Tuesday, July 19, 2005

John Roberts: In the Crosshairs...
President Bush has just announced his nominee to occupy the Supreme Court seat just vacated by Sandra Day O'Connor, it's a gentleman by the name of John Roberts.

Truth to tell, I know nothing about the man except what I've heard on the news already. I'm not going to make any judgements about the man's judicial philosophy or whether the court just tilted right or whatever.

What I will pontificate about is the assisnine statement made just a minute after the Prez got off the air by the dimwitted tag-team of Patrick Leahy (Communist - Vermont) and Chuckie Schumer (Moron - New York), the two ranking democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee.

Let's start with Patty, who appeared as if he was just smakced across the nose with a frozen trout --- he actually looked as if he was about to cry. I guess he was hoping for a nominee that raised enough red flags to make political hay out of. Then again, he might have just been showing his pre-press conference martinis.

Moving on to Chuckie, it was vintage Schumer: a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing (as the immortal bard once wrote). Chuckie made it clear that Roberts could blow him at high noon in Times Square and pay for the priveledge, and there was no way he was gonna get a fair hearing. It was just Chuck being Chuck --- a whining, panty-waisted, communist in democrat's clothing.

They say the most dangerous place to be is between Chuck Schumer and a television camera. That's how he stays in business. He's a suck up to all the usual suspects: pro-choice groups, race hustlers, the ACLU, the labor unions. We'll hear the words "advise and consent" coming from his mouth many times in the coming weeks, but he's not out to advise anyone and he sure as hell will not consent.

But then again, Chuckie was always a political kamikaze, the type that would super-glue himself to the Titanic if it got him on the evening news and kept the checks coming in from Planned Parenthood. Do not be fooled by Schumer and his "responsible senator" routine: we already know who signed the campaign contribution checks.

However, it should be fun watching Ted Kennedy ask a potential Supreme Court judge his views on the death penalty when he has a murder on his own hands. I'm making popcorn already.

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