Sunday, May 29, 2011

Five Myths About Women in Combat...

More feminist douchebaggery from yet another woman who probably can't get promoted to the upper echelons of command because she doesn't have a Combat Infantry Badge.

Here's the solution, just don't ever expect to see it happen because it a) makes sense, and b) the spectacular failure that would follow would pit a stake through the rhetorical heart of yet one more feminist ideal, that there are no appreciable difference amongst the sexes. Feminism, as a political movement must, in order to merely survive logical scrutiny, insist that some things are indisputably true which simply aren't, while simultaneously arguing both for and against the very solutions that would put those ideals to the test.

It's a passive-aggressive thing: I insist this must be true, but don't you dare ever test my idea, just in case I'm wrong. The really important thing is that the argument continues for it's own sake.

Create an entirely female combat unit. Give it the best equipment, training, support and officers available, and then send it into combat against the enemy.

If you did that, either of the following things would soon become crystal clear:

a) Female infantrypersons can perform just as well as their male counterparts, defeating their enemies decisively at the point of engagement with superior weapons, tactics and effort, or

b) The body bags will start coming back in greater numbers...only with extra bumps in them. And a brand new crop of excuses for failure will bloom.

Otherwise, this argument is entirely academic and serves no useful purpose.

And by the way, anything that is championed by Rep. Loretta Sanchez is probably bad for everyone involved, except Loretta Sanchez. That woman is dizzier than the pet Yorkie that you spend your afternoons bashing over the head with a rubber hammer. I've seen her on television numerous times talking out of both sides of her mouth and her rectum simultaneously, and I'm convinced that she's a leading candidate for one of those great big red crash helmets you see all the kids on the Short Bus wearing.

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