Thursday, February 24, 2011

ObamaCare and Thoughtcrime...

Making the choice NOT to buy health insurance is now subject to government regulation? Are you kidding me?

This 'judge' has just formulated the basis of the newest version of Thoughtcrime (see: George Orwell); not doing what the government thinks you should be doing, even if what the government advocates is inherently unconstitutional. You can add this new definition of Thoughtcrime to all the older versions already on the books (speech codes, hate crimes, etc.). Soon, it will be illegal to breathe in a manner that invokes a Libtard's ire.

Where the fuck do we grow these judges?

Especially these left-leaning ones. Somehow, the word 'choice' in the liberal mindset only really applies to abortion (which should be left as unregulated, and as worthy of taxpayer dollars as possible, see: Philadelphia), but heaven forbid one should exercise the same conception of freedom of choice in whether or not one chooses to smoke, drink, own an SUVor a gun, let your children live, or stay as clear of The Lightworker's Great Eyedrops and Band-Aids Boondoggle as one reasonably can. No way; exercise those kinds of options (ones liberals don't like) and you've gone off the reservation and need to be punished -- for your own good, of course.

I'd like to suggest that we find the law school Judge Kessler once pretended to attend, and then burn it to the ground. It has obviously failed in it's stated goal of producing people who can be counted upon to be responsible jurists.

Naturally, when the result is reversed -- and Libtards don't like what a judge says -- it's a wholly different story. Then you have to have Congress come up with some code to restrict the Supreme Court...before they actually hear the case for/against ObamaCare. You can't make this shit up, folks.

Then again, when you take all things into consideration -- the judge-shopping that has gone on in defense of the indefensible (ObamaCare), the 900+ (and counting) waivers that have already been issued for a law that doesn't fully take effect until 2014, the unconstitutional manner in which ObamaCare was passed, the open bribery of key democratic Senators in an effort to get their votes on this piece of shit, the intimidation practices of the Left and their Union allies, and now the criminalization of the freedom of choice and the effort to constrain the full Supreme Court from hearing cases related to it -- it becomes absolutely clear just who and what the REAL democratic (smalll 'd' intentional) party truly is, and what they have come to stand for.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Scoop Jackson are rolling in their graves today. Even Robert Byrd, the Klansman and inveterate pork-barreler, who has every highway rest stop and overpass in West Virginia named after him, thought this thing was wrong, and would lead to less liberty, and at least had the courage (perhaps for the first time in his worthless life) to say so...before voting for it, anyway (I think).

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