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Never Retreat in The Face of Ignorant Savages...Just Kill Them...

I haven't talked about Islam for some time now. Probably because on a good day, it's hardly worth talking about; it is, after all, a system of thought and behavioral control imposed by force upon perhaps the most insanely inbred population on Planet Earth. Seventy generations of inbreeding have conspired to create in the Modern Arab something that evolutionary scientists would say is impossible; a modern day Neanderthal, only with a smaller brain and greater capacity for irrational violence.

With regards to the recent attacks on American embassies in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen, and ahead of those that are about to occur in Iraq and Afghanistan, it would do well to finally understand what the Israelis have been telling us for 60 years, already; it does not pay to treat Arab Muslims as human beings, for any gesture of friendship, any offer to peacefully co-exist, any attempt to negotiate in good faith, is axiomatically taken by them as a sign of weakness.

The 'demonstrations' in the streets of Cairo and Benghazi yesterday and today are simply a bunch of bullies taking the opportunity to put some fear into a victim that they feel is weak, and thus ripe, for blackmail.

And wherever would they get the idea that the United States is a weak, flabbily-squishy and touchy-feely nation that can be bullied and dictated to, whose embassies can be violated with impunity, whose citizens and public servants can be murdered without repercussion?

Maybe they got the idea when an American President declared a War on Terror that was short on the War part, and seems, in retrospect, to have been little more than a failed attempt to bring civilization to a bunch of pig-ignorant little pedophiles who don't know what that is, or what it's good for. A Public Relations campaign, with guns. Back then, this page was making absolutely crystal clear that the plan to 'give freedom and democracy' to the Middle East was doomed to failure because the culture needed to be changed as a prerequisite to understanding and accepting these concepts, and the only way that goal could be achieved would be by it's utter destruction.

You now see the true legacy of American intervention in the Middle East over the last decade; we're not feared. We're not respected. People still don't like us. We may have removed Saddam Hussein and Khadaffi, we may have brought constitutions and free markets, we might even have gained the grudging respect of a few on the battlefield, but we have not changed anything. These people still hate us, and they will go on hating and wanting to kill us because the only things their dead-end culture can produce is mindless hatred and suicide bombers, and it tolerates this level of depravity because of a convoluted religious dogma which not only excuses the worst excesses of Man, but which promotes them as acts of piety and salvation, actively encourages and rewards them, so long as they are perpetrated upon The Other.

It was clear from the very beginning, and it is still as plain as the nose on your face: the Arab World is irredeemable short of it's utter destruction and desolation. The Nations of the West, the ones who defeated the most rabid and hateful ideologies in History -- Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Militarism -- and who have fought (and won) against the most fanatical warriors -- Sioux, Maori, Zulu, Janissary, Mongol, Kamikaze -- know exactly how to defeat such foes, but have uniformly, and bizarrely, recoiled in terror from doing what needs to be done.

The Arab douchebags 'protesting' in the streets know this; they know that the West, in general, and the United States, specifically, will not 'go all the way' when dealing with them. That we will not fight them past a certain point, that we will, sooner rather than later, seek to negotiate and talk and trade and go through the political motions for the benefit of our media types, but we will never fight them to win.

They don't fear us. They don't respect us. The result is 6,500 dead in Afghanistan and Iraq, 50,000 wounded, many grievously, and a nation in debt. It would have been far more effective -- and cheaper -- if on September 12, 2001, the Bush Administration had just decided to make Afghanistan a vast stretch of radioactive rocks and mud. Sure, tens of thousands, perhaps millions, of 'innocents' (i.e. terrorists-in-training) would have been killed, but our goals would have been achieved: the Taliban would be gone, the Muslim World would have sat up and taken notice, and everyone would have known just what the United States was willing to do, what sort of inhuman suffering we were willing to inflict, in the defense of our shores and our way of life.

Instead, we bombed them with Islamically-approved Snack-Paks, taught them how to dip their thumbs in purple dye, and perhaps brought indoor plumbing to a few score of thousands, who still shit in their own kitchen out of custom and eat with the same hand they wipe with, anyway. In Iraq, we made Baghdad safe for TCBY and Kentucky Fried Chicken, but we did not defeat the pernicious influences of Islam and Ba'athism that still motivate Rumsfeld's 'Dead Enders' who, surprisingly, manage to maintain armed militias and achieve electoral offices in a 'democratic' Iraq.

That's what the War on Terror has achieved, to date: it has left the enemies -- political, religious and ideological -- of this country in place, in some cases it has made them stronger or more legitimate, and it has bankrupted us because the leaders who brought us to it were afraid to do what was necessary. Mostly because it would look bad on television.

Then again, maybe these violent assholes in Cairo and elsewhere got the idea that we're a bunch of softies from another, more-recent American President, one who prosecuted that same War on Terror with even less attention to detail,.and who even went to Cairo itself, to kneel before them, to grovel, to beg for forgiveness, to ask for friendship and good feeling. That man, too, was ignorant of history, and knew nothing of war, what it is supposed to achieve, and how it should be prosecuted. To him, The War was simply part of the scenery of the ongoing play that was but a reflection of the myth that he had surrounded himself with.

If you thought the unhinged retards of the Middle East were unimpressed by a President who carried a Big Stick but failed to use it, you can imagine what they thought of a guy who was under the mistaken impression that the other six billion inhabitants of this planet existed solely to worship at his feet and feed his tremendous ego.

And even if it was simply ego that made an unprepared, quasi-communistic, racist, jug-earred jackass believe that the way to amity and friendship was to simply overawe a hostile and disinterested audience with a bewildering array of pretty words, written by someone else and thoughtfully jammed into a teleprompter for him, perhaps he could be forgiven that stupidity and vanity, because, let's face it: he got through Harvard on Affirmative Action, and only got elected because the alternatives seemed far worse.

Of course, it didn't take long for even this Heavenly Figure, who would one day lower the sea levels and bring about a rhapsody of good will, to decide that despite all his bluster about peace and the unsuitability of war as a solution to anything, that it would be necessary to at least make a show of force. A 'surge' strategy in Afghanistan that went against all of his campaign pledges, and flew in the face of his criticism of his opponents. An announced Withdrawal from Iraq, an open debate about a date-certain withdrawal from Afghanistan. A third War started in Libya, even though he had campaigned against the previous two as unnecessary, expensive, and divisive. A series of drone strikes throughout Yemen and Pakistan, a hit squad sent into Pakistan to take out Usama Bin Laden.

It looks tough, maybe even tougher in some respects than what was done by the previous regime, but it's all been so many pin-pricks. It, too, is for show. The main enemy, Islamic Culture, is left untouched, unfought, unreformed.

And why should the Islamic Degenerates who rule their own peoples through fear and violence all across the Middle East think any differently about influencing us in he same way, given the American's history with the Islamic World? For every time the American and Islamic ways of life have clashed, it has always been the Americans who have blinked,. And despite our wealth and power, we have never mustered up the political will to solve this problem once and for all. They taunt us, they attack us, they murder us, because there is no lasting consequence that comes from doing so, and their phony-baloney God and gutter religion encourage them to continue.

In the early 1800's, when a brand-spankin' new United States first bumped up against Muslim terrorism and mayhem in the Barbary Pirate states of North Africa, the American response was a few warships, and a handful of U.S. Marines (' the shores of Tripoli...'), who fought a battle that replaced one despot with another. The two mini-wars that many Historians have said was the first indication of the latent power of America ended with a bribery and political settlements that changed hardly anything.

During the Second World War, in the immediate aftermath of the invasion of French North Africa, Islamic elements in league with the Nazis threatened a Jihad against the Western Powers, seeing an opportunity to rid themselves of the hated French and British presence in the old Islamic Ottoman lands. With the British, French and Americans engaged against the Germans and Italians, the inbred tribesmen and  infant Pan-Arab movement sought to turn the chaos to their advantage by threatening violence. Instead, what they got, in return for their compliance, was an American promise to the right of self-determination, announced at the Cairo Conference, that put us at odds with our French and British allies, but at least it bought 'peace', for a little while.

This maneuvering convinced the Arabs that the United States could be swayed by threat of war, even to the point of dismissing the concerns of it's allies, in order to concentrate on the battle against the Nazis. The Americans had shown themselves to have no principles, they were so afraid of the Arabs (who had no tanks, no planes, and no ships, no guns) to such an extent that they sold their friends down the river just to avoid a fight they might have easily won.

When Israel, France and Britain took the Suez Canal from Egypt, so as to prevent the Pan-Arabist fanatic Nasser (and the Muslim Brotherhood that made him) from invading and destroying the infant Israeli state or interfering with international trade, President Eisenhower, instead of supporting our allies, put pressure upon them to return the Canal to Egypt, thus removing the last civilized,Western influence from much of the region (Britain also gave up control of the Sudan, and look how that worked out). We abandoned our Allies because we were worried that the Soviet Union might intervene.

Ike proved to the Arabs, just as Roosevelt had in the Second World War, that when it came to the battle with a greater enemy, the United States would fold in any confrontation against them out of fear of what the Nazis/Soviets might do.

In the 60's and 70's, when massed Arab Armies tried to overrun and destroy our Israeli allies, we did little more than wave pieces of paper in the United Nations, and maybe send a few shipments of weapons to the Israelis. We did not intervene on their behalf, and more often that not, it was America that restrained and made demands on the Jews to cease and desist, while expecting little to nothing from the Arabs. Even that complete doofus, James Earl Carter, to this day, favors Egypt over Israel, and he pressured Begin into signing a treaty which has done little to bring lasting peace. Israel is still beset by enemies, both from without and from within.

Carter's just reward was the Khomeini Revolution, and just as he had abandoned Israel in the hopes of being seen as a great Peacemaker, so he abandoned the Shah of Iran, who might have been a bastard, but he was, at least, our bastard. It became yet another example of how America would abandon an ally when it became convenient to do so. Later, the Islamic Revolutionaries would go on to overrun the American Embassy in Tehran,and hold 56 Americans hostage for 444 days, while Carter dithered between meaningless diplomatic endeavors and ineffective (and doomed) half-hearted military efforts, torn between his duty to protect American lives, and his Libtard idealism about peace and justice. Khomeini survived to spread his mentally-constipated fundamentalism all over the Islamic World, and the American Hostages were only released when the soon-to-take-office-Reagan Administration offered a large bribe for their return.

Reagan also took sides, some would say foolishly, in some of the internecine battles within the Islamic World (for example, supporting Iraq, and Saddam Hussein, over Iran, instead of letting both slaughter each other by the millions), or in helping to arm, fund and train the Afghan resistance to the Soviet Union, which had invaded their dirty little shitpile in 1979. Once again, the Americans would suggest that when it came to fighting a bigger enemy (Communism), their principles were suddenly maleable. When the Soviets finally withdrew from Afghanistan, we left the Afghans to their own devices, and thus was born (with Pakistan's help, and American money and weapons) The Taliban, the very force that would attack us on September 11, 2001.

As for Pakistan, we still labor under the misapprehension that this is an ally. Somehow, the Pakistanis have managed to play both sides of the fence for decades, supported by American Economic and Military Aid, which then gets used to export jihad against us by various means. The Taliban and A'Qaeda are products of the Pakistani government even more than they are products of American Policy. In retrospect, it would appear as if the creation of Pakistan, the turd that fell from India's ass, was perhaps the worst result of Western Diplomacy in recorded history.

When Islamic terrorist enemies began attacking Israel again, this time from inside the haven of a disintegrating (ex-French) Lebanon,  the sainted Ronald Reagan, the man every liberal to this day will insist was bent on total world nuclear annihilation, sent in the troops...and then quickly pulled them out again, leaving 243 dead Marines behind. Oh, Ronnie would bomb a few tents and planes in Libya, and supply Israel with modern weapons and money, but Reagan would never go the extra step. He would never actually fight the all-out war that was necessary to solve the problem of Arab intransigence and murder once and for all.

In Reagan's later years, Americans were kidnapped left and right by Islamic terror groups and held hostage. The Achille Lauro debacle left the murderers of American citizens to the tender mercy of a notoriously lenient Italian justice system. The murders of American servicemen and citizens in the airports of Berlin, Vienna, Athens, and Rome, likewise went unpunished. Who can forget the pictures of a dead American sailor dropped onto the tarmac from a highjacked airliner? Who can forget Leon Klinghoffer, sent overboard, wheelchair and all, by terrorist cowards?

The Legacy of the Reagan years with regards to fighting the Islamic Tide were these: despite all the talk of never negotiating with terrorists, the Americans would indeed do so quickly enough. Despite all the tough talk about asserting ourselves as a Superpower, we could be chased off after having our noses bloodied, and then we'd go off to invade a Grenada or something to make ourselves feel better. We could be milked for money and arms if you played to our fears about the Russians or Iranians. We would generally excuse the most outrageous behavior of Saudis, Kuwaitis, or Iraqis, if it meant the flow of Persian Gulf Oil continued uninterrupted. The only time America actually followed through on a military commitment in the region was to defend Kuwaiti oil tankers, and even this mission was quickly modified after firing a few shots at some off-shore oil platforms, and shooting down an airliner that some say was deliberately sent into a war zone for that specific purpose tocreate bad publicity for the United States.

Why should the Islamic Nutbjobs fear us? Even our supposedly toughest President in the last 50 years had no stomach for a fight in the Middle East. His successor did, but the results are questionable.

When the Bush I administration invaded Iraq in 1992, in defense of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, he did so under the misapprehension that his military aims could be limited. That having chased Saddam Hussein's forces from Kuwait, it would be possible to reform Iraqi society from within, without having to subject it to a World War II-style devastation. To this end, Bush 41 encouraged the long-oppressed Kurdish and Marsh-Arab minorities to rise against Hussein, while we smacked his tin-pot army around the desert for a bit, the implication being that the United States would direct the post-War peace for their benefit.

Absolutely frightened of the images of the infamous 'Highway of Death', where American air power had totally devastated the defeated and retreating Iraqi army, Bush Pere suddenly got cold feet, and decided the continuation of the war -- after only 100 hours -- would serve no purpose. In addition, he was under pressure from the Arab and Islamic members of 'The Coalition' not to take Baghdad. They could, they said, suffer an Infidel army on Islamic soil if the aim was to simply remove the threat of Hussein, but, they could not abide the same if the military objective became occupation of Iraq. They certainly could not envision a political and social future that upset the balance of power in the region,  nor could they countenance a separate Kurdish state.

And so, Bush I gave up the ghost at exactly the time when all the high-minded American ideals of freedom, liberty and self-determination in the Arab World were finally feasible. We returned Kuwait to it's (installed by the British) monarchy. We let Saddam Hussein escape, to turn his guns and helicopters on the Kurds and Marsh Arabs that we had pledged support to. There were no free-and-fair elections. The sanctions that should have eventually toppled Saddam from power, were a joke, written and administered as they were by the United Nations (so as to not make it appear as Americans lording over a defeated Arab people), were nothing but a sink of corruption that allowed Sadaam to stay in power so long as Kofi Annan got his cut.

Why should the Islamic Douchebags fear us? We wouldn't even fight for the principles we so loudly proclaim and advertise all the time, if it means pissing the Saudis off and shutting the oil taps. We don't keep our promises like a virtuous people do. We wouldn't even hold Saddam Hussein accountable for his crimes when we had the chance to, because we were afraid of having our self-proclaimed-and-burnished image transformed in Arab eyes from 'liberators' to 'vengeance takers'.

We let that canker sore, that Saddam Hussein, live for another 10 years, oppressing and murdering, funding terrorists, because SOMEONE had to keep the Iranians in check, and it wouldn't be us, because that would be, like, hard, and stuff. We'd fight a weakened and insane Hussein (because Billy Jeff Clinton ever only shot at people, and aspirin factories, that couldn't shoot back) but not stand up to evolutionary Iran. We made a half-hearted show of 'saving' Bosnian Muslims in those days from 'genocide' (of the sort they would have eagerly committed, had they they opportunity). We'd abandoned yet more Arab allies, Kuwaitis, Kurds, for the sake of oil and good publicity. Once again, the Islamic status quo was maintained, and America went away quietly, unwilling todo the hard work of removing a deadly threat from the planet.

You know the rest by now.

September 11th.

Afghanistan quagmire.

A Second Invasion and Occupation of Iraq.

A Diplomatic, kabuki-play tour-de-force-of-bullshit farce vis-a-vis Iran and nuclear weapons.

A 'Middle East Peace Process' in which Hamas and other terrorist organizations attack Israel with near-impunity, and then get the U.S. and Europeans to get the Israelis to back off when they seem on the verge of winning, and which pays massive bribes to the make-believe Palestinian Authority, which means the money goes into someone's pocket. It's a pattern: launch rockets into Israeli kindergartens and shopping malls, Israelis knock down a few shanties, Arabs cry rape, U.S. leashes Israelis and writes check.

Assorted would-be truck and underwear bombers, a massacre on an American military base. An internal debate about whether terrorists should be tried in civilian courts, with full constitutional rights, that has divided us politically. A Homeland Security regime which consists of the same idiots who brought you 9/11, only unionized and with the power to strip search you at the airport. A steady erosion of civil liberties, an acrimonious political atmosphere.

If you were a murdering Islamic thug, would you be afraid of America? When the Americans aren't easily bribed, distracted, frightened, cowed or duped, we rarely have the nerve to back up all of our talk. We never have the resolve to do what is necessary to actually win.

You should not be surprised that the followers of Muhammad are so brazen, so ready to resort to violence, so hypocritical, for these are the foundation stones upon which their religion and their culture have been built. They are steeped in blood, from the time they are born until the time they die, because that has always been the Arab and Islamic way. They receive, through their religion, the duty of Jihad, and from the fierce sectarian, tribal, ethnic and political infighting in the region, a casual relationship with violence, especially murder, for it has always been the Arab Way of War to attack by surprise, specifically, those who cannot defend themselves. These are people who are raised in such hopeless conditions that many families fervently pray that their sons become suicide bombers, and for many, this is the highest aspiration they may have in life.

They live under a system which regiments them in every way. The Koran dictates every aspect and action of their lives. The traditional dictum of Might Makes Right which has been a hallmark of the region's history causes great discontent within the Arab World, which the dictators then redirect into anti-Western and anti-American sentiment so that they may remain in power. The religious elements within their society are intertwined with the dictators, each propping the other up, and each fighting against the other to eventually control the fates of millions who have no hope, living in a society which creates nothing but dust, stones and suicide volunteers, and which accepts this state of affairs as a manifestation of God's Will, while believing simultaneously in an ultimate victory which awaits them in some mystical future.

They are inbred to the nth degree, making it almost a surety that perhaps 70% (or more) of the Arab World is dumber than your typical Irish Setter, and probably beset with a vast array of mental disorders. Women are routinely treated as property, no better than livestock, beaten, abused, raped, denied even the basic protections of natural, human rights. It is a society that fears modernity, because it threatens to destroy the power of the religious assholes who run it, and yet cries out for the very tools of that modernity because it is jealous of the prosperity they so obviously bring to the Infidel. They cannot create those tools themselves, because that would mean the abandonment of their superstition, and so the answer to achieving parity -- in their demented heads -- is not to change themselves, but to pull us down to their level, or even better, to enslave us in their service.

Do not be fooled by flowery talk of peace and accommodation with these people, because that is their ultimate goal; a world in which they rule, and we work; in which they enjoy the fruits of our labors; where we produce the food, the medicine, the electronics, the airplanes and nuclear reactors, the Cheetos and Twinkies, and they get to enjoy it whilst holding the power of life and death over us, because that's what God has promised them.

This sort of people cannot be defeated with platitudes and cowardice. They are not swayed by apologetic Twitter messages issued by the State Department, they are not satisfied with a recognition as equals by a government and culture they do not respect. We can make nice with them all we want, we can make all the concessions you can imagine, but it will not buy us anything but time, and in that time, the Islamic Douchebags are breeding like roaches, seeking weapons of mass destruction, and infiltrating the Western World and sapping it's strength and morale from within.

There is but one way to solve the problem of Islamic terrorism, and it is the same way in which we defeated the Nazis and Japanese militarists, who are, on so many levels, so similar in mission and outlook as the modern day inbred savages in Egypt and Libya:

You must engage in a total war of annihilation. It must be a war which sets out as it's fundamental aims either the complete conversion of Islamic Culture to something which reasonably resembles Western Culture, or it must lead to the slaughter of perhaps a billion people. We must be prepared to inflict the most horrible suffering you might imagine upon tens of millions. We must be prepared to do what the enemy does, and then do it ten times worse.

We must bear in mind that the only way to ultimately win in a way which leaves us permanently safe from the threat of violence from desert-dwelling pieces of shit who wear their laundry on their heads, is to undertake a systematic approach to war, killing and destruction which undercuts their material, political, economic and spiritual basis for continuing the fight. We must make them suffer horribly, to the point where they begin to question the validity of their systems of thought and ways of life, and then, when they begin to beg for mercy, you kick them in the teeth once more for good measure.

For it is only in the crucible of Total War, culture against culture, ideology against ideology, that the true test of The Better System reveals itself. The Nazis and Japanese both believed themselves to be superior to their Western counterparts in every way, and yet when faced with the application of brute force directed by a people who were willing to shed blood to defend their liberties, they ultimately crumbled, and in the process, the seeds were planted in those cultures which made a return to Nazi rule or Japanese Imperial conquest in future seem like a very bad idea, indeed, for it all they had really accomplished was complete and utter ruin.

THAT is how you fight the Islamic Jihad. You don't set up sham elections, you don't bring them Arby's and McDonald's, you do not introduce ESPN and Levi's in the hopes of slowly wining their hearts and minds. When you set out to win hearts and lives rather than break bodies and destroy hopes, you have already tied one had behind your back in the inevitable battles to come.

What happened this week in Benghazi and Cairo was not, as our political leadership would love to think, merely a couple of isolated incidents that have no connection or context. The rioting we've seen is simply yet another round of reflexive anti-Americanism stirred up by the political and religious authorities within those countries who cannot achieve the lofty goals they promised when they were engaged in the struggle for power. Rather than face the consequences of the unruly, murderous mob, they'd rather unleash their people upon us, under the guise of 'jihad' or 'western oppression', and hope they forget all about the promises made to them.

And why not? It's not like we're going to do much about it. If history is any guide, you can kill Americans all goddamned day long, and all you'll ever see is a drone that eventually goes away or drops a bomb on someone else's house. Maybe the Americans make your life slightly more intolerable for a year or two (only with more money and free food) and then they withdraw without changing anything. Maybe, if you're really lucky, the Americans will simply decide the best thing to do is send you a shitload of 'aid', cut political deals which leave the worst elements in power, or maybe bring you a few flush toilets and electricity, all of which are promptly put into service to prop up the newer-but-still-corrupt-as-before regime. It's not as if the Americans, even if they declare a state of hostilities, are going to actually fight you to the death, is it? 

That is the sum of some 200 years of Islamic experience with the United States.

I do not expect our current political leadership to behave any differently (perhaps a bit more cravenly) than that of our past, and I expect that every step of the way there will be counter-cultural forces which will seek to restrain and restrict the application of American power in our own defense, but it should be obvious to any thinking person that our historical pattern of carrot-stick-retreat doesn't work, and it is an existential threat to our survival as a people and a culture.

Just ask the four men killed in Benghazi what they think on the subject.

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