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The Coming Age of Social Darwinism...

Things look pretty bleak these days if you're a Lefty. European-style social democracy, with it's cradle-to-grave mentality, it's four weeks of paid vacation (even for people who don't work), and it's generous 'safety net' of myriad welfare payments, is about to come to an abrupt end. European governments can no longer afford to pay for it all. Even the attempt by the larger countries of Europe to slag some of the expense of their enormous social spending commitments off on their smaller neighbors -- they called it the European Union, but the only thing it was ever designed to do was to make Irish laborers pay the expenses of French retirees, and Spanish farmers supply the funding to send an Italian to college for 12 years -- has failed miserably.

The riots you see in the streets of Athens, Madrid, Rome and Lisbon are the first indication that the political Left is beginning to realize that it's free ride -- intellectually, economically, politically, and socially -- is about to stop short. Why? Because it's about to be defunded by governments who will have to either practice some form of austerity, or collapse completely. And it's all about to happen in the United States, too.

Which makes for pretty interesting, or frightening, depending upon your point of view, possibilities.

If the nations of Europe are on the verge of disintegration because of excessive debt, then what do you think is about to happen in the United States, the greatest debtor nation of them all?

Many countries in Europe right now are hovering on the edge of violent revolution because of the current economic realities of depressed world financial markets and exorbitant state welfare spending. In Greece, three generations of Greeks who have done little except to live on the dole and avoid taxes, take to the streets to protest that they have an innate right to be deadbeats. And they are often aided and supported in this view by the government employees who have it even better, and who throw occasional strikes in solidarity.There's a riot in Greece somewhere just about every day, and in the thick of it all are the socialists,the communists and the anarchists, the trinity of the political left, and it's front line enforcers.

In France, they have merely forestalled their violent revolution momentarily by electing a red-in-tooth-and-claw socialist who has already promised to rob anyone with two nickles to rub together and to keep importing Muslim laborers by the tens of thousands so that Frenchmen may enjoy retirement at 55 (sometimes earlier, depending upon your profession) with government-subsidized maid service and 'free' health care.

In Germany, probably the healthiest economy on the Continent, they are beginning to rethink this whole Restored Carolingian Empire....errr...European Union thing...because it looks set to cost them money they don't have, and this, of course, was never in the original plans.Some in Germany are talking about dissolving the Euro Zone, abandoning the unified currency, and returning to a Germany-first strategy which will promise to keep Germans from having to pay welfare benefits for the imported Muslim with six wives in Oslo which has been nothing but a social and economic boon (sniff-sniff...smell that? That was sarcasm).

As I told a friend in London some 16 years ago, any European social and governmental model which revolves around the axis of a Franco-German desire to make the Dutch, Belgians, and Swedes pay for other countries' stratospheric welfare costs was doomed to failure before the ink even dried on the treaties.

Here in America something a bit more serious is about to happen, and by 'a bit more serious' I mean to say much more violent and revolutionary. We're already beginning to see the first indications of what life is going to be like in the coming Age of Social Darwinism that simply must follow in the wake of a $16 trillion national debt, sustained high unemployment rates, moribund economic markets, and overbearing government interference in every aspect of American Life that, far from alleviating many problems, initially created them, or made many others infinitely worse.

The first indication of trouble on the horizon was the elevation of Barack Obama from obscure racial-huckster, back-bench Senator to President of the United States. The election of Obama was a direct response to the economic disaster of 2008, and the inability of either party to advance for election any candidate who seemed ready and able to fix what looked like a nation on the verge of decline. John McCain was simply a recycled Cold Warrior, an anachronism, whose mental state appeared questionable. Hillary Clinton gives people the willies (along with her husband, The Original Wandering Willie, himself) who reminds you of all the things people find repulsive in a politician; the fakery, the conceit, the ability to say whatever she believed an audience wanted to hear at any given moment, while convincing you that she never meant a word of it.

Obama, by contrast, was marketed -- and that is the correct term, for Obama was always more of an advertising campaign than he ever was a skilled politician with actual knowledge of anything -- as the only alternative to 'returning to the failed policies of the past' and more of the same. For there was no question in anyone's mind that both McCain and Clinton would have followed George W. Bush's policies to the letter, excepting changing things occasionally to accommodate McCain's outbursts of dementia, or the need to play to Hillary's daily poll numbers.

And all told, Obama has, to some extent, followed or continued Bush's policies in many areas, but that's only because he either has no ideas of his own, or was finally confronted by the truths that he could not tell during the campaign.

The one area where Obama broke the mold of the typical centrist Republican/Democrat was in the area of social policy. Some of you are about to quibble with me, saying that Obama's economic policies have been the greater disaster, but bear with me: I'm about to tell how Obama's economic policies are really social policies in disguise.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, a stubborn and persistent problem has been what to do with industrial surplus. The Old-Line Socialists simply thought the thing to do was to give it all away, to ensure that everyone had the same things and the same general standard of living. The Communists saw surplus as a tool of World Communist revolution, exporting it's surpluses to every two-bit guerrilla leader and mouth-foaming rabble-rouser who included 'communist' in every other sentence. Obama was never a Socialist or Communists of the old school type, preferring instead, a Managerial Approach like that championed by James Burnham in the 1940's, in which social and economic policy could be combined to achieve three things:

a) The replacement of the current upper levels of a society with a new generation of men less concerned with mere profit, and more interested in the acquisition of pure power. Power which they would then exercise to recast society in a mold of their own making, tailored to their immediate requirements, ideologies and tastes, while largely remaining invisible and unknown to the general public. This new caste would then perpetuate itself, always recruiting new members from below so as to not seem elitist, and thus, dangerous, and spend it's time in a continued quest for ever subtler forms of power.

b) To replace the Capitalist system. In the past, it was believed that Capitalism must be replaced with Socialism, but this was never strictly true. What has taken the place of the 'socialism-follows-capitalism' dialectic is the idea of the planned economy, wherein production is geared to consumption. This accomplishes two aims, simultaneously; first, it ensures that wealth is even more concentrated in even fewer hands than it has ever been before. This is necessary to create a condition -- near poverty for millions -- under which the Managerial Caste justifies it's existence, appearing as saviors and defenders of the common man. Second, it ensures that the Managerial Caste has the ability to expend capital, labor and materials in such a way as to accomplish their goals without raising the general standard of living for anyone. So, you can get an example where an expenditure of wealth is made under the cover of genuine economic activity (as the Capitalist might understand it) which serves to ensure the goal of the Socialist (wealth is expended, to no one's advantage, while simultaneously making it unavailable to hoard).

As an example: The Obama Administration gave $90 billion to Green Energy companies. Half of those companies are now bankrupt, and the other half have yet to develop a product that works, ,can be sold at a profit, or seems set to meet it's promised potential. In the process of spending that $90 billion, factories got built, people had jobs, some production lines actually did run, some research and development work occurred. And yet, we haven't seen energy prices drop, we have seen that most of the jobs turned out to be temporary, the factories have closed, there is no new technology that solves the problem of generating reliable power with little to no environmental impact. Obama got to talk about 'investments' and 'dividends', and the future, and everyone felt hunky dory, especially the people who skimmed a few billion here and there off the top.That was their reward for supporting the Manager Obama.

For all the good it did, that $90 billion could have been piled on someone's front lawn and set aflame. It's expenditure did nothing good; it might have sparked some temporary economic activity, it may have delivered a one-time dividend to a selected group of people, but it did not increase the wealth of the nation one iota. And the entire time it certainly looked like real capitalism, or as if the government had an answer to economic crisis and had done something that promised people relief from their lives of economic uncertainty.

c) The Managerial Caste is also concerned with keeping itself in power, for it took power with no intentions of ever giving it up. These managers are largely embedded in the background of American Life; which is why many can't identify them; they are the nameless, faceless bureaucrat, the college professor, the technocrat, the media specialist, the policy wonk, the unionized public sector labor leader, the Civil Rights 'Advocate', i.e. people who do little to no productive work, but who draw their livings from the labor of others. Presidents come and go, so too Congresscritters and Senators, but the bureaucracy is forever.

It's why Obama has been so keen to create more of them, whether it is 35 or so unelected 'Czars' with extra-legal police and oversight powers, Lord knows how many 'Blue Ribbon Panels' which can enact policy without Constitutional process, advisory boards (like Simpson-Bowles, for example) which are purely for show, and the grandaddy of them all, ObamaCare.

And during the course of their lifetimes, these bureaucracies and unaccountable entities have direct effects upon American Life: a Czar tells GM what sort of cars it can build, an anonymous panel decides whether or not you get your heart-and-lung transplant, the government-operated healthcare apparatus slowly squeezes private insurance out of existence by making it economically impossible to compete in the market. The Market itself is tightly controlled and regulated within an inch of it's life, exceptions given as it is politically expedient, by those with a vested interest in maintaining that control for their own ends. Your eyes and ears are under assault from a constant barrage of propaganda on the all-but-state-owned (for their higher ups are part of the Managerial Caste) media outlets. The government extends your unemployment and food stamp benefits into eternity, removing the need for you to have any ambition, or for taking any control over your own life, because turning you into a beggar means you must buckle under to government or starve.

We sit here and believe that Barack Obama is simply an incompetent liar based upon the results thus far, and there is a grain of truth in this for if Obama didn't lie, he would never have gotten elected. But, if you begin to see the patterns that emerge from his actions, listen closely to what is not said during those wonderfully-produced speech spectaculars, and you know a bit about the political theories of the earlier part of the 20th Century, you begin to understand; this isn't just plain, garden-variety incompetence (although there is much of that)...this is actually The Plan.

We'll soon find out when all those out-of-work Obama Administration ninnies start writing their tell-all books, I reckon.

And it will be an especially painful time for Leftists, who are usually dumber than dogshit, to endure because they were under the mistaken impression that Barack Obama was really one of them, that is, one of those useless dolts who believes that Socialism is a wonderful theory that could be made into a wonderful system, but that there just hasn't been the right sort of socialists to come along and run it. Obama promised to be that perfect socialist. Instead, he's turned out to be yet another politician, one with a totally different agenda.

However, the process of internal destruction hasn't not gone quite as far as it has in Europe, for there are still people in this country who are smarter than your average college freshman (excuse me, 'young Obama voter') which is to say, they are at least possessed of the same intelligence one would expect to find in a brain-damaged Irish Setter. They are also people who, unlike those who would throw their liberty and rights away voting for someone who talks a good game and then does the complete opposite of what he said he would, have some notion of realities and possibilities, and experience that tells them the Obama Way is the Wrong Way.

But, the process has gone quite far enough to cause some concerns. The American Welfare state is firmly entrenched, and it's going to be a tremendous battle uprooting it and tossing it upon the scrapheap of history. And don't you worry; it most certainly will be uprooted, because it has been made crystal clear that it only serves as a net drag on the national economy, only piles up unpayable debts, and is too easy to manipulate for political advantage.Especially by the Political Left.

It's unhinged response to the Tea Party was the first indication that the Left had realized that the rubes had woken up, and were on to them. The Left deployed it's usual array of weapons against the Tea Party -- it is racist, neo-Nazi, fascist, there were the invented spitting incidents, the planted Swastikas-held-by-Leftoid-Agents in the Crowd, etc. -- but was unable to derail the movement. Score one for (non-Obama-approved) Hope.

The Left next turned to Class Warfare, in the form of the the Occupy ________ Movement, however, it's footsoldiers left much to be desired, and the propaganda campaign fizzled out quickly once people realized they were watching complete idiots, drug users, and the professional poor on television talk out of both sides of their mouths and their rectums, simultaneously. It reminded them too much of the fabled disaster of the Summer of Love -- only with less hygiene, and more rape -- and turned them off.

The Left has now resorted to assassination. At least of people's characters. Mitt Romney is a rich patrician who doesn't care about his garbageman and who killed a steel worker's wife with cancer. Paul Ryan wants to throw your grandmother over a cliff. Sarah Palin is an unhinged, gun-toting, One-Woman Overpopulation Machine who wants to take away your birth control. Conservatives, in general, want to live in a world where everyone is waist-deep in post-Katrina-like raw sewage, African-Americans are slowly starved to death, and the planet will be filled with retarded babies that no one will care for.

Actually, the planet IS full of retarded babies that no one wants to care for...they voted for Obama, unfortunately.

Intimidation by the left is rampant; whether it is Dancing With the Stars receiving terrorist threats or envelopes full of white powder because of Bristol Palin's presence, Labor Thugs sent out to deliberately do violence to Tea Partiers, Black Panthers left unprosecuted for threatening voters with nightsticks, George Zimmerman lynched in the public arena before he's had a trial, or people displaying Romney t-shirts or lawn signs harassed, ridiculed, made uncomfortable or threatened with death. There is only one place for the Left to go when, not if, Barack Obama and his Managerial Vision are thwarted by Romney/Ryan.

And this is open violence.

Expect to see it the day after the election, when Obama loses. Expect to see it when the Romney/Ryan team begin to attack the problem of the national debt by reforming the entitlement programs that have caused it, or by re-ordering Washington's priorities to arrest it. Look for violence when generations of welfare recipients are suddenly expected to have to work for their daily bread. Expect sudden outbursts of unhinged union lunatics when every public sector service from education to air traffic control to homeless services begins to feel the pinch exerted by fiscal austerity measures which are as necessary as a dose of penicillin to treat the Clap.

I'm not saying that Romney and Ryan are going to overturn six decades of welfare statism and the managerial caste rule that grew with it in one, fell swoop. Rather, they will begin the process by which people are finally made aware of just what their government does, how expensively and badly it does it, and who has benefited from it, and discover they can get along just swell without most of it.  Once the process begins in Washington with a Romney/Ryan victory (and an expected Republican take over of the Senate), watch the knock-on effect as cash-strapped state and municipal governments follow their lead.

It's a snowball process which has a logical progression; arrest the growth of entitlements, and reform them so that they make economic sense. Prevent future entitlement bloat by slowly eliminating the entitlements over time. Prevent Congress from spending more than the treasury takes in. Stop borrowing money to pay for union pensions or International Dryer Lint Museums in the hinterland, cut the Gordian Knot of federal red tape that strangles economic dynamism. Eventually, these all will, potentially, lead to reforms of American Government (at all levels) which disarms the Managerial Caste; right-to-work movements at the state level, balanced budgets, school choice initiatives, insurance competition across state lines, market-based reforms of everything from Welfare to Medicaid, the end of perpetual unemployment insurance, the liquidation of Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae, no more Too Big To Fail and the promise of government bailouts.

We're approaching that point where tough choices will be made if only because there will only be tough choices. And in response, the managerial caste, and the sycophants it produces, will scream, holler and yelp at every turn. But because they can never win the arguments over these issues on logic, and can only continue to have arguments they've already lost through sheer emotion, expect that emotion to spill over into violence on American Streets.

There's going to be a long laundry list of people, formerly dependents of the state from the high-level bureaucrat to the lowliest welfare queen, set loose to sink or swim as best they can. Most will fail, horribly, because they have not been prepared to compete in a free marketplace of ideas and labor. They have not had to for many decades because they have been anesthetized by government largess to such an extent as to have even lost the instinct for self-preservation (see: New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina), or because their experience in government has been that mediocrity keeps the paychecks rolling in. They have nothing but emotion left, and the most common emotions among people ignorant of reality, and unprepared for it's cruel effects, are fear and anger. These are all too often the basis for unbridled violence.

This is all the Left, specifically the Managerial Left, has in it's arsenal, and it will unleash this weapon the very second their last great Champion -- Barack Obama, The Great Half-White Dope -- is defeated in November. Expect riots in the streets on November 7th of the sort one usually only associates with Athens, Cairo, or Soweto, as millions of Americans from all walks of life begin to realize that their free ride is finally over because the country can no longer afford parasites.

UPDATE: Here is an even better discussion on the Managerial System for you to read. 

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