Friday, November 16, 2012

They Know Not What They Have Done...

I would like to dedicate this screed to all of you complete and utter morons out there who did the unthinkable, and pulled the lever for one Barack Hussein Obama some ten days ago. I truly wish you all the worst kind of inhuman suffering these next four years, and that, like a Biblical curse, the sin you have committed is passed on from father to son, mother to daughter, and so on, indefinitely.

Yes, that is mean. Yes, it's even cruel to wish that bad things should happen to complete strangers, who, for all I know, happen to be fine and decent people who just made a choice I happen to disagree with. But then again, it's terribly apropos given the sense of smug satisfaction and the complete douchbaggery with which the average Obama voter in these parts has behaved. I'll get to some individual examples in just a minute, but first, I want to try to explain to you assholes just what it is you have accomplished, because most of you seem clueless about the effects your vote will have beyond "I'm gettin' _______ for free!", and "Suck on that,.Whitey!".

First, I would like to let some of the more pie-eyed libtards I've spoken to in the last week or so know that you haven't voted for 'transformative change', or for 'a new kind of politics'. The sort of person who believes this crap is usually somewhere between the ages of 18 and 24, in college, but apparently not learning anything useful. You are under the mistaken impression that you have, but you are sadly, tragically wrong. For Barack Obama is not a transformational figure -- no matter how much Rachael Maddow says he is -- and, the sort of politics he practices has been with us since the days of the Roman Empire.

You have been promised a lot of things: either new educational loans, or the forgiveness of old ones. The ability to sponge off your parents for health insurance until age 26. You've been promised that entire industries will magically spring out of the ground, fully-funded, with customers up the ying-yang, so that your otherwise-useless degree in EnvironMENTALly Safe Pet Care, or Lesbian Latina Dwarfs in American Poetry, will suddenly become the gold standard, earning you big bucks and all the rewards of an enjoyable career that suits your passions.

Unfortunately, real life must intrude. For someone has to pay for all this stuff. Naturally, because you hold 'the right' political opinions (or have simply parroted the ones given to you by Professor Dipshit), you don't believe that you should have to pony up for it, and that is, in fact, why you pulled the lever for Obama. Of course, the other side of the coin is that just because a college offers a degree in a particular field of -- I guess you could call it 'study' -- doesn't mean there simply HAS to be an industry behind it handing out six-figure paychecks.

Of course, Barack Obama promised there would be, which is why I guess so much money has disappeared into the Green Energy Jobs Hole, but why should you care? It's not like YOU paid for it, is it?

See, your type is the sort of person I would love to punch in the face on a daily basis: you have become smug, arrogant, militant in your both your insistence that you be catered to and relieved of the responsibility of seeing to your own life, and unbelievably childish and naive in believing you're entitled to it. People like Melanie, Scott, and Felicia -- the three 'professional' students (in the sense that they were going to graduate, but because there's no jobs, and they can stay at home and get more school loans, have decided to stay in school as long as possible) I had this discussion with in the local Starbucks -- I want you to know that your decision to vote for Obama will affect you in ways you cannot imagine, as of yet, because you have decided to hold reality off for another two, three or more years.

You will begin to realize it when you DO finally come out of school, and your first job -- probably something totally unrelated to your major of Holistic Skateboarding -- is one where you work pitiful hours, for little pay,  and because of the provisions of Obama Care due to kick in real soon, you are (because your employer will only take you on as an independent contractor, and not a full-time employee) responsible for your own taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes, and of course, having to provide yourself with health insurance. You'll also be hurting your future career prospects because you've delayed entry to the workforce for so long as to be financially and in terms of experience very far behind your peers.

The next group I'd like to speak to are the Black Folks. Particularly the ones that have taken to the streets at all hours of the night -- even ten days later -- to hoot, holler and chant "Obama!' at the top of their lungs. Either this chant takes the form of a single individual who feels the need to unleash a wail of sound for no reason that anyone who associates with normal people can discern, or, it is taken up, in a Planet-of-The-Apes-like rhythmic chanting. I don't know who is organizing these little midnight forays around here, but someone is about to get shot, and probably become the new Trayvon Martin -- that is, the symbolic representation of the Black Community's mindless belief that every little punk is, retroactively, a fucking angel despite the rap sheet..Only a matter of time before the Midnight Chanters around here find themselves up against someone's shotgun.

If there's anything White People hate, it's gangs of Urban Youth traversing their neighborhood in the dead of night, making nuisances of themselves. Especially two or more nights a week.

I figure someone in the neighborhood -- I live within a block of a public housing project -- is organizing these little excursions (which are eerily reminiscent of the Klan's night marches, sans torches, ropes and crosses, of course) for the specific purpose of terrorizing the local White community. Furthermore, I believe that whoever is organizing these things does so in the misguided belief that a (half-)Black Man in the White House  entitles Black People to be complete assholes, and no one has the right to call them on it.

I say to you that you are sadly mistaken, as well. Oh, if you believe that Barack Obama is going to change things in any meaningful way for the rest of Black America, you need your heads examined. Has the evidence of the last four years convinced you that Obama really cares about you? Have you seen a dramatic increase in your living standards? Are you employed at a higher rate than anyone else? Have any of the problems that usually plague your neighborhoods -- problems that many of you have created for yourselves -- magically disappeared? Has all the Mystical Talk of Rainbows and Skittles, the impassioned, grandiloquent, written-by-white-guys speeches actually changed your circumstances for the better. Is it raining black PhD's? Is the next Microsoft being built in Watts right this very moment?

Of course not. You voted for Obama just because he's (half-) Black and promised you more of the same shit democratic presidential nominees have promised you since the days of JFK. The fact that nothing has fundamentally changed, nothing has improved in your daily life, means absolutely jack shit, because the purpose of voting for Obama, from a certain point of view, was never to change anything so much as it was a community that felt it was entitled to get some of it's own back. Let me just inform you, getting some of your own back, in real terms, means taking money from people who are quite loathe to part with it, and since the economy is such that this money is in short supply, the attempt to reverse the roles, racially, and elevate Blacks to wealth and power while impoverishing and disenfranchising Whites, will fail.

Mostly, it will fail because Barack Obama doesn't have the guts to make the case that plainly. And even if he did, his subsequent actions in that regard would still be tentative, jerky, slapdash, cobbled together at the last moment, and then enacted with complete disregard for just about anything and everything. You haven't learned the primary lesson of the Obama Years, Black Community: Obama doesn't DO anything. He simply says things you want to hear, and then leaves the details up to Valerie Jarret, who is dumber than a pile of dogshit, and therefore unable to actually accomplish anything.

These aren't people who are used to actually having to work, or who are used to the idea that an action should have a result, and that your results, if you hope to make a profit, stay in power, or just make friends and influence people, should be a good one. They've lived in the Phony World of Academia, and Community Organizing, and Government Service, where results do not matter.

Those of you who have voted -- twice now -- for this charlatan are about to learn, again, that it's one thing to be inspired by a speech, and yet another to see the dreams therein brought to fruition. I have but one word of advice to you folks who voted Obama because you believed the hype: life is about to get far worse for you, and all you have done is, like the white college students above, delayed reality for a time while avoiding your primary responsibility to do for yourself. When you wake up from this dream,. life will be very much the same as it was before, and you'll have wasted another eight years of your life depending on someone else. who has no real motivation or work ethic, to do for you.

Thirdly, I'd like to speak to all my Hispanic friends out there. No, not the ones who are actually respectable citizens, but the ones who snuck into this country in the dead of night, gave birth in American hospitals for the welfare benefits, and who showed up in the hundreds to steal -- that's right STEAL -- hurricane disaster relief from the people of New Dorp Beach this past weekend.

Many of you, in the fraud-ridden electoral system of the City of New York, and many other urban landscapes across the country, 'voted' for Barack Obama, mainly because he says he believes in something called 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform", which is three lies for the price of one, and which basically equates to Amnesty. Many of you have been prancing around town these days, not even bothering to hide the fact that you're here illegally, under the mistaken notion that you're all about to be magically forgiven your initial crime -- and probably all the subsequent ones since you've arrived on these shores.

You, too, are dead wrong, at least in this sense: for while Obama may, because the rest of the democratic party will do the heavy lifting in Congress get his Amnesty-disguised-as-Reform, the reaction from local governments will be such as make you wish you went back to Guatemala or Mexico while you still could. Just remember: you're running up against the same problem the other wards of the state -- that is, the Blacks and the Clueless Single Women (more on them in a minute) -- are about to run into: money is tight.

And when money becomes tight, certain things begin to happen that might make your dream of conquering the United States from within a bit more troublesome. Like, what happens when, in order to conserve the scarce resources needed to hold fair and proper elections, we start restricting voting to those who can prove their American Citizenship? What happens when cash-strapped schools suddenly decide to defund bi-lingual education programs in order to save the core curriculum? What do you think will happen when local governments, in order to save money, stop printing or broadcasting government information -- that's everything from a Welfare form to a Voting Registration form -- in Spanish?

What happens when the White Unemployment rate becomes so high that formerly overpaid workers start settling for the jobs that we've been told for many years "Americans Won't Do", and some politician gets it in his head to make certain that only Americans get them? Listen, there was never a job that an American wouldn't do: it just that these jobs didn't pay $20/hour and come with a dental plan. Soon enough, sheer desperation will force people who normally would have passed on them to take them up, and when they can't get them because the jobs are dominated by illegal Hispanics, they'll get the laws changed.

You, too, are about to get fucked in ways you could not begin to imagine just a week ago.

And finally, we come to the most useless of the Obama voting coalition, which was the Clueless Single Woman, many of whom are so easily swayed by anyone making even as much as a vague suggestion that they stick a crowbar in their wallets and pay for their own birth control.

You are, perhaps, the dumbest bloc of American voters that has ever existed. For a start, you are obsessed with your vaginas. That's probably largely because no one else is, if Sandra Fluke is truly representative of the breed. You are so worried and twisted about your va-jay-jays that it has lead you to the faulty conclusion that your vagina is the government's business, and it must be protected like an endangered species.

Then again, most of you simply give it away with hardly a second thought. In my time, I've gotten girls to give it up for a variety of reasons, including, once, a used, faded, Jimmy Buffet t-shirt. A good many women are preternaturally stupid when it comes to their Pearl of Great Price, hence the legions of braindead guttersnipes who go in for Slut Walks, the battalions of Baby Machines who give birth to multiple children by multiple fathers, the college girls who do stupid things -- like post pictures of their girlfriends sitting on the toilet, or otherwise caught in a compromising positions, on Facebook -- for laughs, initially, and then they wail and gnash their teeth when Sorority Bunny Cindy gets raped and murdered by the neighborhood stalker who was turned on by this childish 'prank'.

Women of America, I say this to you with love: You're a bunch of retards, who operate on a system of double standards that even you can't keep track of. One day you wish to be treated no differently than I am, and the very next you're in my office crying about how hard it is to be a woman in a man's world. You say you want the opportunity to do every job men can do, and then when you can't do them sue to have the standards lowered for everyone to soothe your savaged self-esteem. You complain that you don't get equal pay, but conveniently forget to mention that the "Equal Pay" argument is one about earnings over a lifetime, and that when you take time out of your career to get pregnant, have and raise rugrats, and then re-enter the workforce many years later at a lower level, that is where the discrepancy shows up.

You voted for Obama because he promised to keep the system of double standards alive and well, and even more tilted in your favor. He promised to rain condoms and IUD's on you. He promised to ensure that you have all the welfare you and your family of seven-children-by-eleven-fathers requires. He promised you that all things will be okay, and that he really, really loves and respects you, and will love you forever, and give you everything you want and deserve

Do you know how many times I've used that line, myself? Did you also notice that it never fails to work? Sheesh, you broads are suckers, so long as someone plays to your emotional needs -- as stupid as they are -- and mollycoddles your nesting instinct.

And you know what happens after a slick dude gives you the "I'll always be here for you..." routine, and has had his way with you?

He leaves, naturally, and then takes up with your girlfriend or sister the following night. Why? Because you gave him what he wanted, and far too easily. You were just low-hanging fruit. You, too, are about to be violated in ways you never thought possible that make a rape/murder at the hands of a Facebook pervert probably seem a walk a in the park -- or for some of you harlots -- your typical weekend.

For you will run up against the same problems as the Blacks and Hispanics: money is tight, opportunity will be tighter, attitudes that were once solicitous will very rapidly become hostile. The power of the Federal Government will largely be undermined, perhaps even undone, by local governments who will adapt to conditions in their communities, and Washington be damned. Your special carve outs, your set asides, your entire rice bowl, is in a precarious state. The money to pay for them is gone.

It never ceases to amaze me just how it is that this sort of political regime that is represented by the Far Left and Obama continues to be given a chance, despite the enormous record of failure behind it.

The Soviet Union is no more. It failed so utterly that it had to adopt capitalism and sham democracy, while pretending to itself it really wasn't all along. And amazingly, it seems as if the Russians have a talent for capitalism that would put Donald Trump and Ebeneezer Scrooge to shame.

The Red Chinese don't even pretend to be communists -- except the very upper, upper crust -- anymore, and they practice a form of deadly ruthless capitalism that went out of fashion in the Western World some 100 years ago. And we complain about our One Percent? You should see what the Chinese One Percent is all about.

The European Union teeters on the brink of insolvency and open revolution. That's what happens when Frenchmen get to retire at 45 with free healthcare and government-provided maid service, and Spaniards, and Greeks are expected to pay for it.

It's what has happened in every two-bit Asian and African Dictatorship of the Proletariat since the dawn of time. They all fail, spectacularly, believing that by rejecting the Western values of democracy, consensual government and free market economics, that they are doing something wonderful, transformative, that promises everything to everyone, and in the end, only delivers poverty, misery, and violence.

Somehow, all these examples bounce off the good Libtard's skull like peas off a steel helmet. Either they don't know, because they don't care, or they just don't want to know because the promise is always better than the realty.Obama is nothing new; he's the same old sort of cult-of-personality ne'er-do-well, a Stalin with tailored suits, or a Mussolini with Down's Syndrome. The end result is entirely predictable.

Somehow, we have to figure out a humane way to weed you morons out of the gene pool.

UPDATE: Edited for grammar and spelling,. Apologies!


Anonymous said...

One of your ex girlfriends posted a link to this because she was horrified that you've become a right wing troll. She was right, anyone who calls those who disagree "libtards" is not worthy of a debate. I'd rather talk to an actual retard, not a retard who thinks he is smart.

Matthew said...

I believe I know which ex-girlfriend you refer to, and believe me, there's a long laundry list of reasons as to WHY she is an ex. Her politics (such as they were when I knew her) was way down the list, primarily because she had the sort of shallow understanding of the subject one would expect from someone who used to jump out of my moving car just in order to have the childish satisfaction of appearing to have the last word in an argument....

...and then cry after she ran off into the streets of Hell's Kitchen at 3 a.m. about what I beast I was. Like I pushed out the door, or something.

Incidentally, if I remember correctly, she did that on at least two occasions, and possibly three.

She also had a knack for managing to set anything on a dinner table decked out with candles aflame, including (once) her own hair. I can still remember the shocked look on her face when I literally smacked the flames with my bare hands out on her drenched-in-mousse-and-hair-spray-still-smoking coiffure, in the middle of a comedy club just as the first act was starting.

I'm sure she'll remember that.

Then ask me if I care what she thinks about my politics.

BTW, I find it laughable that you choose to debate me (as it were)on this subject anonymously. At least when I call people names they know who they're talking to, and where to find me.

I at least have the courage and good taste to give people who disagree with me the opportunity to make their case, or to exchange views via e-mail, instead of just posting garbage and then disappearing.

It's not this blog is hidden and obscure, after all: it's been out here since 2003.

People who use the internet anonymously to make a feeble argument that basically amounts to calling someone they disagree with a retard are childish. Which pretty much sums up the entire LIBTARD mentality.

If you want to know WHY I consider anyone who voted for Barack Obama a drooling doofus, you can search me out on one of the soon-to-be-ubiquitous bread lines. I'll be the one in the I TOLD YOU SO, ASSHOLE t-shirt.

Tim in FL said...

Poetry! Gonna have to find that 'T'shirt.