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50 Shades of Bullshit

The Modern Liberal's Torrid Sado-Masochistic Relationship with Lies

Niccolo Machiavelli once postulated (paraphrased) that politics could not be conducted without The Lie. That while force was not always necessary to the business of politics, one could not truly practice the art with any great skill or subtlety without a healthy dose of fraud. Machiavelli justified -- or at least rationalized -- the Lie as an unavoidable accessory to power, for in order to exercise it over the Masses it is often necessary to make use of them -- their desires, fears, aspirations, hatreds, opinions -- and if the Masses were ever to discover that they were being used in this fashion, they would revolt.

The Lie is necessary; it serves to hide one's true motives from the people over whom one wields power. Machiavelli understood that achieving power means lying and justified it, perversely, as a matter of honesty. The Ruler who was honest about his intentions (always to himself) could conduct public affairs in a much more straightforward, more efficient manner. For his ultimate goal is not, strictly-speaking, always the most good for the most people, but rather to continue in power, for no one accepts or takes power with the intention of voluntarily giving it up.

This is the genesis of the old saying that "The Ends Justify The Means".

I'm not the first to point this out, and I certainly will not be the last. But, we must start somewhere, and I really don't have the time --nor you the patience -- for me to go into the psychology of the modern liberal. Suffice to say, that's a scary place, and I'll introduce you to it one frightening piece at a time at a later date.

The problem with The Lie, however, is that eventually Truth is revealed. Reality has a nasty habit of making it's existence known. Sometimes, there's just too many Lies to keep straight, and the exposure of one Lie causes the collapse of all the others. Keeping a Lie hidden, and effective, requires a careful, conscious effort. The trick is to keep your Lies one step ahead of The Truth.

(Anyone who's ever read Orwell's "1984" is familiar with the concept of Doublethink, which is related to what we're talking about here).

The Modern liberal (small 'l' intentional) has taken Machiavelli's lessons to heart, for Modern liberalism is based upon a foundation of lies (which I will discuss in a moment) which needs to be protected by a fortress built of other lies. The Modern liberal has also taken this dictum about the need for The Lie one step further. Machiavelli postulated that the Ruler who was conscious of his lies could conduct affairs more realistically, more honestly. The Modern liberal went one better: it might be necessary to Lie to others in order to Rule, but it's goddamned essential to Lie to oneself so as to avoid the fatal slip that exposes the original Lie.

If that sounds complicated, I'm going to simplify it for you in a bit.

The Modern Left is all up in arms about Lies, these days. It sees conspiracies everywhere; elections rigged, foreign influence everywhere, a President who makes public statements that they claim do not jibe with physical reality, which is rich, since the Left avoids physical reality as if it came with a double dose of simultaneous AIDS and Ebola (again, wait for it!). The Left feels, collectively, that they are due honesty, which is hilarious to those of us who have two braincells to rub together, because the Leftist mindset is a cornucopia of lies that they eagerly scarf up like it was candy.

So, when the Left sees a Russian Conspiracy to rig an election, it neglects to admit that the e-mails on Hillary's and the DNC's servers show they conspired to do just that to Bernie Sanders during the primaries. It fails to admit that when it complains of foreign interference in elections that it freely and openly takes money from George Soros, and forgets inconvenient facts, like when Ted Kennedy begged Yuri Andropov to help him defeat Ronald Reagan. It cannot reconcile the difference between when, say, Donald Trump alludes to Europe's Muslim problem in an inartful way, and when it assured us that ISIS was the JayVee team and that all terrorism died with bin Laden, and it all had nothing to do with the flood of refugees from the Middle East

What matters, at that point, isn't so much the veracity of what is said, it's more about who is saying it, so long as it isn't a Lefty, and the motives for saying it automatically become suspect if it's someone they don't like giving voice to it. All of a sudden, the Left collectively rears up on it's hind legs to finally demand truth (as they define it, of course), and for scruples, and honesty and integrity, and all that good shit, and expect you to forget all the lies they've eagerly lapped up for a quarter century, worshiping the utterer of such falsehoods as gods, in the process. The people screaming the loudest about The Truth these last 90 days embraced the following Lies like they were lovers:

"I didn't inhale...".

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman...".

"I was named for Sir Edmund Hillary (who would not gain prominence for another six years after your birth)."

"She's the Smartest Woman in the World."

"It's just about sex."

"A vast right wing conspiracy is out to get us..."

"I was under sniper fire in Bosnia".

"There were no WMD's in Iraq".

"Benghazi was the result of a spontaneous demonstration instigated by a YouTube video...".

"Chicago doesn't have a criminal problem; it has a gun problem".

"The Science is Settled".

"I've turned over all the documents the FBI asked for, except for 30,000 pages of yoga routines , internet cat memes, and Chelsea's guest list".

"We've cut taxes for 95% of Americans".

"Green Energy jobs will put Americans back to Work".

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; if you like your plan, you can keep your plan."

Oh, I could go on, but bandwidth is limited and you get the picture. The Lie (whatever it was) was uncritically accepted by the greater mass of Leftards, it was often elevated until it became an article of faith. Because not only was it necessary to Lie to the public in order to see a "greater good done" (what that greater good is is, conveniently, never mentioned), it becomes necessary to tell even More Lies so as to protect the original ones, and then finally, it became necessary to Lie to themselves -- by either pretending not to notice the differences between utterance and action/consequence/result, or just to remain in the proper orthodox ideological mindset that won't get them kicked out of their social circle.

Because they believe that if they say it/deny it/claim to believe it enough, and with the proper fervor, well, then Reality is Bent to Their Will. Sheer obstinacy makes it True, even if actual Truth says it's not. And since bending reality to the will is necessary to the Ends Justify The Means mentality, it all serves a Greater Good to be a lying, hypocritical douche, and furthermore, to be defiantly arrogant about it. It becomes, perversely, necessary for them to Lie to themselves in order to avoid admitting that they're dishonest/stupid/intellectually lazy/unscrupulous rat bastards to themselves and everyone else.

We might kill them for it if we ever found out, you know (seeing as how we're all gun-happy hillbillies), or worse, just recognize them for what they are -- and ignore them completely. This, above all things, excepting mockery, drives them absolutely batty. They see themselves as special and virtuous, all the while knowing they aren't, and need to be continuously validated in this vision with fawning, unquestioning adoration. Take away the doe-eyed, uncritical admiration, expose their stupidity to the light of relentless derision, and they melt like an ice cube in a blast furnace.

And if you're lucky, they stay out of your Facebook feed for a few days.

Most Modern liberal (small "l" intentional) philosophies are founded upon Lies. It's not really required to run down all of the ideologies and all of the Lies told by all of the lefties since time began, so we'll concentrate specifically on what makes American Progtards such defiant liars, and such annoying little fuckers.

The Modern liberal swims in an ocean of Lies; she (it's usually a "she", because women tend to be more afraid of reality. Yes, broad brush. Save the hate mail) lies as easily and as reflexively as you breathe. She has such a casual relationship with The Truth that she lies even when there is no obvious reason to do so. The person who today insists that the GOP wishes to return America to the Evils of Slavery will viciously attack and torment anyone who has the temerity to remind her history shows the Democrats were the party of the Klan, that Democrats voted against the Civil Rights Act, that Democrats enacted Jim Crow laws, that no one is outlawing abortion or opening concentration camps in Peoria, and if you insist on persisting with your "facts", then your sources are attacked as blasphemy and "fake news", your motives are indistinguishable from the Will of Satan, you must be insane and a child molester, and you're a racist/sexist/homophobe on the payroll of Exxon-Mobil.

After all, "everybody knows" that none of this is true, she will tell you. This response is indicative of the loose relationship the Leftard has with reality (see below), so that the argument, "yeah, but more people (that I only associate with because they agree with me and reinforce my natural resistance to physical reality) agree with me, therefore, I am right" is laughable. The idea that reality is somehow altered, that space, time, and physical facts can be rendered useless, null-and-void, just because you managed to collect a bigger collection of morons under your banner, is indicative of deep mental defect.

The world does not become square because 8 out of 10 retards agree that it is. (Which is why you should never let a leftard beat you over the head with a poll; considering how wrong modern polling has turned out to be, polling isn't exactly an accurate or believable proof of anything. The only proof of anything is the end result. Period).

The American Lefty operates on three basic premises, all of which are outright Lies, or related to the act of lying:

1, All Men are Created Equal. This is lovely little fiction, for Reality has a way of making this a self-evident Lie. Michael Jordan was a superb basketball player; I am not. Beethoven and Mozart created stately passages of beautiful music with a mathematical precision; I couldn't play the kazoo on my best day. Einstein was a rare intellect who thought deeply upon the mysteries of the Universe and expressed them mathematically; most people in the world are slobbering nosepickers who can't even tie their own shoes, which is why we have Nikes with velcro fasteners, and why a can of oven cleaner bears a big, red label warning "Do Not Spray in Eyes".

Men are not Created Equal (they are considered equal under the law, but this does not change the fact that men are different); we all have different talents, different levels of intellect, differing capacities for work, etc, etc. This is REALITY, but the Lie is a beautiful and appealing one, and thus persistent. And it is universally accepted as literal truth by the Left.

Just as an aside, I often have great fun with my Lefty friends with the following exchange which illustrates the point:

"Do you believe in Evolution?"

"Yes, of course I do. All enlightened people do, you know."

"Then tell me why inequality isn't one of it's consequences?"

At this point, someone usually says "Go fuck yourself!" and storms off in a menstrual huff. because that's the sort of deep intellects we're dealing with here.

2. Man Is Perfectible. This is, strictly-speaking, a Judeo-Christian tenet, which is funny since the Modern liberal often rejects Christianity, and religion in general, as a mass of superstitious claptrap (I do too, but we're not talking about me). Judeo-Christianity assumes a redemption when Man is made Perfect, according to the judgment of God. It is one of the reasons why our "Pilgrims" and other Reformers and Non-Conformists of the 17th-19th Century fled Europe for America: they came here to build "The New Jerusalem", a visionary project that saw Man perfected by the Iron Rule of God.

Judaism foresees a day when a Messiah comes and brings Salvation; Christianity foresees a day when the Messiah will return, and do likewise. In both cases it is axiomatic that the Salvation doesn't come without Perfection: Man must do his best to enact the Will of God, he must strive to make this world better than when he found it, he must admit and correct his faults. Only then will Salvation be his. It is a wonderful philosophical point of view, for it keeps Man thinking about his future, unlike other religions that are firmly rooted in their past. This striving for perfection and redemption drives Man to make his world and his society better. It is probably one of the three most important ideas that have driven Western Civilization to it's present apex (that's another post!).

Of course, God did not keep his end of the bargain (funny how often that happens), and the religious zealotry that drove much of America's early development and politics fell by the wayside. Until Science gave the religious doofus a new explanation for failure in the form of Charles Darwin; God did not fail -- Man did -- because he's an animal, and an extremely stupid one, at that. All of his imperfections that were incredibly resistant to prayer and doctrine, might be bred out of him, like an inconvenient trait is bred out of animal. Science gave a new impetus where God slacked off.

I oversimplify, but the basic premise is true.

The late 19th and early 20th centuries are full of examples of this new, "enlightened" mindset (i.e. people who saw others as animals) and movements springing up to Save Man by Changing His Nature. The Temperance Movements, Prohibition, The League of Nations, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Eugenics Movements, all came into being based upon this principle; that if only Man could be guided by his "betters", if his more ruthless and disgusting characteristics could be bred out of him by means of education, the use of shame, guilt, fear, hatred, and anger, the iron fist of law, if the re-ordering of society could be accomplished by those best disposed to do so, then Man could be perfected.

Much like one could breed better beef cattle, or a new strain of hardier wheat, Man could be made better, too.

It did not matter if we were talking about The New Soviet Man, the Nazi Master Race, killing the insane, aborting unwanted children before they become a burden to society, or the Bushido Code, it's all the same idea -- if Man could be dragged kicking and screaming into a new future by his betters imposing their systems, their tastes, their habits of thought upon them, whether by force or stealth -- we could create Paradise on Earth.

Naturally, this failed, too. Mostly because Human Nature is a tricky thing and does not allow itself to be suppressed, even if you present such a tyranny to it as for the Common Good. But the idea still burns bright in the tiny little heart of the Modern liberal. You can see his continuous struggle with Human nature in his attempt to corral it: where Human Nature rears its ugly head, the liberal tries to regulate, tax or ban it. For our own, good, of course.

3. Reality is Subjective. This gets into a mess of philosophical and psychological weeds that I'm not willing to wander into right now. In a nutshell, this premise assumes that Reality exists -- somewhere -- outside of itself. I'll rephrase that for you; they believe that Reality is Not Really Real, and that it's existence is conditional, meaning it's only Real when people agree to agree it's Real, even when it's not Real, or when the written record conforms to the Reality one agrees is Really Real. This is why the liberal is a big fan of revisionist history; if the mind perceives something as true, but the written record reflects something else, then something must be changed until both mind and record agree, creating a New Really Real Reality. Which simultaneously exists and doesn't exist. Really.

This is how you have to think when you're busy lying to everyone and yourself every minute of every day. I'm surprised they aren't totally exhausted by the effort. Now you know why statues have to be pulled down, buildings and countries must be renamed, flags have to be banned, etc. They are records or memories that express a different reality than the one the liberal wants or needs to exist.

Think about it: these are people who have evolved the dismissal of Objective Reality into an art form. They reject the reality of gender, for example. Gender becomes a "Construct" that society uses to oppress people -- unless you manage to construct your own gender and oppress Society with it. If I want to be a 7' tall Asian non-cisnormative transsexual , then I can magically be one and have the right to insist people suspend their Reality so as to recognize me as such, despite the fact that I'm a 5' 8" Italian with a pot belly and strong heterosexual tendencies.

And by the way, there are no "Chick With Dicks"...there are only "Guys With Tits". Just sayin'.

And when Reality insists upon making it's Reality too painful a Really Real Reality to bear, the Leftard resorts to a different form of lying, which is another form of Un-Real Reality: Subversion.

When a legislature does not give you want you want, you run to a court and subvert the rule of law -- by invoking the rule of law, and inventing "rights" out of thin air. When a business does things you don't agree with, you organize a picket line and camp out on the CEO's lawn with torches and pitchforks, and try to get him fired or drive him out of business --  and call it "the will of the marketplace". When someone says something you disagree with, you hound them from the public square, smear them with vicious rumors, innuendo, harry them with lawsuits --  and call it "Free Speech".

It's all lying in the service of other lies.

Any institution or circumstance which can be turned upon it's head to serve the purpose of protecting the Big Lies is fair game, and the hypocrisy is ignored, because to admit it is to admit you're lying.

Additionally, where fact, reason, and logic fail the modern liberal, feelings get injected into the conversation, so that when the Subjective is undermined by the Objective it in turn gets undermined by a further appeal to another source of Subjective (feelings).  Suddenly, feelings, even vague, indescribable, remote, not-tethered-to-this-world feelings can become as solidly factual as the Rock of Gibraltar. Because feelz = reelz.

The liberal hates having any discussion on the basis of Objectivity, because Objectivity blows his cherished Lies to smithereens. Effortlessly.

I'll give you an example of how this works in real life:

If we assume that "All Men Are Created Equal", an objective observer will note, very quickly, that this is simply not true. The Reality does not match the statement. Even in circumstances which one might call "fair", where no one person has a substantial advantage over another, the results do not always follow expectations. The Outcome does not reflect Equality.

When this happens, Reality must be denied. So, true to form, The Lie of Equality must be protected by another Lie in order to keep Reality at arm's length.

Suzie Fivefoottwo wants to be an infantryman or a firefighter, and she can't because she does not have the physical tools. The Modern liberal finds this an unbearable situation: it doesn't matter if Suzie CAN be a Marine or Fireman, it's enough that she should WANT to be one. Because Equality. And Feelz.

Suzie fails Basic Training, or cannot complete the physical portion of fireman's training, and a whole host of excuses is vomited up to explain her failure: the test is unfair; training or testing is culturally biased; too much weight in evaluation is given to the physical over the emotional or psychological; even if she can't lift that hose up five flights of stairs, she can still be useful to the department or service (realistically by making coffee in the firehouse, or by vacuuming the barracks, but the liberal will argue as Fire Commissioner or Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). The basic truth that Suzie is not up to snuff must somehow be changed or ignored. Suzie is a firefighter or a combat medic, dammit, even if she didn't pass the required course of training that would bestow that title upon her.

So, the liberal weaves a web of lies to MAKE it true.

It usually begins with a lawsuit that makes the argument that expecting Suzie to adhere to the same standards as men is (pick one, or all three) sexist, discriminatory, maybe even racist. There is no real sexism, racism, or discrimination -- the standards are objective and set according to the needs of the job, and Suzie just can't meet them. But this intrusion of Really Real Reality would be psychologically-damaging to her (it would identify her as a loser), and makes a mockery of "All Men Are Created Equal", especially if you get the right judge, which eventually results in a watering down of standards and requirements. Then we call Suzie "private" or "firefighter" -- elevated to that lofty position by legal decision, only -- despite the fact that she lacks the qualifications to be either. We pretend (another form of lying) she's equal. Because, again, Equality and Feelz and Different Reality.

We have to generate a series of smaller lies now to prop up the Lie that Suzie was made Equal (by obscuring the fact she was Unequal until made Equal by Legal Decision) and justify the notion that women are just as capable firefighters or riflemen, even with lower standards (even though Suzie just proved otherwise). So we learn that society is "patriarchal" and thus discriminatory, and the remedy is that The Law is used to force us all to be subjectively equal, despite it's inability to make us all objectively equal, and that, you sexist-potential-rapist, is all that matters. The Lie of "Disparate Impact" is trotted out, and the Lie of "Affirmative Action" is hitched to it like a wagon.

And then Really Really Real Reality sets in, and someone dies needlessly because Suzie couldn't toss a grenade far enough for safety, or carry a 250 pound man down a ladder. Reality is cruel that way. We have to lie again and pretend that Suzie wasn't the problem; it was inadequate training (never mind Suzie "won" the right in court to be trained to lower standards), or it was a defective grenade (even though it blew up, as advertised), or the ladder was designed for people with longer legs, or we failed to consider she had cramps that day, or none of her comrades came to her aid and picked up her slack, busy as they were putting out flames or outflanking the enemy machine gun that killed a third of the platoon, while Suzie killed the other third with her grenade because she throws like a girl (that assertion is sexist!).

And now our layer cake of lies needs a layer of frosting: If only the training program were further modified specifically for Suzie; if only the system of standards took into account the difficulty of being 5' 2" and 104 pounds in a job that requires great physical strength, if only Suzie had been assigned duties (i.e. promoted above her actual abilities) more commensurate with her superior abilities in something OTHER than the primary skills related to killing the enemy or of responding to a four-alarm fire, this wouldn't have happened. It's the system that failed!

And so on and so on; The Lie gets exposed by Reality, the excuses begin, a new series of lies is constructed, bore everyone to fucking tears with our feelz about how difficult it is to be female in a male world, and how unfair it is that Suzie just joined the Army for the college money and not to, like, you know, fight wars an' stuff, and eventually, society is to blame because it let/forced/allowed Suzie to fail.

Anything to prevent the painful admission that Suzie had no business being on the front lines or in the firehouse. The Lie becomes The Truth, which is then protected by so many other Lies that by the time someone discovers and exposes them, Real Truth will be a speck in the rear view mirror.

The overall objective can be summed up thus "If it is isn't True, then we must somehow make it true". Fuck the consequences.

And you can extend this example to other areas of American life:

Raekwonn should be admitted to Law School despite the fact that he's a functional illiterate with a criminal record. Racial profiling is wrong, except to decide who gets into college.

Six-foot, 200 lb Steve, with five-o'clock-shadow and back hair ,and the linebacker's physique, should be able to use the Ladies Room whenever he goddamned wants to whether he's wearing his Vera Wang evening gown and matching size 13 Kenneth Cole pumps, or not, and despite his child porn conviction.

A Christian should be forced to bake a Gay Wedding Cake, because Equalz, but asking a Muslim to bake a Bar Mitzvah cake is considered offensive, because Feelz.

The End Must Justify the Means; the End being the exercise of power by those who own the system of lying. Power being defined as the ability to make others live as you want them to -- according to the whims, tastes, ideals, beliefs --  of the Directing Brains. Our Betters, so to speak, who have taken it upon themselves as a Divine Duty to lead Man to Perfection and Salvation.

By lying to us about everything.

It's really all about the mental comfort of a bunch of self-selected assholes with a God complex.

Objective Reality for the Peons must be bent to the Subjective Will of The Elites, or else they are no longer Gods.

Consider it a religion for people who would otherwise reject religion. However, whereas one type of religion concerns itself with a supposed (spiritual) truth, the other concerns itself with a series of outright (physical) lies in the quest for an Earthly paradise.

Remember all of this when you find yourself arguing with an idiot or a liberal (sorry, that was redundant), usually about some petty political point that they truly don't understand but feel compelled to talk about, anyway. If I may digress, we're not dealing with particularly bright people and they usually have little to no idea of what they're talking about -- because getting an idea means potentially exposing themselves to facts and opinions which might cause them to question the veracity of The Three Lies -- and yet they can't ever seem to shut the fuck up, anyway.

The liberal begins life by embracing the fantasy of The First Lie, he justifies it by claiming to be an enlightened person who is simply seeking a just and better society (no matter how many people have to be punished, dispossessed, fired, jailed, taxed, publicly shamed and ruined, beaten up, killed, aborted, denied jobs they deserve, or sued into oblivion) via the Second Lie, and he is continually prevented from seeing the futility of his cause or the faulty logic underlying his position by his ability to dodge reality and be dishonest with himself, as per the Third Lie. He doesn't know any better because he doesn't want, nor feels that he needs, to know better.

After all, he's saving us all -- by lying to us and himself -- and the people who fed him those lies are living quite well, content to do so forever, and so they have no compelling reason to upset the status quo (if you wonder why Trump gives the professional bureaucracy agita, here's your answer). They're not particularly interested in anyone's Salvation so much as they are interested in preserving their own sense of superiority, status as the arbiters of all that's good, and power.

The Modern liberal has his Lies, and they are a great comfort to him because through them he can forget -- for long periods of time -- that Life Sucks. The idea that it can be Unsucked can only be justified by untruths. Untruths are their crack, their cocaine, their high. They can't ever help themselves because that requires an ability to be honest with oneself. Honesty is in short supply in an ideological system predicated upon lies, advanced and supported by same, and enacted for reasons other than those stated.

I would have pity on them, but then again, it's hard to feel any sympathy for people who fail to recognize their own stupidity, and who insist on being such pompous pricks while they're at it.

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