Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On Bayonets and Horses...

RE: The Obama debate line about bayonets and horses, and the implication that both are useless on the modern battlefield:

A Bayonet charge in Basra, Iraq,  in May of 2004 saw 20 British Troops defeat 100 Iraqi insurgents.

In Afghanistan, U.S. Special Forces are working closely with Afghan Horse Cavalry, and beating the snot out of the Taliban

One wonders how it is that a Commander-in-Chief can be so ignorant of actual events on the battlefield..Then again, he seems ignorant of events being filmed by a fucking UAV, as they happen, in a place -- Benghazi -- that's supposed to have been 'pacified' by Obama's divine decree.

But, hey...it was a great zinger to use on Romney, right?

By the way, these examples took me all of thirty seconds to find using Google. Obama has an entire National Security and Intelligence apparatus, not to mention a Military that reports directly to him, at his disposal, and he still doesn't seem to know jack shit.

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