Saturday, March 22, 2014

Apathy Explained...

My apologies for such a long absence. I normally would not have gone this long without making a post of any kind, but truth be told, I'm in a phase where I could really give a shit.
Sure, I could have posted 500 of the Obama/Pelosi/Liberals/Feminists/Muslims-Are-Stupid-type articles over the last month and a half. Heck, I can do that in my sleep. The problem is that it gets repetitive. One can only make the same self-obvious statements (well, to anyone with a pulse and a baboon-level IQ, that is) before one begins to feel as if there is no point to it. That is to say, there is no point in making the same points.

I could have been all over this Malaysian airliner business, but that, too, bores me. Frankly, I'm at the stage where I couldn't care less. My point of view on the subject is this: airliners crash or get hijacked. It's inevitable. If whatever unholy accident created us had wanted us to fly it would have provided us with wings, or perhaps anti-gravity belts, and if terrorists of any stripe had the ability to actually see whatever it is they're terrorizing for become a reality, they wouldn't have to steal airplanes and kill people. I don't know anyone on board. It ain't my plane. I could go on being perfectly happy if the  damned thing was never found again and the people aboard disappeared into the fabric of history.

The only passing interest I have in the whole, sordid ordeal is whether or not Boeing has made a defective product, just in case I have to get on one sometime soon.

No, I can hardly muster up the strength comment on the current state of affairs, most days. There's nothing to talk about that hasn't been talked to death: ObamaCare still sucks, the GOP is still run by retards, the democratic party is run by Rhesus monkeys for the benefit of dumber Rhesus monkeys, Pop Culture is still dominated by the need to cater to the lowest common denominator, The Media is no better than the writers of children's books, and the only way to improve the United States (and Western Culture) is to undertake a systematic program of euthanasia, so that we may rid ourselves of the sort of mentality that is entertained by reality television, believes it has the right to live 30 years beyond it's savings at other people's expense, or which believes that the Bible/Torah/Koran holds all the answers to the existential mysteries, and represents a positive political program for betterment, despite any evidence to the contrary.

That's where we're at: nothing short of violence and genocide, the systematic destruction of the weak, the stupid, the inbred, the useless, the elderly-beyond-repair will even begin to return the world to some semblance of sanity.

Why, I could write stuff like that all day, but why would you need to read it? I'm betting the majority of you are thinking it, anyway, and that some of that same majority doesn't realize that it applies to you, as well, in my mind.

Besides, that sort of thing is impractical. Hell, you can't even kill mosquitoes in this world without millions of sentimental mouth-breathers picketing outside your front door and calling you nasty names on the Internet or TV.

But the thought is tantalizing. I'm beginning to understand just what sort of appeal these kinds of ideas have had in the past on people like the Nazis. I don't mean to say that I wish to see it happen, only that I can begin to understand why it did.

Which brings me to something I actually DO care about, which is that there is a coming upheaval of a violent nature about to occur in this country. It will emerge from one of two quarters;

A) Inbred, redneck, Bible-Thumpin', sister-fuckin', flannel-wearin', NASCAR-watchin', tin-foil-hat-wearin' douchebags all over America will have finally had enough after 8 years of Obama, and decide that since they cannot win by electoral politics (because the GOP seems set to throw up yet another mediocre personality who's only virtue will be the ability to make it past Super Tuesday with enough money to coast to the Convention and nomination, but otherwise no convictions or plans beyond getting elected), and take to the streets, armed to the teeth, to do those things the government WON'T do, but which they believe it should have done.

Like send the Mexicans back south, turn off the Welfare spigots, kill Muslims and Gays, and install some variant of an insane Christian doctrine as the Law of the Land, at gunpoint. It's the only way they can get Raptured, some of them will figure, and the dumber among them will see it as a Patriotic duty.

B) Millions upon Millions of America's Useless Mouths will take to the streets to riot when a GOP revolution sweeps Washington which will systematically dismantle the Welfare State one brick at a time, and threaten to toss them into the cold, cruel world of the Free Market where they will have to...gasp! for a living and compete against people who speak English, can add, don't have drug habits, criminal records, and a string of bastards, and who have evolved to a state of higher personal hygiene.

The carnage shall be great.

One side will figure it'll win because it's "Principled" defense of the Second Amendment means that it has more full-auto weapons and ammo on hand, before they lose that advantage by turning on each other in an argument over the "true" interpretation of some obscure Bible quote. The Other Side will foolishly believe that there is Strength in Numbers, neglecting to notice that their numbers include the lazy, the obese, the dumber-than-dogshit and will still be led by irrationally-guilty white Libtards hoping that an ersatz show of solidarity will mean the beast will eat them last, and who are by training and mindset incapable of leading a three-year-old to the crapper; because leadership means original thinking and a sense of responsibility. That's all before the rank-and-file turn on each other in one of those silly East Coast-versus-West Coast rap arguments that don't make sense to anyone able to read.

It will not matter who actually controls the government then, whether Republican or democrat (small 'd' intentional), Conservative or Liberal, Capitalist or Socialist, popular figure swept into power by a wave of public support or political apparatchik. The two groups are all set to go up against each other, and there is no courtroom, no voting booth, no sports arena, that will be able to contain it. It's unerringly headed for disastrous violence.

Which is a shame, because there's a whole lot of innocents that will be caught in the middle of this coming Un-Civil War, who would be quite happy to see the other two sides destroy each other, but will just to have to deal with all that extra traffic and the occasionally-empty shelf in a supermarket that's been looted twice in the same week, and all set for either fortification or arson the following week.

That's right, we sane people who don't believe religion and politics should mix, who don't believe that unproductive people should be given food, shelter, housing and medical care without a good prospect of the recipient representing some form of reasonable economic return, who don't care if your grandmother -- currently circling the bowl these last 18 months -- is brought in for a gentle landing when she finally does us all a favor and shuffles off this mortal coil by the expenditure of medical resources (paid for by other people) on a lost cause. We'll suffer more than the rest of you combined.

Because we already have to suffer for your stupidity.

You can't say anything these days without having to stop and consider if whatever you have to say can be construed as racist/sexist/homophobic/elitist, et. al. You can't make lifestyle choices --do I live in a bigger house? do I drive a less-fuel-efficient car? should I smoke or drink? -- without some self-elected shithead passing judgment upon you, mostly out of his own stupidity and jealousy. You can't tell the truth anymore, because truth hurts someone's feelings. You can't vote for people who approximate your political views anymore because both parties manage to manipulate voting blocs to such an extent that whatever stands for election isn't a qualified candidate, but an amalgam of myriad contradictions and compromises who can at least mouth the proper platitudes.

We have to suffer through MSNBC and NPR, and pay for Big Bird (who is a multi-billion dollar business in his ownn right). We have to deal with the consequences of a healthcare law we didn't want, didn't need, and now are expected to have to pay for. We have to suffer through the sanctimonious bullshit of an Al Sharpton, a Je$$e Jackson, a John McCain and a Sarah Palin. We have to struggle through a treacherous employment market made more so by rising taxes (to pay for the useless and the Baby Boomers, sorry, that was redundant) while being hammered over the head all day with epithets from the two sides that should kill each other:







Personally, I resent having people who have, on the one hand, fucked up our political system by dragging their religion into it to the extent that that it can't be un-fucked short of violence, and on the other, people who live by the sweat of my brow who believe they have the inalienable right to judge me despite being unworthy of licking my sweaty scrotum or of scrubbing my floors, judging me or telling me what I HAVE to do.

To hell with both of you.

So, why should I care about anything? Does anyone on either side of the coming fight -- nose-picking fundamentalist or knuckle-dragging reprobate -- actually care what I'm thinking or feeling? Hell no: to one, I'm supposed to knuckle under and do what he wants me to because he thinks something called "God" says so, and to the other, it's my job to simply shut the fuck up, pay for their Jerri-Curl, diabetes, bi-lingual schools, and then don't dare to either remind them of it, or judge them for it, or expect them to do anything productive with it all.

Screw all of you! I hope you manage to kill each other by the tens of millions. In the meantime, I'll be shooting at both of you when the time comes.


Anonymous said...

Gee, you're an angry fuck, aren't you? All you do is rant, rave, but I have yet to see you spout even one attempt at a solution other than people killing each other. Okay genius, provide some solutions, break down numbers, describe the social reforms you spearhead, and do something about it other than complain. I dare you. Of course you won't post this as a comment; you're a hyppocrite. You're just as useless as the people you claim are useless. Do something!

Matthew said...

I've posted your response, as infantile as it was, so I guess I'm no hypocrite.

As for solutions, this blog has provided many ideas over the years, but I guess you haven't read many of them (but hey, why let reading get in the way of a good, menstrual rant?).

Speaking of which, only pussies post anonymously.