Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sandy Berger is a Big, Fat Liar...
Once again we see that association with the Clintons is the kiss of death. In this case, former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger has admitted that he stole copies of classified documents from the National Archives (documents that were supposed to go to the 9/11 Commission), and that he then shredded the documents, and further compunded his crimes by lying to the FBI about the whole thing.

Mr. Berger then went before the 9/11 Commission, and God-only-knows-what was real, truthful testimony and what was ass-covering bullshit.

The defense of Mr. Berger goes something like this:

Sandy Berger: I took them accidentally. I cut them up in little pieces with a scissors accidentally, and not just one document, but three. It was really naughty of me and I'm quite sorry. It won't happen again, I swear! This is the standard, "But your honor, he fell on the knife 62 times" defense.

Bill Clinton: (Chuckle, chuckle) That's our Sandy: he's forgetful and sloppy. None of us are surprised (or words to that effect).

Bob Beckel: (Democratic talking rectum on Fox): So what? The guy made a mistake, it's not like he sold arms to the Ayahtollah or something. I don't see why he should go to jail for breaking federal law when federal law gets broken all the time. Besides, there's two other copies of that document in the archives.(Or an argument to that effect).

Ah, but Bob, those two other copies did not have handwritten notes on them in Berger's hand. Or Richard Clarkes. Or Bill Clinton's, for all we know. How do we know that the documents Berger shredded were the full report itself and not, say, drafts of the report, that show an effort to sanitize it before it got to anyone important? How do we know, Bobby, for example, that someone didn't write: "Mr. President, you have to take action on this today" on one of those copies? The point is, we the public, don't know what was in those documents, and we should. We own them, we paid for them to be printed, produced and stored. We have the right to know what was in them, what was on them, and why Mr. Berger risked serious jail time to make sure they never saw the light of day.

Sandy Berger covered something up. You can't deny it. You cannot hide the fact that something stinks. The worstpart is that the people who could testify truthfully as to what was in those documents, what was written on them and what the implications of them are, have every reason to keep quiet about it. That's dangerous because the public needs to be informed --- lives are literally at stake.

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