Monday, January 31, 2011

More Evidence that Global Warming is a Communist Plot...

Surprise! There are no melting glaciers, after all!

Of course there aren't; the whole thing was spun from whole cloth, the better to frighten the bejesus out of people so that they'd panic and fall in line with the Master Plan of the Greenie Meanies, who simply want to "Save the Planet" by arresting progress and redistributing the wealth of the industrialized world.

Personally, I don't give a shit if some headhunter on New Guinea drowns because the island is swamped by rising sea levels (that's a load of bullshit, too). I figure if headhunting was a viable way of life more people would be doing it -- and the fact that the vast majority don't tends to bear me out on this -- that sort of culture would be more widespread. I also reckon that any society which has not evolved beyond it's Stone Age origins and technology is a society that is most likely doomed to eventual extinction. Since extinction is a part of the natural cycle, making expensive efforts to save that which Nature has judged failures is a waste of time and money.

Besides, if headhunters wanted to be saved they'd stop with the blowguns and sticking plates in their lips and do something useful, like go to school, make silicon chips, build widgets or invent something marketable that doesn't have a brightly-colored feathers, a severed foreskin and a pork bone as it's major components.

I don't feel any compulsion to save anyone. The days of the White Man's Burden are supposed to be well-and-truly over (ain't there a half-black President, for Pete's sake?), and I can muster up no paternal urge to save the primitives from disaster, whether it's their spiritual dearth, tsunamis, sunspot explosions, rabid ocelots or made-up bullshit theories like Man-caused Global Warming. If those cultures were worthy participants in the great competition of Life they wouldn't need anyone else's help. Get with the program; it's the 21st Century, we don't marry our cousins, sleep in our own shit, or waste time trying to figure out how to shrink skulls. Cultures where these sorts of activities are the norm, and where there hasn't been any measurable progress generated from within for the last 20,000 years, deserve to die.

I'm not advocating anyone should go out and kill these folks (unless they're Muslims), but I'm also not recommending that extraordinary efforts be made to ensure their survival -- an act that surely brings no reward, and perhaps only grudging gratitude, at best. It is their job to ensure their own survival, not mine, and no Watermelon* is going to make it my business, either. Fuck 'em.

The only way to make certain these folks have the tools to save their otherwise-worthless cultures, is to colonize the places where they live and drag them kicking-and-screaming into the Present. We used to do that, but then it fell out of favor, for some reason.

But, I digress...

Remember this, if you remember anything: the whole hysteria over Global Warming is just that. It has been manufactured by people who claim to have a selfless agenda (Saving the World), but in reality, it's not about saving anything; it's about destroying the West. The wealthy Western nations will be expected to sacrifice on behalf of the Unwealthy Shithole Nations, binding themselves up in a straitjacket of international regulations, self-imposed limitations, and irrational guilt. Their societies will come to a screeching halt as energy becomes too expensive (due to regulation), at first, and then too difficult to obtain (due to more regulation). Industrialization will cease as more and more industries are labelled "polluters" that weren't so-labelled before -- progress, as we understand it, will come to an end. The individual's fundamental rights will slowly be stripped or ever-more-narrowly-defined, one at a time, in the name of furthering this feel-good agenda. The uniquely Western history of an ever-increasing standard of living will come to an end, and whatever we do manage to produce will be shipped to the Disadvantaged, for ever-decreasing profit, who will have been exempted from the same prison of regulation and guilt.

In the meantime, the "Disadvantaged", will be free to pollute as they please, ensured of a steady supply of Western "aid", technology, money and food. They'll also have a vast labor pool so cheap and with no environMENTAL regs to run afoul of, which makes investing your ever-shrinking Western profits, or shifting your business operations into dirty, slave-mill factories in Uganda, Myanmar or Afghanistan the Capitalist's only viable options. The Disadvantaged will eventually become the Advantaged, as their standards of living increase and ours decrease. They'll have all the jobs, all the money, and we'll have all the regulatory red tape and loss of freedoms.

By these means the Third World will have been allowed to "catch up" with the First -- at least superficially -- and then, theoretically, everyone on Planet Earth will finally be truly equal. And this will all be directed by those self-elected hall monitors of society (those who direct the Green Agenda, the NGO's, the Eco-advocacy groups, etc.) , who will be lauded for their social consciousness -- and they'll get rich while they're at it. The only way to "save" the rest of the World, according to the Watermelons*, is to destroy and despoil the West.

EnvironMENTALism is the international Communist conspiracy in disguise. Only this time, instead of urging the people of the West to violent revolution, it's urging them to assist in their own cultural suicide, one step at a time. That's why the Green Douchebags need to lie; they make up stories about melting glaciers, about rising temperatures and "hockey sticks", and about the efficacy and availability of Green Energy (see next post); because if they told the truth, you'd realize what they were doing and tell them to fuck off!

They're not going to make anyone "equal", unless by that they mean "equally miserable", because that's the only thing communism -- even communism with a smiley face --ever really accomplishes.

* The term Watermelon is used to describe a radical environMENTAList; Green on the outside, but Red on the inside.

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Anonymous said...

This is a funny essay but it is actually a very serious one. Almost all of what the author says if true but due to the culture smog and media manipulation created by the watermelons you can say these things only under the cover of being funny. What amazes me the most is the lemming-like willingness to jump off the cliff, the glassy-eyed cool-aid mentality of Western populations in front of the left/green and the Muslim assaults on our civilization, society, economy, and power. It almost seems as if the entire Western World has lost its will to survive and fight for it freedom and way of life. I have to give it to the watermelons: their culture war strategy seems to work. I feel very strongly that the only way we can stop our march into dictatorship and global governance is through violent resistance. I talk with many folks every day about this prospect and I get the distinct feel that I am not alone with my assessment.