Friday, March 18, 2011

Guess Who's Running for President in 2012, Part II...

Report: Hillary 'fed up' with President who can't decide if it's Tuesday or Wednesday.

Moral of the story: when you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

I guess when Hillary took that Sec. State job, the first real one she's ever had, she figured it would mean no work. I've had managers exactly like Obama , who change their minds more than they change their underwear, or who defer making decisions in order to avoid looking stupid and unqualified. People like that expect others to do all the heavy lifting so that they can reap all the rewards. They never put their name to anything, if they can avoid it, and have the ability to generate tons of useless memos that are full of hemming-and-hawing language that's intended to ensure that they can always be on both sides of any issue.

The first Rule of Management on Wall Street was always "never be in the room when a decision gets made...", and apparently that's the new Golden Rule at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Even yesterday's "victory" in the United Nations -- the permission to setup a No-Fly Zone in Libya -- was a sterling example of Obama not taking (any) action, and waiting for someone else to provide him with a fig leaf. Now that a No-Fly Zone is 'authorized' let me tell you what happens in Libya next:

1. Khadaffi doesn't let anyone in his Air force fly as much as a paper airplane or kite. They don't really need to anymore, having basically crushed the rebellion.

2. Khadaffi tells his air defense crews to keep their radars turned off, their guns unloaded, and to not even give coalition warplanes as much as a dirty look.

3. Khadaffi tries to look all reasonable, and maybe even makes false overtures to the rebels (by the way, can we stop calling them 'Rebels'? If they succeed they're only going to vote to install a Khomeini-like theocracy, anyways. These are not 'rebels', they're terrorists-in-training).

4. Just in case some sandy little douche in Libya doesn't get the message and fires a spitball at one of our planes anyway, the Obama Admin. will handcuff our guys with a set of rules of engagement that only allows them to fire, even in self-defense, every other Thursday between 12:58 and 1:00 pm. There won't be any shooting back, because that makes a mess and 'only creates more terrorists'.

5. When the 'International Community' finally gets bored with waiting for Khadaffi's flyboys to take their chances, they'll start bombing planes on the ground. Bombing Khadaffi's troops, however, will be a different story. That would make sense, which is why it won't happen, even with all that 'by all means necessary' bullshit. After the Libyan Air Force is destroyed on the ground, and the pilots come back from vacation, Khadaffi will use the nation's oil money to buy a new-and-improved Libyan Air Force...from Russia and China, two countries which"abstained' from yesterday's 'historic' vote.

6. Safe from the threat of air attack due to Western cowardice and an abundance of misplaced caution, and secure in the knowledge that even when 'justified' the 'International Community' will agonize over giving any order to shoot at anyone, Khadaffi's tanks, artillery and terrorists (they ain't soldiers) will move into Benghazi and make the Rape of Nanking look like an out-of-control frat party.

(Ed. Note: Personally, I don't give a shit if Libyans are killing each other. It only means there will be fewer terrorists for us to kill later on. Unless we intend to bomb both sides, this whole thing was a dog-and-pony show).

Khadaffi has already won. Because he was given three weeks to do so. Because Barack Obama couldn't find it in himself to make 'the right' call. He'd rather just say "Khadaffi Must Go", and then let someone else handle the details.

You just know that The Hildebeest goes home seething every evening. First, she finds herself sympathizing with John McCain in that "I can't believe I lost to this fucking douchebag!" way. Second, she's kicking herself in the ass for having been lured out of the Senate. She now sees this as a monumental mistake; had she been there, she could have gauged the political winds well enough to have been on the record against ObamaCare, and thus improved her chances for a 2012 Presidential victory. Finally, it must be dawning upon her that even if she were to pull off a masterstroke of diplomacy and actually solve a real problem in the world, Barack Obama would either claim credit for her victory, or more likely, turn all her work to shit with indecision and irresolution.

She's this-close to quitting. You can see it in her face. Five minutes after she does, you know that "Exploratory Committee" thing starts, and the effort to keep Bill in his doghouse begins anew. She's getting the Crusty Ol' Black Pantsuit out of mothballs.

In retrospect, it now appears that a Clinton Presidency in 2008 would have been the lesser of three evils, and frankly, considering the way the field is shaping up now for 2012, I wouldn't be surprised if she actually won if she were in it.

Then again, I have no sympathy for the bitch. She's made her bed. It will be interesting to see how she spins having been part of the most ineffective and conceited Administration since Jimmy Carter into a qualification, and maybe even electoral gold.

UPDATE: Danish socialists were ready to bomb Khadaffi before Obama was. What does this tell you (h/t Mark Steyn).

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