Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Past Weekend...

In case you missed it all:

I have a new post up on the Insane Asylum, attempting to answer the...umm...burning....question: Is a yeast Infection REALLY a STD.

Over at Diogene's Middle Finger, my opus from this past week on Richard Nixon was reposted, with thanks to Diogenes Sarcastica.

Also, here's some interesting stuff you should read right fucking now:

There is a movement afoot in Sweden to make men sit down to take a piss. This is why Sweden is no longer a world power. And Barack Obama wants to make us more like Scandinavia? I think not!

The Incredible Mark Steyn on Obama's Stupidity, long-windedness, and stunning lack of achievement.

And another Obama Ally, this one an honest-to-God economist, calls Obama's Tenure "the Administration of Financial Confidence and Foodstamps". The rats always jump ship first.

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