Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Others...

Honestly, I have to admit that I was attracted to this article mostly because the name George Orwell was attached to it. Orwell didn't write it, but the theme is one of Orwell's favorites, and was the basis for his novel Animal Farm.

(Ed. Note: By the way, if you still haven't read Animal Farm, you really, really should. And then you should see a doctor to get the mental defect that prevented you from reading it in the first place corrected, Dipshit!).

For all those people who routinely scream like Chicken Little that China will one day Rule the Earth, I counter with the argument that articles like this one prove that China is little more than Chicago, Washington, D.C., or New Orleans -- only with better press.

The same sickness which has destroyed those American cities -- the confluence of ridiculously-outmoded socialist thought (oxymoron) politics and policies, open bribery, unfair taxation policies, the misuse of tax money and political power, personal and political connections, the arrogance of a ruling elite, One-Party Rule -- is working the same magic on China, as a whole, that it always has worked everywhere it's been tried. The primary symptom of this disease is a culture of entitlement in which behavior that is otherwise beyond society's pale, is perfectly acceptable so long as it is the 'right' people (those with connections, or who have paid the requisite bribes) who engage in them, and always at someone else's expense.

That pisses people off, you know. In this country, we do things like form Tea Parties and vote Republican (which is only slightly-better). In places like China, people riot -- at least until they get run over by tanks, which only pisses people off even more. Imagine Tiannemen Square, only 50 times worse, and unlike the Newark or Los Angeles riots of American history, burning the city down would probably not be considered an improvement by most Chinese.

So, if all of you economic doom-and-gloomers who cower in fear of Chinese Domination can relax a bit. If we take the examples of what we know happens in (democratic-party-dominated)American cities and states as the natural consequence of what happens when Leftard government behaves in this way, it turns out there is nothing to be afraid of, at all.

Except that China, unlike, say Detroit, has nuclear weapons...but that's beside the point; At the rate at which China is "Detroiting" itself, within a generation there probably won't be anyone left who will be able to read the instructions for launch.

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