Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Trees for the Forest, Part Deux....
Take a look at this pablum in the Guardian of London:,2763,1170977,00.html

Talk about MISSING the point...

Spain got hit because the terrorists have learned that carrying their war against the West to American shores gets you arrested, killed or invaded.

Europe will now get hit because the Islamonazis have taken X-rays and discovered that most European governments have no spines. Most European governments have no brains, either, because they have all missed the BIG POINT; this war is not one of America versus the Islamic world, it is the Islamic world against WESTERN CIVILIZATION as a whole. The Islamofascists will not quit until we're all living under Sharia law or they're all dead. Guess which will happen first?

Why some people continue to believe that America is the biggest bugbear on the planet is way beyond me. You kinda expect this kind of puke to show up in the Guardian or the NYT, but this is stupidity beyond even those publication's usual exacting standards for such.
For a bunch of folks who are supposed to be journalists, they don't seem to listen very well, nor are they objective. The Islamofascists have been shouting it from the rooftops for the last 20 years that they consider themselves at war with the West (all of it), despite the fact that the West (and especially the United States) has done more to protect Muslims from the dangers of Soviet Communism (Afghanistan), other Westerners (Bosnia) and other Islamic nations (Iraq, twice) to warrant such hatred.

The "Death to the West, Death to the Great Satan" mantra has been the buzzword of a movement that began with Khomeini in the late 70's and has continued to this day. It was laying just under the surface since Nasser, and just took an Iranian nincompoop to formally initiate the program. What is the source of this hatred? Is it Israel? Partly, but not for religious reasons -- Israel is hated because it is something the Arab states can never be: a secular, prosperous, democratic society that even extends rights to those that would destroy it from within. Do they hate us because of our "imperialistic, hegemonic" ways? Well, if I were French, British, Italian, Spanish or Russian, I would say yes, but AMERICA? I don't remember American colonies or spheres of influence in the region since the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, can you?

This hatred is pathological and it revolves around something incredibly simple, which is why some of our more "nuanced" allies, politicians and "journalists" miss it all the time: The West creates. The West liberates. The West enriches. The West holds up the freedom of the individual as the highest achievement of mankind. Islam requires submission, abject surrender to a code that would make a dedicated Communist blush with envy. Islam cannot survive without submission and the influences of the West (and America as the epitome of Western Civilization) constantly tempting it's faithful. Western Civ and everything about it, in it or surrounding it, threatens the existing order of everything "the Prophet" created, and which sustains an entire class of individuals who hold power because of it. This is the danger to Islam and this is why Westerners must be destroyed: Khomieni's, Husseins, Assad's, et. al, cannot allow freedom because to do so signs their own death warrant.

Don't believe me? Just listen to what they're saying. That seems simple enough, doesn't it?

Talk about missing the trees for the forest.

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