Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Supposed to Be Prison, Dammit!

Transgendered sex offenders? Maybe the world should have been destroyed last week, after all, huh?

Three questions:

1. Why is this person even still alive? Didn't HeShe kill HisHer Wife?

2. How long after HeShe gets HisHer way and has the taxpayer fund his genital reconstruction surgery, do you think we'll be hearing this piece of shit wants to be gay married?

3. What happened to the idea that prison was supposed to be about PUNISHMENT? It's supposed to be terrible, brutal, inhumane, and totally unconcerned with the inmates' notions of personal happiness! Otherwise, what deterrent value does prison hold?

I have a serious issue with this idea that a prison system is supposed to cater to an inmate's particular brand of mental dysfunction with taxpayer-funded surgery. Yes, we do have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure that inmates in our prisons have access to a relatively fair level of basic medical care, and those with serious mental issues do require and deserve all the help the state can offer, but at what point do we go too far?

What's next? Penile implants for prisoners? Baldness therapies? Plastic surgery?

You know this douchebag is only doing this because it's a way to 'get even' with the society that imprisoned him (almost all homosexuals engage in their behavior a means of rebellion against conventional society, and as a rejection of conventional morality), and because it might make him slightly more attractive to a better class of prison rapist (the kind that likes to cuddle afterwards, instead of just beat the piss out of you).

And of course, once this scumbag gets his way, HeShe'll have to be kept in a special cage, segregated from the general population, if only to keep HimHer alive. You have to wonder: at some point in all this stupidity, would someone go through all of this bullshit just to make his prison stay a bit more comfy? I mean, we're talking medcial mutillation here. Wouldn't doubt it; some people are that fucking crazy.

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