Thursday, March 17, 2011

The O-Blarney Stone...

President Obama to visit Ireland, White House says.

I've read this about seven other places today, but according to one absolutely ga-ga gushing report (probably at (P)MSNBC, I think), the Lightbringer is planning on visiting the Auld Sod --wait, ain't that Scottish? -- let's try that visit the ancient land of his Irish ancestors. Who knew our Post-Racial President was Irish, too? Well, his mother's family was, so I guess that makes him Irish, too, but that's not my problem.

I'm Italian, after all. And a lot happier today, I can tell you.

Anyways, this would be just another man-bite-dog story, i.e. Obama goes on vacation...again...except that for some reason some really brainless clod (sorry, that's redundant) White House Press Office figured the best time to announce President Marriott-Suites journey to the Emerald Isle -- and his Irish lineage -- would be St. Patrick's Day.

Oh, I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the ol' waterin' hole tonight! Right now, there's probably 50 blue-collar types with a lot of O's and Mc's in their names who are probably trying to figure out which is worse: the English Occupation, or that Barack Obama might be a Hibernian. That's a tough one...especially if you're up to your armpits in green urine, on your fifth plate of corned beef and cabbage and feeling the burn, or your second keg of Guinness of the evening.

I guess this brings a whole new meaning to the term Black Irish?

Anywhoo, back to that moron in the White House Press Office.

You just ABSOLUTELY KNOW that although this trip was probably planned some months in advance (one must book early in order to get the best tee times, you know) some asshole with a Harvard education probably decided the best way to announce this historic post-and-trans-ethnic journey of self-discovery would be to wait until St. Patrick's Day, because then Barack Obama (or should it now be Barack O'Bama?) could buff his post-racialist street cred just that much more.

Or maybe they just decided it would be better to wait until the majority of union workers would be piss-in-their-pants drunk?

Now, I don't care if Obama wants to go to Ireland (if he chooses to stay there, however, he has my full and unconditional support), and I don't really care if he trace at least part of his murky-and-questionable (depending upon whom you ask) lineage back to the Isle of Tara. Those things aren't really important. I'm sure if you went back far enough into my background you'd probably find at least one Brotha in there somewhere, and if the pointy-headed types are right, we all came from Africa, anyways.

No, my problem with Barack Obama's White House operation announcing he's going to Ireland on St. Patrick's Day is that the whole fucking thing is so obviously contrived to make Obama appear to be all things to all people, and in the end, it almost always only proves a whole lot of things that he ain't. Add a hulking helping of misdirected Political Correctness, and the need for Libtards to view all subjects through the lens of identity politics, and it was as certain as the foreclosure following the 30-year-no-money-down-no-points-mortgage that they would make such a clumsy mess of both the announcement and the appearances.

I'm sure they meant well, though. The problem with good intentions though is that they often make excellent macadam for the Thoroghfare to Perdition.

Truthfully, what I found funniest of all was the thought: the Irish in America are celebrating their heritage today, and now they've just found out that the biggest fraud in America counts himself amongst their number.

They must be so proud.

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