Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Whitewashing Begins...

I meant to blog about this earlier in the week, but had no time to do so. It is a New York Post piece about the tragic failure of President Obama's much ballyhooed Stimulus Plan, and how it has failed miserably, and do we have to say it?,Unexpectedly.

The Apologia begins with the faulty premise that the Stimulus was poorly designed and implemented without commenting upon the fact that any Socialist-redistributionist agenda typically is before you even begin to get into the details. It also is curiously silent on how taking (stealing) approximately $2 trillion out of the capital markets (where the money would have done far more good, and been more-readily available) through TARP, GM bailouts, Socialized Healthcare and Stimulus bills, and distributing it on obviously-politically-motivated criterion, was akin to giving a critically ill man -- in this case, a market that was screaming for credit and capitalization -- rat poison instead of anti-biotics.

The piece is also, woefully, inadequate in explaining how it was government interference in markets (guaranteeing faulty mortgage deals through Fannie and Freddie) that was the chief ingredient in the evaporation of half a trillion bucks in September of 2008, and subsequent collapse of the housing industry.

The Whitewashing of Barack Obama began, literally, on January 21, 2009, but it has now, with an election in view, revved up to hyperspeed. Barack Obama was not prepared for this job by experience or temperament, and the collection of complete boobs he's surrounded himself with -- from Rahm Emanuel, Joe Biden, and Valerie Jarret, not to mention a legion of ex-Clinton and carter flunkies -- ensured that when President On-the-Job-Training needed help, what he got instead was "handling".

Even sadder still, it's not even as if Obama actually asked for help, if what we've seen over the last three years is any indication. The man has been proven arrogant and persistent in his stupidity, after all. Frankly, he can be forgiven his misimpression that his shit does not, indeed, stink: he only finds himself within a Mirrored Echo Chamber in which his very visage and dulcet tone of voice is treated as if it were the greatest ecstasy ever known by man, surrounded as he is by self-interested sycophants and a compliant, like-minded press that couldn't be objective if you held a red-hot iron to their sphincters, on a good day.

The money quote, re: Why The Stimulus Failed Except for the Most Obvious Reason is this:

"I’ve always heard that the definition of a giraffe is a racehorse that was assembled by committee," one Democratic congressional aide told me. "Sometimes, that’s what you end up with when you have a lot of voices working on it."

And thus begins the Whitewashing of Failure with the tried-and-true rubrics that are stock-in-trade of this most miserable of Administrations. The Stimulus, and all that has followed it, have failed because:

a) Congress (typically the Republicans within, in either their capacity as minority party, or later with control of the House) gummed up the works, stalled, obstructed, frustrated or delayed...something.

b) The general public is stupid, and doesn't recognize the sheer genius inherent in the Obama Economic Strategy (such as it is), or the untrammelled beauty of Keynesian Economics spiced with a dash of Social Justice.

c) A bad communications and press policy which has prevented the Obama Administration from effectively getting it's message across and unable to communicate it's oh-so-obvious successes.

d) Some unforeseen circumstance which always arises at the very last second, and which, all together now, is totally unexpected.

e) Did we say the Public is a bunch of drooling dunces who couldn't find their collective ass with both hands and a flashlight? Just in case we haven't, let's do so now. In case we have, then let's underline it.

In short, everything that has gone wrong is someone else's fault, and not the result of the sainted Obama's lack of knowledge, skill and experience, nor his dunderheaded belief that freedom and capitalism are deeply-flawed concepts that cannot be truly enjoyed by us rubes unless they are, paternalistically, restricted and directed for us by our intellectual betters.

It's for our own good, don't you know.

Americans are lazy, dumb and spoiled, you know. President Dickhead has said so repeatedly. And because we're fat, dumb, and mollycoddled, we're unable to see that The Greater Good has been served, or just ungrateful bastards who won't take that minimum-wage job at the local solar factory that will fold in another year just so that the unemployment numbers look better, and O-man gets to take another victory lap with (P)MSNBC tossing rose petals in his path, and the New York Times writing paeans to his Greater Glory, the very Angels of Heaven trumpeting his Most Regal Majesty as he vacationed his way through a second term.

The fact is that His Heinous, Emperor Barack I, has done nothing good, and in fact, has done little of anything. He left his first year to his handlers, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. He spent his second year doing the bidding of the Europeans and the U.N. in Libya, and filming Presidential Infomercials in some now-probably-long-closed factory. He's spent his third year crying about his political opposition and avoiding anything that looks like work, unless there's a campaign check in it.

Yes, the Whitewashing of Barack Obama has begun in earnest, but you knew it would the second the man claimed he could calm the seas, and received the Nobel Peace Prize for being (half-) black. Obama was always all expectation and propaganda, and the truth must never be allowed to come out.

It (truth) will never make it into the History Books, but it will continue to exist in our collective memory. Don't buy this line of bullshit: Barack Obama was never really a President, only a Pretender, and no amount of  retroactive airbrushing will ever erase that fact.

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