Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Obama Needs To Go...

Despite the fact that we’re a nation obsessed with Political Correctness to the point where we can’t even tell ourselves self-evident truths anymore, I need to say some things, and don’t give a crap about the possible response. Out loud, and with frequency. If they aren’t said, then we, as a nation, are doomed to continue in a flaming downward spiral that can only end badly; like the other great nations and empires of old, we will soon be relegated to relic status, only fit to be remembered, if at all, in that bored-schoolchildren-touring-a-museum way.

The first thing that needs to be said is that Barack Obama, the Great Half-White Dope, the Vacationer-in-Chief, the manifestation of Hope and Change divorced from reason and logic, needs to be shown the door.

I hope, with every fiber of my being, that come January 21st, 2013, this loser will be taking his cast-iron bitch of a wife, his outdated, grievance-based ideas, and departing from the American scene, permanently. I sincerely hope the Obama’s have socked away all of the money they have made with fake autobiographies, honoraria that they haven’t really earned, the kickbacks from insider-trading on Green Energy boondoggles (just wait: the evidence is coming any day now), and past jobs they were totally unqualified for, to buy themselves a remote island somewhere on the fringes of civilization, and be content to stay there.

Because after the mess Barry Soetoro has made of the United States (and to be fair, it isn't all his fault,: you people elected him, after all), it is now a worse country to live in. The false advertising of Obama as ‘something new’ (despite the fact that he’s always been the same sort of socialist demagogue), as something ‘different’ (despite the fact that he’s no better in his politics or racial views than Al Sharpton or Je$$e Jackson), Obama has been nothing of the sort, and the result was entirely foreseeable.

His policies reek of the 1930’s. His racial views stink of the 1950’s. His actions and thought processes are still mired in the revolutionary social-engineering claptrap of the 1960’s. His ethics, if he actually has any, are distinctly of 1970’s (if it feels good, do it; if it can be perverted for personal advantage, do it) vintage.

He should still build that Presidential library that they all do (I’m certain there’s a broom closet for rent somewhere) if only because future generations of scholars will learn far more from his failures than they would from his two successes. Those are limited to a) conning enough Americans into believing he knew his ass from his elbow, and b) ordering Usama Bin Laden’s execution. Give credit where it’s due.

I want to say this regardless of the repercussions from either side: I do not think Barack Obama is a bad man. That is to say, I truly think he does, at heart, believe he has done what he thought was right, it’s just that he’s a demonstrably stupid one. He has done the best he could, under trying circumstances, to the best of him dim lights, limited ability, and scant experience. The results were entirely predictable when you combine those shortcomings – mostly personal and intellectual -- with that ideology.

It was all there in his ghost-written autobiographies. This is a man who had been abandoned (and psychologically wounded) by his parents, raised by his Communist party-members grandparents and their friends, guided by Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, who has learned to use his racial background to pry the jewels out of American educational and political systems, and has since done nothing else but turn his grievances – personal, emotional, political, racial, real and imagined -- into a career of extraction from the body politic.

Obama knows how to extract (personal) justice from the America that was depicted for him by his mentors. He has ridden Affirmative Action to the very top of American Society and Politics, after all, but he has never learned the hard truths about life: That success is not measured by nebulous concepts of ‘fairness’ and skewed views of ‘justice’ but by the personal effort and good results of the individual. He has been sheltered from reality on this subject his entire life.

Barack Obama hates successful, in the traditional sense of the word, people, because they had no use for Barack Obama. This has been the fundamental problem with rabid leftists since they first started turning them out on the assembly line: Society has no real use for intellectuals – especially the fake sort, like Obama – and therefore, Leftist intellectuals (contradiction in terms, and the most useless of the lot) return this disdain with greater, destructive hatred and resentment. We don’t recognize how “special’, ‘enlightened’ or ‘brilliant’ (so they think) these people are, and so the response to it is to grab power so as to reorder society in such a way as to fulfill their fantasies of superiority..

This hatred takes the form of a deliberate attempt to reverse everything that traditional society stands for. It means the Leftist is compelled to piss all over tradition, to reverse gender roles, to be virulently offensive for the sake of being so, to litigate everything within an inch of it’s life, to disrupt, to lie, cheat, and steal with a self-granted, mental impunity so long as the victims are their enemies (i.e. the people who had no use for them).

The phenomenon is not new; it has been documented since the dawn of History, and is usually portrayed as a battle between those who would see Utopia installed at gunpoint (Revolutionaries) and the forces that are opposed to them for the sake of civic peace and order (Reactionaries). The main combatants have borne many names over the centuries: Plebs, Patricians, Royalists, Roundheads, Reds, Whites, Bolsheviks, Dissenters, Non-Conformists, Anarchists, Communists, Socialists, Whigs, Tories, Labourites, and Heretics.

In America, we call them ‘Liberals’ and ‘Conservatives’, and frankly neither one accurately reflects the traditional definitions of those words, anymore. But that argument is for another post; this one is about why Barack Obama needs to be put into early retirement, and then keep an extremely low profile forever after.

Obama was nothing new, except in the marketing. What he has offered isn’t new: FDR called it the New Deal; the Old Soviets blandly referred to it as ‘Five Year Plans’; Mao thought of it as ‘Cultural Revolution’. In all cases it has been the same thing, which is the fundamental transformation of society in a sudden go, according to the dreams and desires of the culturally unwanted, given free reign by the momentary circumstance of having achieved power. In all of these cases, what we never see is policies that are affected for the greater good, but rather, policies that are enacted because they are the wish list of a self-centered, totally-unjustified, self-selected ‘superior’ cultural and intellectual elite that otherwise would never have seen the light of day.

At their very core, according to my friend George Orwell, a leftist, in the truest sense, is someone who never wants, nor ever expects to be, in a position of power. Therefore, they never expect to have to think about the results of anything they advocate, and when they do finally get their opportunity to enact that which they have advocated for years, are presented with those consequences, almost always bad, that they rapidly rush to exempt themselves from, legally and intellectually, and always retroactively.

This is the origin of the dialectic wherein a rich liberal protects himself from the reality of what he has wrought. He invokes the spirit of the collective, because without it, he would have to depend on his own action to see his dreams made real. And since his dreams are often poorly worked out as workable plans, he avoids blame and responsibility by pointing to other factors (other than his own stupidity); it’s George Bush’s fault; the republicans delayed and obstructed, the Rich bought off the opposition, Whites are racist.

Liberals believe that results do not count, because they can hardly ever produce any that are good., and they are routinely excused from responsibility for their actions because they have constructed a dialectic where it’s intent that counts more than result. One need only have the proper mindset to be a Liberal; it’s more important to think the right things than to do the right things.

Barack Obama’s Reign has all the hallmarks of the (poseur) Leftist Intellectual suddenly given the power to make his dreams come true.

And all the time they do these things, they do it in a mean, arrogant, snarky, purely negative tone. They will savage their opponents in the worst possible ways. As a force for progress, the Libtard of the 20th to early 21st Century has been an entirely negative creature, full of criticism, spite, hatred, venom, who has only managed to prosper at times when his opposition has shown itself incapable of continued leadership, or has lost it’s confidence. When the roles are inevitably reversed, the Leftist regime hardly lasts, because it is quickly shown for what it is; it cannot be trusted, that it is deceitful and vicious, and the reordering takes place, and the Other Side then enjoys long stretches of power and influence… until it fucks up all over again, and leaves the door open for the next generation of Leftards.

This is what Barack Obama has represented in the last four years; he is the idealistic figurehead of a negative sort of Liberalism. He possesses a mixed racial heritage that insulates him – through a spirit of guilt and paternalism – from just criticism in his circles. He spews outdated Marxist rhetoric that is intended to generate fear, envy and hatred with which to divide and conquer. He has advocated policies that have no foundation in logic, reason or mathematics. He blithely deflects criticism as if were nothing more than the insane ramblings of a whole host of largely invisible, catch-all strawmen (racists, reactionaries, billionaires, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Finance) while quickly taking offense and dialing up the Angry Black Man routine that has frightened Liberal White America into slobbering cowardice.

The proof is in the pudding; this country hasn’t had a president for nearly four years. Oh, sure, someone inhabited 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but that wasn’t because Barack Obama was elected to lead a nation – he probably sees it as the just rewards that a bitter, angry, confused, compulsive-lying (half-) black man is due from Racist, Exploitative America. The country hasn’t progressed in many ways – unemployment is still high, debt has skyrocketed, anger between communities and politicians has heightened, business has stagnated .The only thing that has progressed is the concentration of more and more power into the hands of people who share Obama’s ideology and outlook. From what we’ve seen to this point, these people don’t seem  interested in fixing or progressing anything; they simply wish to acquire power and fill their own pockets.

In other words, they want simply to behave in ways that they have routinely castigated their opposition for behaving in. Again, the purpose of politics in the Leftard Universe is not to change anything for the better, but to reverse their own relative position within society. Where once the Capitalist and the Inventor were cherished and made wealthy, now when circumstances are ripe for it, the Leftard seeks to elevate the Technocrat, the Intellectual, The Apparatchik, to the same exalted status. In other words: it’s his turn to be important to the society that has, up until he found himself in a position of power, largely ignored him.

And this strange duality, this desire to exchange places with their opponents, exists in all Leftard political philosophies: Feminists simply wish to behave like Men. Socialists just want to control economic activity so as to become rich themselves without having to work for it..Greens don’t want a cleaner world as much as they want Progress arrested and the rest of us killed off so that they can enjoy a pristine environment that will ultimately see them killed off by malaria and eaten by predators. Pacifists don’t want to run the world, since that entails responsibility and obligation, they just want absolve themselves of both by symbolically extending that false absolution to everyone else, until, of course, no one is responsible or obligated to anyone or anything, and so society crumbles.

These self-defeating political and intellectual stances are proffered in the full knowledge that they are logically holed below the waterline. Because what is important is not measurable success, but that a segment of a society that has felt itself unrecognized, under-appreciated, forgotten, and abandoned, should get to continue their fight for what they believe is their just due, by any means necessary.

It’s also why we keep having the same fights: over race, over abortion, over welfare, over education, over the economic system, over the tax code, over whether or not George W. Bush actually did get more votes than Al Gore.

This mindset repeats itself throughout history, and fails everywhere it’s been tried; the Soviet Union has fallen, Europe is bankrupt and more divided than ever. Even China has abandoned any semblance (except iron-fisted control over society by the Elite) for the appearance of capitalism.

It’s why Solyndra receives direct subsidies as it goes into bankruptcy, but it’s not to be called Crony Capitalism, but rather an enlightened investment,. It is why the Master’s Degree in Gender Studies is considered equal to the PhD in Physics or Chemistry. It is distinctions between people must be eliminated, fostering a general mediocrity which is therapeutic for the lazy and stupid. It is why the purpose of politics has become, from the Leftist point of view, not a struggle to achieve the possible, but a jury-rigged Rube-Goldberg attempt to justify the impossible and unthinkable; a pastime more with concerned with presenting failure as a feel-good tonic, rather than as a fundamental exercise in good governance.

This is why Barack Obama must be defeated, and with him, his special brand of mental constipation which is an amalgam of ignorance, arrogance, self-pity, hatred of others, and perpetual victimhood.

It needs to be said; nothing in the last four years has been about ‘fairness’, despite all the lip service (for Life is unfair. Just ask the 4-year-old diagnosed with terminal cancer, or the man who risks much and loses all), nor is it about Values, or even politics, anymore. It’s all about a small minority that feels entitled to tell everyone else how to live, empowered by the conceit that they are smarter than the rest of us, given the ability to direct the lives and choices of millions according to their own tastes, whims and suspect thought processes.

There can be no American Recovery so long as this state of affairs continues. For recovery means a reinstallation of virtues that have been slowly denigrated by the left; personal responsibility, accountability, reason, legality, republican (in the sense of Constitutional) rule, a restoration of the individual rights of each and every person, separated from the dictates and requirement of the Collective. The Adults need to be put back in charge, because the Children have been given their head, and have only dug the hole so much deeper.

If you want to count Barack Obama’s successes, here they are:

1. He has succeeded in reinforcing, and in many minds, justified, every negative stereotype that has ever been formulated about black men. He does no work; he seems out of his depth; he appears by intelligence, temperament, and experience to have been uniquely unqualified for much of anything. The only thing that explains the Obama phenomenon is Affirmative Action, and his subsequent actions since election have since proven that despite the attempt to pretend, or to make people appear equal in all things, they truly aren’t.

2. Obama has succeeded in saddling future generations with a debt that can never be repaid. Perhaps this was a feature, and not a bug, of the whole Hope and Change program; steeped, as he is, in discredited-but-still-powerful racial theories and notions of American Exceptionalism being little more than the clever exploitation of the weaker peoples of the world, the destruction of the United States from within was a necessary evil in evening the international and racial playing field. This had to be done from within, because no other nation, or combination of nations, could have done it from without. The best way to defeat America was always to deprive it of its wealth, and to sap its morale, and to have both presented to them as an optimistic journey into a shinier future.

3. Obama has proven the old Madison Avenue adage that Americans would buy a bag of cat shit if you put it in a shiny-enough package, and generated an enthusiasm about it that was out of all proportion to it’s actual use or benefit. Barack Obama is, and always was, a marketing Campaign; designed to appeal psychologically to an America panicked by economic disaster, plagued by interminable wars, divided by a long-term disagreement over vote counting, racially separated, disenchanted with it’s current crop of political leadership and politics.

4. Obama has proven what White America already knew: that despite all the Welfare Statism, the Affirmative Action, the deference shown to formerly-oppressed minorities in all things, there was never to be any gratitude to be gained for the effort. And there could never be any racial harmony bought with all the money and well-wishes in the universe, or even the elevation of an African-American to the highest office in the land. The country is probably more racially polarized now, post-Obama, than it was before, and it will continue to be so for many years afterwards. To a large extent, this is due to the unrealistic expectations of many African-Americans, themselves. African-Americans lost their chance to finally feel truly American in all ways largely because they expected “their” President to dispossess the White Man, punish him severely, and elevate them by outright theft and redistribution. They have sadly discovered that they had put all their hopes in yet another politician that pandered to them, and this one not nearly as smart as they were led to believe. For generations hence, Obama’s failure will away with the therapeutically-pleasing and easier-to-digest dialectic of continuous American racism.

5. Barack Obama has succeeded in reviving the old American hatred of hypocrisy, as they see a President who promised to heal the planet and lower the rising seas giving a luxury jumbo jet a mighty workout. They have seen a man who denigrates the Rich as the worst evil known to mankind, brazenly begging them for the money to continue his idiocy practically every day. They have seen a man who railed against the evils of Capitalism use the same methods to reward his political friends and allies, and probably (when is all is said and done) himself, on the QT, as well. We’re sick and tired of the high-handed lecturing of a man who, on a good day, might have two braincells to rub together, and whose legendary rhetorical skills are simply the creation of a legion of speechwriters, a battalion of teleprompters, and a compliant media. If American hate anything, it’s a bullshit artist.

6. Obama’s final success will have been to expose – once again – the sterility and lack of vitality of all the recycled Leftist tropes of the last 100 years. It is up to the republicans who will inherit the even-bigger disaster that he’s created to first right the ship, and then to carry forward with a program that has as it’s absolute aim a reestablishment of the qualities of integrity, reason, and responsibility. They must do this while dismantling, in stages, the overbearing burden of expensive and ineffective government, and the Entitlement Mentality. The Inheritors of Obama’s American Miasma must reassert the superiority of the Free Market over a government-controlled, crony-capitalist-managerial one. They must return America back to being a country of possibilities-within-a-constitutional-framework, while guarding against a return to rule of the permanently adolescent dreamers with psychological axes to grind. If they fail, they will have no one to blame but themselves, for in Obama the alternatives have all been tried and shown – once again – to be totally lacking. The next ruling party/ideology must guard against it’s own decay and continually strive to do better, and to replenish itself with the most capable people with the most workable solutions, regardless of concepts like seniority and venerability. It must ruthlessly police itself to ensure it does not become stale, complacent, and therefore, vulnerable.

January 21st can’t some soon enough, folks, not soon enough.

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In another “not at all shocking” moment in the pompous attitude of President Obama, our Disaster in Chief completely sidesteps a question from a reporter on his excessive vacationing habits and the high bills being rung up by his family while most Americans have had to cut back or cut out on vacations on non-essentials completely. He laughed at the question. It was almost as if he was saying “Ha. You’re questioning me? Really? Dude, I can do what I want, when I want, and there’s nothing you can or will do to stop me.”
Ah yes…you asked for it, America! A President so conceited and narcissistic that he is too good to answer to the American people for his waste. Time to correct that error in November…
The Obama Family Never Learns When it Comes to Wasting Someone Else’s Money…
To the tune of more than $4,000,000, the Obama family is once again vacationing in Hawaii this Christmas. In the meantime, large masses of the American people cannot even afford a trip to Hawaii without all the security…let alone afford 17 days off away from their job.
Yup, the hideously wasteful first family continues to live lavishly on the American dime while laughing in the face of the American people who pay for their frivolity.
November 2012 – let’s get this pathetic excuse for a President and his taxpayer funds-wasting wife out of the White House and exile them off into the history books as the greatest failure of a first family we have all come to know them as.
Obama’s Daughters Are Now “Senior Staff” Members, According to Latest Michelle Obama Spending Spree…
In a bit of news shocking to even their grade school classmates, Sasha and Malia Obama have achieved the status of “Senior Staff” of their father’s White House. According to documents obtained by the website Judicial Watch following a FOIA request, the First Daughters were listed as such on the flight manifest, which also included Michelle Obama’s mother, niece, nephew, makeup person, and a hairstylist among the 21 passengers on board. The total for the flight – $424,142. That is JUST THE FLIGHT! Also included was almost $1,000 worth of food served on the plane. Yet to be released are documents concerning security, other transportation, lodging, meals off the plane, and so on. It is highly likely this trip could have topped $1,000,000 in taxpayer money!
This is just the latest example of how out of touch the Obama family is with this country and just how selfish they are as people. They are MORE than willing to take taxpayer-funded family vacations to exotic and expensive destinations that very few citizens in this country could ever afford after even a LIFETIME of savings. Yet, as the selfish swill they are, they engage in spending sprees of taxpayer dollars and falsify information on official government paperwork in an effort to justify their waste.
I guess what is the funniest thing about this latest pathetic taxpayer-funded excursion by the First…should we even call her a “Lady” anymore? I don’t know that “First Gold Digger” really fits, either, because she didn’t exactly “dig” for gold so much as decide she can spend as she pleases money which is not hers. But…yeah…the funniest things about the latest debacle is that the First Daughters were named “Senior Staff.”
Quite frankly, at their age, I bet their stuffed animals wouldn’t even refer to them as “Senior Staff” …I know mine didn’t when I was that old!

Hypocrisy at it’s finest, America!

mark a. traina/certified school psychologist/economist/civil rights activist/504-231-3056