Friday, July 22, 2005

London "Bomber" Shot...
The news this morning is all abuzz with a report of a "suspect" being shot to death on the London subway. The only information that I have at the moment is that an "Asian" man, in a padded coat, hopped a ticket barrier, was chased by undercover police (who had been watching him for some reason) onto a stationary train, where he was tripped, tackled and had five bullets pumped into him.

These reports have come to me courtesy of Fox News' English sidekick, Sky News.

First thing I would like to say: I'm going to assume the police had good cause to kill the man. One does not wear padded jackets (assumedly winter-type clothing) in London in July. That would be suspicious enough, and the attempt to run from the police also raises red flags. I'm not sure how such things are handled in Britain, but I do know that police officers here would be grilled to death for every available detail, and probably dragged through courtrooms for the next 17 years. They would be sued for everything from "use of excessive force" to "violation of the victim's civil rights". By the time it was all sorted out, we'd know exactly what transpired and what the appropriate response would be. If they were right and the man was involved in something nasty, then I would like to see these officers decorated and given every possible reward --- they saved lives.

Secondly, I hate the British use of the word "Asian" in place of "Arab". Geographically speaking, most Arabs do not live in Asia, they live in the Middle East. The Middle East has not been called "Asia" since the Roman Empire. This is politcal correctness run amok. When I hear "Asian" I immediately think of China or Japan, not Pakistan. I'm sure most Koreans, Tibetans and Thais also do not wish to be lumped in with the fanatical followers of bin Hidin'. Let's, to coin a phrase, call a spade a spade. It would go a long way towards eliminating any confusion. Right now, I'll guarentee you there is a moron in New York right now, loading his shotgun, preparing for a foray into Chinatown, looking for trouble, because an Arab was identified as an "Asian". I have no doubt there's an imbecile in Luton doing the same thing.

Finally, I hope to God this finally wakes the Europeans up to the danger that exists within their own backyards: millions of unassimilated Arabs with nothing to do but nurse grievances. Either a concerted effort is made to remove the second-class status of most Muslims in Europe and make them part of civil society or they will have to be deported, or possibly, violently dislodged from the European continent. It's your choice: you can have more Londons, Madrids, Theo Van Gogh's, Rome Airports and Achille Lauros or you can defend yourself, your culture and your institutions.

To do nothing in the face of such a challenge shows cowardice and immorality.

The London Police, SAS, MI5 or whoever it was that shot this man this morning, should be considered the first actors in the great new play of Europe in this age of terrorism. Will this scene have a reprise?

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