Tuesday, December 22, 2009

But Only White, Heterosexual, Christian Men Can Be Racists...

Courtesy of Ann Althouse.

Je$$e Jacka$$ and Al Sharpton have made a living denouncing the White Man as the most despicable sort of racist imaginable.

But One Billion Chinese somehow escaped their notice? Probably wasn't any money in it.

Having worked very closely with Asians (the real kind -- actually from Asia -- not the homegrown-born-in-Seattle-Asian-by-virtue-of-my-almond-shaped-eyes-yellow-skin-and-affinity-for-identity-politics Asians) when I worked for a Japanese company -- seven years in extremely close proximity with Orientals of all sorts -- there is no group of people on Earth who can match a Chinese, Japanese or Korean for good-old-fashioned racism.

The Nazis and the Klan are rank amateurs, by comparison.

This is a cultural phenomenon, which is primarily the result of a belief in their particular 'race' being the descendants of the Gods, and their nation or culture as being the center of the Universe.

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