Saturday, March 20, 2004

Beating Old Horses...
This thing has been blogged to death already, but I would be remiss if I did chime in on it. So, here is your obligatory "WTF is he talking about?" blog.

John Kerry claims to have the "support" of "foreign leaders". He refuses to name names, nor will he reveal the substance such "support" will take. You could almost see the "aw shit!" look cross his visage a millisecond after the words were uttered, and the backpeddling has been almost comic. He has been called to task by the Bushies (rightly) to spill his guts because the public needs to know just who is trying to influence their voting behavior, why they want to do so, and because being open and honest is something that is expected (if not always realized) to be a quality of someone running for President. Of course, this is the party that gave us the Clintons, so so much for openess and honesty.

Kerry refuses to answer the question, in my opinion, for one of two reasons: a) He's full of shyte or b) association with the leaders he's talking about would be embarrassing, and quite possibly fatal.

If he's a liar, well, he might get away with that since the average American has an attention span measured in MPH and is usually easily distracted (Presidential Candidate lies to the press and public! Never mind, American Idol is on!). After all, this is the citizenry that bought the whole schmeer of everything being "just about sex", "vast right-wing conspiracies", etc, etc. Democrats will excuse it because all they care about is winning by any means necessary.

If there is "support" who is giving it? Jacques Chirac? Vladimir Putin? Gerhard Schroeder? We already know this A-list is a cynical and underhanded lot, so we can assume (with some trepidation) that perhaps this is the case. We can assume that Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il are rooting for Kerry. But what if we're not talking A-list leaders here? What if we're talking about Gail Fischbein-Ekklestein, President of the National Association for the Preservation of Dryer Lint? Perhaps the leader of some international NGO like Klaus-Heinz Dinglemeier, Chairman of the International Sexual Studies Collective? Jose Pilar-Gonzales-Ortega, Chief Executive of the Society for the Preservation of Spanish Rice? A hefty line up if ever I saw one.

The more Kerry continues to peddle this snake oil, the more he reminds me of Woody Harrelson in "Kingpin" --- a loser who must dodge his slumlord landlady on rent day, and when finally caught, must choose the lesser fo two evils --- being thrown out on his ear or taking the chain-smoking, varicose-ulcered wreck of womanhood to bed. You dance with who brung ya, ya know.

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