Sunday, April 03, 2005

All Good Popes Must Come to an End...
I feel incredibly sad at the passing of Pope JP II. I wil admit to not being the most sincere or ardent Catholic (12 years of Catholic school will take all religion out of you), but it doesn't take a religious frame of mind to recognize a wonderful human being when you see one.

When the history of his papacy is finally written, JP II will most definately have earned the title of "the Great". Here's a man, who stood firm in his beliefs without rancor, without resorting to violence and without the haughty pretense which is supposed to substitute for enlightened discourse these days. He felt himself, simply, as a servant of God and his Church and he did his best to carry out his duty with honor, dignity and grace.

John Paul II was a working Pope. One that made the effort to go to the faithful and preach the Gospel, but who also took the time to listen to what the faithful had to say. He revelled in the war glow of his people and in return, he showered them with love and gave them strength to continue in a world gone mad.

We will not see his like again in our lifetimes. He will be sorely missed.

Requiesat en Pacem....

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