Saturday, September 08, 2012

This Just In: New York STILL Has the Dumbest Congressional Delegation in America...

Brooklyn democrat claims Slavery persisted in America until the 1890's.

You have to watch the video to believe it (can't embed it for some reason). As someone who was actually raised in Brooklyn, I'm both embarrassed, and totally unsurprised, since the neighborhood went to shit years ago -- just a soon as the Caribbeans began moving in in huge numbers.

Yeah, I said it. 

You know, It has gotten way past the point where one can still have hope for certain segments of American Society. The proof of this is reflected in the people these subsections of the population elect to important posts.

We apparently have one of those segments which has sent someone who is fundamentally confused about  rather significant parts of American History, going on television and announcing her ignorance to the world. I'd go as far as to wager that not only is this Congresswoman totally unaware of her ignorance, but that even after it had been pointed out to her, she'd still wear and embrace it like some sort of special commendation, because it is better to feign grace under pressure than to actually admit that you have brain damage..

After all, her job as a Congresscritter is not to have any specific knowledge, of anything, or to display some sort of basic competency; it's to find a way to keep the Welfare taps open for her 'constituents' (i.e. the professional beggar class), who are probably even dumber (and unconcerned about real issues) than she is.

One gets the impression that Congresswoman Clarke simply told people what they wanted to hear (I'll get you more 'programs', I'll get you more welfare, White people suck) and that this was sufficient to get her elected. Hey, worked for Obama, right? I can almost guarantee that not a single person asked the Congresswoman a solitary, penetrating question during her run for office (because no one who voted for her cared if he could add or subtract, or knew her state capitols, or if she had read the Constitution. Besides, asking a black woman in America to demonstrate intelligence is bad social juju) , and this is the main reason why her incredible stupidity has remained hidden for so long.

I know this sort of suggestion is unpopular in a country where priorities are upside down so that those who contribute the least to society are given the most, in terms of government largess and attention, but I'm going to make it, anyway, in the hopes that a movement begins to take root in this country to weed out the unworthy.

It's time to start reintroducing basic literacy tests as a prerequisite to being able to vote. It's time to consider academic performance when extending the franchise. 

Some will call this 'racist'. Ask me if I care? I find it difficult to believe that asking people to be able to pass a basic ten-question, multiple-choice test on basic aspects of American History and Citizenship -- and to pass with a 70, not a watered down 60 -- is not too much to ask. You fail, you don't get to vote.

If you really care about anything other than simply getting a check, then this would serve as motivation for people to stay and excel in school, perhaps read more, and take an interest in their culture and government. 

Additionally, I would take a look at these communities by congressional district and  begin disenfranchising entire populations based on a number of factors: number of high school graduates in the district, number of murders committed, crime rates, rates of bastardy, number of welfare recipients. Those communities which have reached a certain threshold would have their franchise taken away, en masse, and then those communities would have to show they were making efforts to improve in all of those areas in order to get it back.

Some would say that this would be unfair to those who are good citizens and smart enough to not stick their tongues in a wall outlet without a government program, but I say this: it's an additional motivation for you, the individual with the same sense possessed by an Irish Setter, to go out and put pressure on your friends, relatives and neighbors to quit fucking things up for you, and by extension, the country.

I once read in a management journal or something that in the business world, people fall into two categories, Smart and Stupid. They are further categorized as Passive or Aggressive. The good manager seeks to find the Smart Aggressive people, while weeding out the Stupid Passive, and by all means, avoiding the Stupid Aggressive -- the ones who get you into serious trouble.

Congresswoman Clarke is one of those Stupid Aggressive people. the proof of this is that she doesn't know a basic fact of American History, and she had the gumption to run for Congress (which, judging by her district, it was probably more effort to fill in the paperwork than to actually campaign. She only had to promise shit that was beyond her control, or at best, promise to 'fight' to maintain the status quo).

In addition, every member of Congress should be given a series of tests every six months on American History, Government and Civics, English and Mathematics, and subjected to a bi-weekly psychiatric evaluation. Fail the test or ring the therapist's bell, and out you go, and your district/state goes without your august (but probably useless anyway) presence until the next election, when someone more qualified by intelligence and temperament gets to run for your old job.

And we should take the task of devising the tests out of the hands of politicians, and certainly not educators, since both have a vested interest in both rigging they system to make it easier to pass, and in engaging in a widespread fraud -- in everything from who writes the test, who administers it, who grades it, who gets the contracts for it all, and how do they get  to cheat enough to get the truly stupid across the finish line so as to not reflect poorly on the Union teachers, and because any democrat with a GOP challenger probably needs the Moron Vote -- and leave it in the hands of people who obviously have some intelligence.

Say, people who make more than minimum wage, and whose career prospects were better than the choice between an Orange Jumpsuit, or asking people if they wanted fries with that...

Of course, if I truly had my druthers, we'd all have the right to shoot every ridiculously stupid person we ever meet right between the eyes, just as soon as they made it apparent that they were, indeed, dumber than a sack of wet dog crap. Part of the reason why we're 16 trillion in debt, saddled with a bloated, expensive, ineffective government, going ever-more broke by the second, is because the Political System caters to the needs -- in fact, has been tailored by the needs -- of people who in other times and places would have starved to death, been eaten by tigers, or succumbed to the ravages of the common cold in large numbers when left to their own devices.

The scenes of misery and chaos that followed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, for example, were not indicative of an isolated event; they were the proof that certain parts of American Society can be so dependent upon Government, that even when faced by a Cat 5 hurricane that they knew was coming, which they had watched cross the ocean for a week on television, that they had all been warned to save themselves from, tens of thousands had done nothing -- except loot -- and subsequently had to be rescued, rehoused, relocated, and cascaded with benefits, and very few remarked that it was absolutely insane to reward those who had apparently even lost the instinct for self-preservation with more of the government drug.

It's time to start cutting stupid people out of our lives. We can't afford them anymore.

We need to stop letting the stupid vote. We need to stop letting the stupid stand for election. We need to stop letting the stupid graduate with diplomas they can't even read. We need to stop stupid people from voting for Great Talkers Who Have Never Done Anything Constructive In Their Lives, and making them President of the United States.It's time to stop keeping the stupid alive with untold piles of government aid, and let Nature take it's course.

Because if you allow the Stupid to dictate all aspects of life to you, you end up with the New York State Congressional Delegation, which is the worst collection of rogues one could ever imagine. This is the bunch that at one time or another included Anthony Weiner, Eric Massa, and Hillary Clinton. It still includes Mr. Insufferable Douchebag, himself, Charles Schumer, and it only gets worse from there. I would imagine that if Congresswoman Clarke is not the absolute bottom of the barrel in terms of Congressional representation, then she's at least that layer of sticky scum that lays on the bottom.

Of course, none of my dreams will come true, alas, because I'm outnumbered by the retards, and they have all the power in Modern America.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You're right, they are way out there, but I'll put mine from California up against New York's anytime.

I love the wit in your writing.

Matthew said...

Thanks Odie! I find it a challenge ot be as snarky as I can without repeating myself (much).