Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Building a Mosque at Ground Zero?


You can read about it here.

It must be noted that whenever Islam actually builds anything (as opposed to simply acquiring, co-opting or stealing that which came before it, and then claiming to have 'invented' it, like an army of Al Gores wrapped in dirty laundry), it does so to denote triumph over it's enemies.

When Calph Umar took Jerusalem, he began construction of the Al Aqsa Mosque on the sight of the Temple Mount, and his successors continued the work until it stands as it does today. It was said that the site is holy to Islam, being the place where the pedophile Mohammed took his 'Night Journey' and ascended into Heaven, but this is disputed even within Islam itself. The site of the Temple Mount is the place where Solomon built his temple and where Abraham made his covenant with God. It is THE central location of the Jewish Faith. The mosque is now the central feature of the city, visible for miles, and it also stands to show that Jerusalem was, indeed, Under New Management.

The true purpose of the mosque was not to commemorate an event in Mohammed's life (it was merely a convenient excuse); it was to intimidate the Jews, to insult them, to let them know that they were a now conquered people, helpless even to defend or maintain their holy sites, they would be reduced to second-class status (dhimmis). Even today, Al Aqsa stands as a symbol of the Israel that was lost.

Even when Islam builds something of great beauty, it has the hidden messages of oppression and conquest built into it. The Alhambra in Spain, built by the Moors during their occupation of that country, is known as The Red Fortress. It's purpose was to display the power and wealth of Islam to the Spanish Christians, to rub their faces in the humiliation of their occupation and rule by foreigners, to show the grandeur and splendor of their rulers, people who were (supposedly)so sophisticated and wealthy that they could afford to expend money on a fortress with no central plan, no real purpose. That all that opulence was designed, built and paid for by oppressed Christian Spaniards and Jews is conveniently forgotten. It is supposed to symbol of Muslim advance and triumph.

The Hagia Sophia, once one of the most beautiful and grandest basilicas in all Christendom, was taken in hand by Mehmed II and converted to a mosque. The reconsecration destroyed or covered over much of what the Orthodox Christians who built the place had created. Only now, in recent times when the place is a museum, are scholars finding the great works of art, the architectural details, the remnants of the real, historical Byzantium, covered over by the Muslims, who are jealous and fearful that their religion should be outshined by any other, and who have the power to only destroy, never to create.

They are an insecure, spiteful little people who only build anything (and in this case, they're not even building anything -- I know that building, and I can promise you the mosque will be built by Union Labor, most of it Christian and Jew) in order to offend, oppress, insult and intimidate.

Building a mosque so close to Ground Zero is simply yet another example.

Don't buy the idea that the true purpose is to help foster some kind of inter-denominational 'understanding'. These people don't want understanding. They hate us, even when they say they don't. Lying is a way of life for them, and lying to us infidels is almost a diktat from their phony-baloney God.

What they want is to erect a monument in the shadow of Islam's greatest triumph. It's what they have always done, only the scale is muted...this time. When (more like if, at this point) something is finally constructed at Ground Zero, it will have this mosque at it's very doorstep, a small, painful reminder of what happened on September 11, 2001. It's just another, softer form of terrorism.

I loved George W. Bush, but there's one thing I still can curse him for; he left these people alive to continue to annoy us with their nonsense.

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