Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Religion of Peace, My Ass...

Muslim douchebags in my hometown hope to show The Softer Side of Islam.

A little punch, a little sponge cake, maybe a DJ, and then something will probably explode shortly thereafter. Happens every time you put more than three Muslims together in the same place, don’t you know.

Or maybe they just want to hold a symposium on the joys of Donkey Sex?

Yeah, good luck with that, you clueless bastards.

A key quote from the article:

"A new national Muslim organization based in Sunnyside has been founded to represent "mainstream Islam" in North America and is hoping to attract members of the faith from all ethnic backgrounds, especially native-born Americans."

Translation: it's becoming harder to get authentic Jihadis from overseas into America, these days. We need to cultivate some in this hemisphere.

From the founder of this new organization, the Association of Muslims of North America, we get this little gem which gives some insight into just what sort of douchebags these people are:

"We are as American as you or anybody else, we are a nation of immigrants," said Imam Ghulam Rasul of Masjid al-Noor in Concord, who is a member of the association. I believe in the American system and American values."

No you aren't, and no you don't. Complete bullshit because Muslim values and religious teachings are inimical to American Values. You have to be a complete dumbass not to recognize this, and you have to be a liar of the highest caliber to insist that statement might be true.

The Imam continues:

"We condemn human killing and promote the peacefulness of Islam as it is commanded by Islam, practiced by the prophet Muhammad and Muslims for the last 14 centuries," Imam Rasul said.

I guess that practice, sticking with that 14 centuries of precedent and all that, is supposed to also include raiding, raping, looting, mass killing and child molestation, which is what Muhammad actually did in his lifetime. One does, after all, lead by example, right? It also helps when you don't regard your potential victims as human beings, either, so so much for the "human killing" nonsense.

The thing that one must remember when it comes to any Islamic group claiming to want to be at peace with secular American society and common American Values is this:

Islam is not a religion. It is a military system, geared towards conquest and enslavement of “the Other” to which has been attached a religious imperative intended to absolve “the faithful” of all feelings of guilt and shame after they have indulged in the worst excesses of human nature. The purpose of Islam is to turn the terrible into a religious duty, one that will be rewarded by God – so long as the doctrine can be twisted so as to allow one to do mean and nasty things to someone else. Usually to someone who has more and better than you. It is sanctioned theft, and worse. It is a system of thought control that cannot abide any system of government, any religious teachings, any rival, alternate morality or authority which threatens to either expose it for what it is, or which threatens to promise a different or better future for it’s mind-numbed little fanatics.

That which gives people an alternative viewpoint or way of life is to be destroyed. It has to be; otherwise, no one in his right mind would chose to be a Muslim. Why do you think the so-called extremists (they all are) have given us but two choices, their two war aims, vis-a-vis the West: die or submit to Muslim authority in all things?

There is no "moderate" Islam, and the belief that there is is simply the wishful thinking of Western Libtards too frightened to tell the truth, even to themselves.

The Islamic world is convinced of it's eventual victory. It is determined to see this jihad through, no matter how many of them die, no matter how long it takes. God has commanded them to do these things, and God's authority and commands cannot be questioned by men. All that will happen has already been ordained, and it is the duty of every devout Muslim to do his level best to fulfill the prophecy of Muhammad; i.e. to bring about the world-wide caliphate. These are fanatics, not friends.

In this regard, Islam is no different from some of the worst social and cultural systems of human history; Communism, National Socialism, Japanese Militarism. We know how those evils were finally defeated, don’t we?

The fight against "radical" "extreme" Islam isn't some dopey little public relations stunt, and it isn't a series of manufactured Kumbayah moments for the purpose of getting one's name and picture in the paper. The solution to the problem of Islamic Jihad is a War of Annihilation which ends with either them being all dead, or with them having suffered so inhumanly as to rethink the value of their guttersnipe religion and the direction of their circling-the-bowl society and culture.

That's how wars are won, and despite the public relations campaign with guns we've been running in Iraq and Afghanistan for a decade now, this so-called War on Terror is being lost. We have tried to accommodate our enemies (rather than fight them ) and in so doing, we have left them feeling stronger and more confident; they have, they believe, measured our resolve against theirs and have seen that, for the most part, American political leaders (and much of American society) would rather put up a show of force than to actually use some.

In the meantime, they'll be forming Associations of Muslims in North America to recruit jihadis, sap American will, and to demoralize us with a string of beard-pulling victimhood routines and self-righteous claptrap about being fair and equitable when it comes to Muslims in an attempt to shame us into disarming ourselves and dropping our guard.

And that's when they aren't filing phony discrimination lawsuits, and trying to procure federal funds for a Ground Zero Mosque, all means with which to fund the stealth Jihad, that is...

Anyways, as if to put all this peaceful-touchy-feeling crap spouted by Imam Lying Dipshit into it's proper context -- and to prove my points -- along comes some Doctor or other (if he was credentialed at a Middle Eastern university, then he ain’t really a doctor; he’s probably just the one guy in his madrassah who could read and who washed his hands twice a month) who says this:

"The territorial conflicts in the Middle East have created so much misunderstanding and conflict," said Dr. Rehman, who a member of Masjid Al-Noor.

It’s the Jews that are responsible for all this bad blood and "misunderstanding". You just knew that if you hung out long enough the anti-Semitism, cloaked thought it might be, was coming sooner or later. Do you know why Israel bothers these sandy little buttholes so much?

Because Israel, unlike Iran, Egypt, or Syria, stands as a shining representation of what life could be if only Islam wasn't dedicated to keeping it’s people mired in the mental diarrhea of the 7th Century.

Israel is a successful, independent, wealthy, free and pluralistic state, built upon the Western model. In other words, it is everything that the Islamic theocratic and despotic monarchist states aren’t. The very existence of Israel points to a different way, a rival system of thought; if Muslims began to mimic the Israelis they might discover that the Western system actually works, and makes people wealthy, healthy, well-fed, and content. And then who needs the Imams and Ayatollahs and their special, rancid brand of bullshit?

By contrast, Muslims states, many swimming in oil money, can't manage to feed, educate or employ anyone. And even to get that oil out of the ground -- a substance which naturally percolates upwards on it's own -- they require huge investments of Western technical skill, money, and industrial output.

The only thing the Middle East produces on a large scale is religious doofuses who believe they have to blow themselves up in order to get laid...in the afterlife.

Doctor Dickhead then continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth, and his asshole, simultaneously, proving that there is a need for forced sterilization if only to prevent complete retards from emigrating here, reproducing and becoming wards of the state:

"It is our responsibility as the American Muslim community to present the true picture of Islam and to counter the wave of Islamophobia is on the rise in this post-September 11th environment," Dr. Rehman said.

Yeah, because, you know, Muslims are being targeted by lynch mobs and retaliated against every goddamned day in America. Why, it’s such an epidemic that I’m surprised no one has noticed all the dead Muslims in the streets. Our fake-doctor-with-no-clue then sums up nicely:

"Before 9/11, people were more relaxed…After 9/11, people are to a degree suspicious.”

Gee, do you think? I know I was before your fellow-travelers almost dropped 1WTC on my head and scarred me for life with the memories of other people making the horrific choice to either be crushed by a collapsing building, burned to ashes, or to take their chances and jump from 100 stories. We were all pretty much relaxed back then. I guess we forgot how relaxed we could be, what with all the time and effort we’re spending harassing peaceful Muslims in America.

They must grow this kind of asshole on trees, because there never seems to be a shortage, does there?

Remember this: Any time a Muslim offers an olive branch, it is simply a distraction, something he uses to stall for time so as to either maneuver into a better bargaining position, or to lull you into a false sense of security. These people are violent, inbred, retards with little regard for human life, a better-than-casual acquaintance with murder, and a by-now-genetic inferiority complex that is only exacerbated by a cultural stigma regarding all aspects of human sexuality.

There is nothing more dangerous than a mental defective with an axe to grind, complete with raging-and-unrequited boner, and a psychotic fear of vaginas. It’s how they manage to have the energy for all this hate and violence against us, and another reason why they secretly envy us so much they want us all dead; because they ain’t getting laid.

One question remains: why is my Congresscritter, Michael Grimm (R-NY) lending what little gravitas he has to this group? Grimm, who is under some kind of investigation in these parts for alleged campaign fund shenanigans had his ardent supporters in that fight (little more than a political witch hunt by dems)…until now.

I think Mr. Grimm's appearance may just get him a primary fight when he's up for re-election, because he's handed even the dumbest potential GOP opponent an issue with which to hammer away at him.

Update: Forgot to add the link to the donkey sex thingy. Now fixed.

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