Monday, March 26, 2012

More From the "Religion of Peace" Files...

New book tells Muslim men how to beat thier wives for Fun and Prophet.

I swear, if I hear one more Libtard repeat the braindead mantra that "all cultures are equally valid" I’ll buy this book and use the lessons learned on the first Occupy Wall Street demonstration I can find.

Muslims are fucking pig-ignorant savages, not real people, and the sooner we -- as a society and culture -- recognize this fact, the sooner we can get them out of our countries, and the sooner this pretend War on Terror will be over. Primarily because with the realization that Muslims are the New Huns also comes the required Us-or-Them mentality one needs to successfully prosecute the all-too-necessary War of Annihilation against them.

Had we had a few of those we wouldn't be spending a billion bucks a day teaching Afghans how not to eat with the same hand they wipe their asses with.

These guys -- Muslims, that is -- aren’t anything to be greatly feared, after all; they’re really sexually-repressed, perverted little retards who fear both original thinking and vaginas more than they fear death itself. It’s why they treat their women the way they do, and why they had to invent an entire Islamically-approved protocol and etiquette for bestiality.

The sooner the Muslim way is defeated, in all aspects, the sooner we can go back to safely ignoring these sandy little scumbags like we did before 9/11. One of the best ways to expose what a waste of DNA they are is to highlight just how they think and behave, and in the process, expose the contemptible and disgusting behavior they engage in, confident that it is all God’s Will, and not the manifestation of the worst aspects of Human Nature.

We here at the Asylum believe that NO woman should be wrapped in a burlap sack, treated live livestock, habitually raped, have her clitoris ritually butchered with a rusty razor blade, and regularly beaten…unless her last name is Pelosi or Clinton.

This, Islam, is a culture that is too demented to be allowed to survive, and it shouldn’t be accommodated, either.

End Muslim immigration to the West immediately.

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