Friday, April 08, 2005

Tempest in a Teacup, Part II...
The by-now infamous memo that reportedly caused such consternation in the Senate has been thoroughly investigated to death by the office of Senator Mel Martinez (Idiot- Florida). The good senator's verdict? "We have met the enemy, it is us."

Apparently, there was a memo and it was handed, by Martinez himself, to Sen. Tom Harkin (Jerkoff-Iowa). Martinez says that he handed the memo to Harkin without having read it first, and I believe him --- anyone who hands things out non-chalantly without checking to see what it is has a serious defect. You couldn;t do something that stupid and be aware. I'd like to be around the next time the good senator accidentally hands out c-notes without looking at them.

The memo itself originated in Martinez's office, was prepared by one of his advisors, and was certainly not for distributon, especially to the other side.

The flap over this whole thing is, of course, that the demidiots got to throw the dreaded p-word (politics!) around and got some unneeded ammunition to fuel conspiracy theories for generations to come. Martinez and his boy merely got caught: the democratic memo floating around on how to score political points over Terri Schiavo just hasn't been found yet, but I'm sure one exists. We're dealing with politicians and their hangers-on, of course. It would be too much to expect that any of them actually had any decency or class and restrained their constant need to "game" every conceivable issue they could. If I had to guess, the democrat's memo is safely hidden within John F. Kerry's manpurse, where it will never see the light of day.

Once again, Republicans show an incredible propensity to shoot themselves in the foot whenever they actually gain some sort of advantage. Once again, democrats show how petty, catty and immature they are, the pot calling the kettle black, only on this rare occasion, they happen to be right.

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