Wednesday, September 05, 2012

What I See at the DNC...

Lots of whining, and continuous talk of vaginas, basically.

Just a few quick points before I go into (sordid) detail:

1. You have to wonder at the true motivations and intentions of a party that can't even answer a straight question about it's platform. Apparently, the DNC has erased all references to God in it's platform, and all references of Jerusalem as the capital of a Jewish State. Fair enough: on the one hand, I don't mind removing the word 'God' since God does not exist, and because it is a true reflection of the beliefs of a majority of democrats: even the so-called "reverends" who lead the rear-guard of the Civil Rights era apparently don't take the Bible literally, or at best, use it to justify things and ideas that it most certainly doesn't justify.

On the subject of Jerusalem, well, that's a political point, and we can debate the merits of Jerusalem-as-Jewish-Capital all day long. Suffice to say that it was probably taken out because most leftards are rabid anti-Semites who would like to see Israel given back to the Arabs, so that they can finish Hitler's work. Even the apparently self-hating Jews within the democratic (small 'd' intentional) ranks, like Wasserman-Schultz and Schumer are, by silence, complicit in this display of anti-Semitism.

I don't have a problem with either erasure, as they are pretty accurate representations of what the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party either stands for or believes.

What I object to, however, is the inability of party spokesmen to be forthright about the removal of those words, or to answer direct questions about the political significance of the erasure. Brett Baier of Fox News fairly tattooed Dick (heh, his name is Dick) Durbin on the subject, and Lugar did nothing but shuck and jive on what should be a fairly straightforward answer (sorry,  but video was unavailable at time of writing). Either you did remove those words, or you didn't, and if you did, what was he reasoning behind it all.

If you can't answer that question honestly, and stand behind what you so-obviously believe, then why the hell would anyone want to keep you in power? Oh, right, for the welfare.

2. I didn't know George W. Bush was still President, or maybe even running for the office again. There is more mention of GWB than there is of Barack Obama. And not only that, but Bush has apparently been retroactively empowered to reach into the present day circumstances and continue to throw spanners in all the works from his living room and the golf course. Even when it isn't all about vaginas at the DNC this year, it's still all about Bush.

Does this mean that Hillary Clinton will be running against Ronald Reagan in 2016? In 2020 will democratic (small 'd' intentional) candidates still be running against Nixon and Eisenhower? I can't wait to see the attack ads against Lincoln due out in 2024.

3. Can we stop with the "tax cuts for the wealthy" bullshit, since 36 Obama Staffers owe a whopping, combined $833,000 in back taxes of their own? And of course, Charlie Rangel was still invited, too. Whatever happened to paying your taxes is a patriotic duty shit that Joe Biden was talking about four years ago? Oh, right: libtards are only concerned about wealth and money when other people they hate have more than they do; then it's okay to demand heads, but not when the shoe is on the other foot.

Some notes: Can the dems ever find anyone who can speak without stirring up a fucking grievance? Someone who doesn’t have a personal axe to grind that from the very first word makes the rest of the speech suspect? Do you think you could find someone over there who can tell the fucking truth, and answer a straight question.without semantics, evasion, or resort to that other time-worn democratic party stratagem, the fake fucking talking point that you’ll hear 74 times before the day is out?

In microcosm, we’re seeing what has been wrong with the Obama Administration from Day One. It has been stuffed to the rafters with self-promoting little Hitlers, most without three braincells to rub together. These people want to tell you how to live, they want to micromanage your life, and they can’t even tell the truth about whether a word was removed from the party platform. It has been given over to the hysterical wing of the left, which consists mostly of bitter women, wealthy cheapskates who won’t spring for their own condoms, the radical lazy, the professional poor, and the people for whom an original thought and a cold drink of water might equal a death sentence.

There, in Charlotte, is laid out before you the entire range of maladies of the Modern Left; it functions solely on fear and envy, it enlists the truly stupid as it’s foot soldiers, it relies on reflexive emotions – particularly hatred and jealousy. It demands what it wants, without giving a thought to negotiating, or at least asking very politely, considering the whim of the moment to be a Cosmic Right that someone is wrong to deny, no matter how stupid, misguided or wasteful the original impulse might be.

The Left is devoid of original thinkers. It has, in the Obama Administration, recycled the Socialist/Bolshevik tropes of the 1920’s and 30’s, and the worst aspects of the old-line eliminationist Progressives of the early 20th Century. It has made racism seem slightly less disgusting; in fact, it has made racism seem almost a sane default position, while at the same time taking the sting out of the epithet “racist” because a) there is., you know,  a (half-)Black President, in case you hadn’t noticed (and he didn't get there without White Votes), and b) the word 'racist' has been used as a weak defense of the indefensible so often that it has lost any power it once had.As a shield, the word has been rent , and shattered, by overuse, and is only held together with spit and prayer, by now.

It is a party that shouts “Progress!” ever more as it sinks into it’s own mythology of the past: it’s all FDR-JFK-LBJ-Bill Clinton-All-The-Time. They even invoke the memories of Lincoln and Reagan, for Pete’s Sake, even if the rationale behind the twisted comparison between The One and The Gipper/Lincoln makes sense only if you’re on hashish. This is a party that excoriates it’s opposition as “living in the past” and of wanting to “turn back the clock”, and all it can do is remind you of it’s past glories, and try to make the tortured argument that America would fall apart at the seams without a continuation of all the stupidity it’s constructed pantheon has advocated and championed.

I’m still trying to figure out just what, if anything, Kennedys have been worshiped for. Getting your PT boat cut in half and having to swim for it? Gang-banging Marilyn Monroe? Leaving a poor girl to drown in your car after you’ve driven off a bridge? Quite frankly, the only thing I can see as a Kennedy legacy is that they all, thankfully, died before they finally succumbed to the ravages of syphilis or cirrhosis. It’s just sheer luck that two assassins managed to hit brain by shooting Kennedys in the fucking head, what with there being such small targets and all.

And don’t get me started on Bill Clinton. As it is, Clinton is set to outshine Obama. And to give the man some credit, I’d rather his oily sleaze right now to Obama’s deer-in-the-headlights quality. If I have to hear one more time that Clinton was a “successful” President, I’ll clobber someone; he was only “successful” because Newt Gingrich and Dick Morris dragged him kicking and screaming to the center-right. And that there tells you all you really need to know: the DNC is so bad that the anticipation over a recycled speech given by a admitted perjurer and alleged rapist is so high, that the real-honest-to-God President of the United States seems set to be bathed in Clinton’s afterglow in much the same way Monica was bathed in his spluge.

Because heaven knows, it’s not as if Obama generates any light of his own these days, and whether he even still produces any sperm is an open question (as that requires balls, you see). He certainly brings the heat, but that’s only because some white guys have already written the Nuremberg-style speech he'll need to give to make it seem as if someone is, indeed, standing for election for real.

It is a Left that is motivated by sheer negativity. It wants to take things from people; it wants to dictate lifestyle choices. It wants to tell you what electricity to buy, what car to drive, what medical care you’re entitled to and in what quantity you should have it. It wants to tell you what and how to eat. It wants to be so far up your ass that it merges with your spinal column and devolves the human being into some kind of macabre, parasitic symbiote in which neither of the original organisms can survive without the other.

You know, in the old Star Trek: The Next Generation series, viewers were introduced to the Borg, a race of lifeless drones who roamed the universe, forcing other races and cultures to put their technology and lives in service to a greater collective that never created anything of it’s own, and which could not envision a different future for itself, other than to continue to do that which it had already done for millenia. The Borg were a sterile, stunted, rapacious, avaricious, uncaring race of beings that turned everything they touched a shade of dull gray. Machinery, buildings, people, all gray, and all forced to serve without question, like bees or ants do in the hive or anthill.

The Borg were a purely negative influence on the universe, destroying everything and creating nothing, snuffing out the unique in their quest for perfect conformity. That is your Modern Left, and that, in a nutshell is the Obama Administration. Even Barry himself has a Borg-like quality to him: relentless in his quest to dispossess, unswerving in his devotion to an outdated ideology, dedicated to a false goal, humorless, monotone without a teleprompter and a paid audience, fucking gray.

I’m still going to watch the dog-and-pony show for the next two days, as it does, in fact, make interesting television from this standpoint: I’m getting pretty good at reading the faces of the people who have to repeat the same lies over-and-over-and-over again to the point where I am becoming a body language expert/ I will soon be able to take my new-found expertise to a casino and cash in, big time.

In the end, it hardly matters what is being said in Charlotte this week, because the messages are both contradictory and self-serving. And they have to be: Barack Obama cannot run on any record of positive achievement, so he must construct an edifice of obfuscation that cannot help but be contradictory on many points. Today, the American public is being fed a Potemkin Display of Unity and Strength which is in realty a sand castle built upon a foundation of paper. One day we’re all swimming in the good life – this, that, or the other is “better” than it was four years ago, and those unemployment and foreclosure numbers are not indicative of anything except slow-but-steady improvement – and then the next it’s all “it would have been much worse without Barack Obama and his enlightened policies”.

Today America is a shining city on a hill, as Reagan once put it, and tomorrow America is a vast wasteland where racism, sexism, and vile oppression in a thousand different varieties ravages the landscape and kills people. Today’s starving child is tomorrow’s poster child for birth control or abortion, and it never ceases to amaze me how it is we have all these starving children dying in the streets when abortion is legal in the first place. Oh right: because Abortion's not free. That’s how the democratic party intends to get the federal deficit under control: it will simply abort it’s way out of paying for the poor, the maimed, crippled and black, or as they put it, the “unwanted children”.

That is your Modern Democratic Party, and it is on your television making the case that going backwards to the Stalinist Era is a forward progress. It is making the case that a man who has already held the job of President for the last four years with questionable results is only just now warming to the task and getting the hang of the whole thing…between rounds of golf…who can -- finally --get to work now that he doesn’t need to worry about re-election. That’s why American’s aren’t jumping for joy, singing hymns and shitting Skittles: because Barack Obama had to be re-elected first before he could really start working….but still, everything is better than it was, right? Just imagine what would happen if B.O. were really trying!

The Modern Left’s message is crystal clear to anyone who can cut through all the bullshit: who do you believe? Us, or your lying eyes?

They’re depending on the same wave of stupidity that catapulted Barack Obama into the White House to not only still be there, but to have grown to tsunami-like proportions in the last four years.

Good luck with that.

In the meantime, stay tuned and wait for the Clinton-Obama fireworks show to start.

Next time, I'll get a bit more into the personalities on stage.

UPDATE: Whoops! I've fucked up royally. It was Dick DURBIN, not Lugar, who got grilled by Brett Baier. My bad. For some reason, I have managed to mix the two up. My, apologies, but even we otherwise-brilliant folks occasionally have a brain fart, too.

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