Friday, July 22, 2005

Of Glass Houses and Stones...
That odd, almost shrilly whistle-like sound you've just heard was John Kerry (Idiot-Massachusetts) is opening his mouth again. Either that, or Teddy Kennedy (Drunk-Massachusetts) has a very bad case of gastrointeritis.

Kerry wants the President to turn over all documents which the White House might possess with regards to John Roberts, the new Supreme Court nominee. The following was lifted from

Now I sorta kinda remember Mr. Kerry proimising to release all of his military records during the 2004 campaign, especially since many questions were asked about his wartime service, awards and medals he somehow managed to get, and as to why he was not prosecuted as a traitor to his country (for his subsequent actions in protesting the war while still in the Naval Reserve).

As of this date, John Kerry has noit signed the waiver allowing the Navy to release those records.

So, when John Kerry asks President Bush, or John Roberts, for any documents, he should be ready to reciprocate. Since it's a given that Kerry never will release his Naval records, it stands to reason that both the President and Mr. Roberts should tell him, politely, to go piss up a rope.

It's bad enough democrats have to resort to fishing expeditions in order to justify their automatic "no" reflex. Neither the nominee or the White House should have to supply the bait. If Mr. Kerry is so worried about truth and honesty, he would do well to clean up his own back yard first before hurling brickbats someplace else.

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