Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unions? Who Needs 'Em? Part II...

To the strikinig Public Union Workers (three lies for the price of one) in Wisconsin;

1. On Your 'Rights': tell it to the GM and Chrysler bondholders who got shafted so that the UAW wouldn't have to take a bite of the Shit Sandwich our politicians so thoughtfully crafted for us all. Their contractual rights were run over in the Obama Administration's (two more lies, same low price!) effort to reward Big Labor for all the money and adulation they gave to The One in his quest to be the first man to pretend that he's President of the United States, but actually live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

You know, many of those (non-union) bondholders depended upon the payout from those bonds as part of their pension. Where was the sympathy for them? Where was the solidarity with them? So far as I can remember, Big Labor was so silent on this travesty and injustice that you could hear the crickets chirping.

2. More on Your Rights: think back to this past December here in New York City when the largest blizzard in recent memory struck, and the Sanitation Department upon which we depend to clear the snow off the streets staged a work slowdown and sickout, protesting the loss (through attrition, which means they got to retire early) of something like 100 Sanitation supervisors.

Because the streets were clogged with snow, people died when ambulances and fire trucks couldn't get to them to render assistance. Talk about "getting a little bloody"? The New York City Sanitation Department has blood on it's hands already.

I guess the 'right' of 100 overpaid and underworked, probably-mouth-breathing-idiots-or-else-they'd-have-real-jobs to retire on the taxpayer teat outweighed the right of others to live, huh?

3. Even More on Your Rights: Fast-forward to February, 20111, and post-blizzard conditions are such that the perennial plague of potholes on New York City streets has returned. In my neighborhood, there are potholes large enough to cause trucks to bottom out, many have become than concrete ponds in the middle of the streets, and all are a threat to public safety and undoubtedly having adverse affects on other parts of the City infrastructure.

So, what does our Department of Transportation (the entity charged with filling potholes around here) do? It makes certain that it puts half it's 'work crews' on furlough (i.e. paid vacation - they get unemployment checks -- even though they actually still have jobs -- and the Union that represents them pays many of their living expenses while they're out for 10-14 weeks), just when it knows the pothole problem will be reaching it's zenith, and then cries that if the City continues to cut budgets those potholes just can't ever get filled.

Why, It's almost as if they planned the whole thing that way, you know? In another place and time, and if we weren't speaking of 'Public Employees', there'd be a Federal Prosecutor licking his lips over all the prospect of a string of easy convictions, given all the RICO predicates such a conspiracy would indicate.

Around here, some folks have taken to filling in the potholes themselves, and at their own expense. After all, how fucking difficult can it be to fill in a hole in the ground, right? And someone gets paid $40 an hour to do it?

4. On the "Get Bloody" Comment: What happened to that whole civility thingy that the Libtards were screaming about a month ago? Oh, right: that only applies when it's a democrat who gets shot. Seems to me that if your name is 'Capuano', and you come from an ethnic background which has a history of bloody murder and public rubouts, that you should probably be a little more circumspect about calling your cohorts to violence. Mr. Capuano makes me ashamed to be Italian (mostly because he's a fucking doofus).

Of course, people even dumber than Capuano actually took his advice and did get a little bloody, but since we're dealing with Union thugs who's intelligence is often comparable to that of your common garden slug, this should have been no surprise. But remember: it's only White Male Tea Partiers who are the new Brownshirts.

What a much better country we'd have, and a more vibrant economy, if we simply did away with the Unions altogether, made every state in the country a Right-to-Work State, and then allowed employees to negotiate the terms of their employment -- individually -- with their employers! If Union Slobs are shouting in the streets about the sanctity of a contract when it suits their purposes, then I'd like to be able to enjoy the same luxury.

In my case, I'd tell my employer that my skills will cost them $200k a year, but in return I'll forgo medical benefits, retirement benefits, and paid sick days. I'd rather have the money and take care of those things myself, thank you.

Of course, then I'd have $200k a year, and be villified as one of the Rich White Guys the Obamatards hate so much. Oh well, as long as I still get to own a gun, I think I can deal with that.

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