Friday, July 22, 2005

Tom Tancredo: Dr. Stranglelove...
Winning this week's award for "Oratorical Hyperbole" is Representative Tom Tancredo (Republican -Colorado), who responded to the question "What should the US do if it is attacked by Muslim terrorists again?" with the sure-to-ignite-controversy answer "We should nuke Mecca".

Now Representative Tancredo is a personal favorite of mine. He's a staunch opponent of unchecked illegal immigration and has spent years trying to get the government to pay attention to immigration matters. When he speaks on the subject he has an authority which comes from years of close experience with the problem. However, when he speaks about nuking another city on another continent, I believe he's swimming out of his depth.

Granted, I have advocated the same thing quite a number of times on this very webpage. True, there was a time when I believed the solution to the problem of radical Islam was a carefully-planned-and-executed program of genocide. I'll also admit to having rethought that premise many times over. I'll also plead guilty to vacillating on the subject. I go back and forth about whether or not I want all Muslims dead. Part of the problem is that I'm human, and often my anger and fear get the better of my mental process. I won't apologize for that. The second half of the issue is that genocide doesn't require all that much effort by the West these days; the suicide bombers all over the word are depleting the Muslim gene pool by two's, three's and four's all on their own. With any luck, the next Muslim anyone will see will be freeze dried, stuck upon a post in some sort of action-figure like pose and behind glass in a museum. Right next to the "Ted Kennedy is an extinct bloviator" display.

But I digress.

As for Mr. Tancredo, while he may be mimicking the exact thought process of many a red-blooded American male, he should understand that someone in his position is immediately considered an expert and possibly in the know about any potential government policy in this regard. When he's speaks of such things he's merely giving the other side ammunition. I'm sure bin Hidin' read this little blurb in his morning paper (The Pakistan Cave Times and Tattler) and danced a Hitlerian-type jig of pure delight. "See?" he will say to his cronies, "the infidel wishes to attack the Holy sights. We must redouble our efforts".

Probably a case of "things better left unsaid". Even if I do happen to agree with it. Well, for today, at least.

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