Monday, December 21, 2009

Why Leftists Are Typically Wrong...And Dangerous...

In an effort to explain the mental disorder that manifests itself in leftist politics, I postulate the following:

Lefties really are well-meaning people. At least the foot soldiers are. It is said that the the left is a collection of the well-intentioned, but ill-informed being led by the well-informed but ill-intentioned. There is some truth in this. Your typical Leftie is concerned about...things...They care about...stuff. Ask them to explain their feelings and beliefs, and you'll most often get a mishmash of gobbledeegook which they 'learned' in sociology class, but which makes no sense whatsoever. The Leftist front-liner is a retard (or a college student or aging hippie, which is pretty much the same thing) or a ward of the state. Thinking is not required to be a Leftist, and it isn't their real talent...whining is.

They don't very often don't know why they care, they very often can't explain what they're concerned about, they just know that they are concerned (or believe they should be). It's an emotional compulsion; they are drawn to issues that elicit emotional responses and act accordingly, because being drawn to issues that require thought is apparently too hard. Add the herd mentality (people tend to want to be involved in activities which seem popular within their peer group), and you get the basis for most Lefty-influenced 'movements'.

Once the emotional and pack-mentality aspects take over, Lefties usually get into a bizarre pissing match with one another over who cares more than whom, which leads them into internal conflict (typically of the passive-aggressive sort which involves whispers, rumors, and eventually full-blown public exposure and humiliation of their enemies), and ever-more ridiculous displays of public emotionalism which take the forms of 'symbolism', 'solidarity' and 'support', which lead us to the next problem with Lefties...

None of this is ever directed into an genuinely-meaningful, or even just useful action. Meaningful actions require purpose (which is hard to formulate when your inspiration is emotional and not rational), and useful ones require personal effort. Lefties hate personal efforts because it's much easier to say you care and then demand someone else do something. Someone else must do the work, someone else must make the sacrifice, someone else must pay for whatever they advocate because, dammit, they CARE already!. The Good Lefty, having expended emotion, having made the symbolic-but-empty gesture to show she (it's usually a she, or a metrosexual) cares, believes they've done their part. There are people on the Left who make a living at this; they continue to 'advocate' for their emotionally-inspired-issue-that-will-require-someone-else's-effort-and-money-to-correct. They manage to skim proceeds from it from their brain-dead fellow travelers, and because they can scream loud enough and are politically-connected, from the taxpayer, which brings us to the next problem with Lefties...

They don't understand money. Since many of them don't really work, or worse, work in 'industries' which bring little in the way of positive gain to society (like the arts, media, academia, government, NGO's and so forth) they don't understand economics. They don't earn their livings doing something that involves the marketplace, they are handed the excess that the more productive society creates. This leads them to make several basic mistakes when discussing economic issues. The first is that wealth (they euphemistically call it 'resources') are finite. All resources, money, oil, air, water, food, raw materials of a thousand sorts, are always finite. It's why they can shout about 'peak oil', and the 'population bomb' and it's been the driving force behind socialism, communism and now the environmental movement. The second is that 'government' has money of it's own, independent of the taxpayer.

Since all resources are finite, Lefties are free to believe in a mystical unit of wealth which they refer to as 'the fair share'. They cannot tell you how much a 'fair share' is, only that everyone is entitled to one and those who typically do the least and add the least, are somehow entitled to a bigger 'fair share' than the productive who actually make the shares in the first place. When this sort of lopsided economics (wealth exists in finite quantities, everyone gets a fair share, some pigs are more equal than others) is applied in real life, you get a welfare state of entitlement programs which bankrupts a nation, and which requires ever-more oppressive taxation to support (which only certain non-Leftie-approved castes will have to pay. They always exempt themselves because while they may be economically retarded, they ain't stupid). Of course, Lefties never apply this sort of economic lunacy to their own finances. Which leads us to the next problem with Lefties, which is...

Screaming hypocrisy about wealth. They claim to despise wealth, to despise the people who possess it as thieves and rapists who have stolen it from 'the people', rather than earned it through hard work and intelligence. But, the ranks of the left are full of some of the richest people on the planet; George Soros, Bill Gates, Al Gore, Bill and Hillary Clinton, The Kennedys, John Kerry, all stalwart defenders of the downtrodden, have bank accounts the average working stiff can only look upon with envy. In many cases, they came into possession of this wealth by less-than-honest means; the Kennedy's built their fortune on Prohibition, George Soros was a Nazi Collaborator, John Kerry simply marries wealthy widows, Al Gore takes advantage of the mentally-challenged. The ever-expanding list of the glitterati that often act as surrogates, advocates and role-models for the left, the actors and actresses in Hollywood, the musical artist who advocates this or that policy, the athlete who couldn't tie his own shoes without a government program, are also good examples of this; they earn their living from practices and activities which involve the extraction of wealth from those who earn or create it. They are prime examples of a movement made up of people who add little of lasting value to society while taking as much as they possibly can from it. The Leftie screams about the money given to Wall Street bankers, calling it unfair and wasteful, yet never bats an eyelash at a guy who gets $100 million from another rich guy to hit a baseball, or to make a movie. Usually because the first is a minority (there's that 'some pigs are more equal than others' thing), or an artist (which means jack shit to anyone with half a brain).

Those people can be forgiven their hypocrisy because they give the Lefties the attention they crave. That's the real problem with the Left; it's full of needy, clingy, annoying people who crave constant attention. These people give them hope that someone takes them seriously -- all the while stealing money and votes with the classic strategy of un-anchored emotionalism, empty symbolism and making all things 'someone else's' problem. Until now, that is.

Now the Lefties have gotten wise to the scam, and they're angry. They've finally seen that their Paragons were little more than charlatans and they demand that that they get what they've been wanting for the last 100 years. It's why they rioted in Copenhagen, it's why Howard Dean opened a can of Whoop-Ass on Harry Reid on Health Care; They've waited for Communism long enough.

Because at root, this is what all the Leftist nonsense of the last century has been about; World Communism. They've dressed themselves up as 'Progressives", they've insinuated themselves into the fights for Equality, Social Justice and Civil Rights, they are at the vanguard of the Environmental movement. They believe (still) that communism can work. They believe that Communism will (finally) bring 'peace' to the planet. They believe that Communism will 'save' mankind (from what, they can't exactly tell you). Which leads us to the biggest problem with Leftists...

Despite all the evidence that everything they espouse usually fails, spectacularly, they keep trying. They believe that communism has failed not because it is a flawed system which takes all incentive out of the individual, and thus, society, but because we just haven't found the right communists to run the World State yet. All Communism will do is make us all equally miserable; Lefties more than others because they are not especially well-known for enduring discomfort and suffering... especially when it's their own.

The Left looks at Barack Obama and the current American Congress, and they believe they have, finally, found the right communists. But this bunch haven't moved quickly enough for the Left's tastes, and thus, all the brouhaha and infighting. This is just the beginning of a shitstorm that will, we can hope, finally expose this bunch of hacks for what they really are in a way that it will be impossible to mistake.


Greasywrench said...

I'm not sure some people (Dems) will ever understand what far-left Politicians are all about. There's always going to be a large segment of America's population that are naive and gullible. How else can you explain the fact that we elected Obama as President? He lied and made promises that only a fool could believe.

His associations with RevRearend Wright, Bill Ayers, and Van Jones, among many others were out there for all to see and yet the Dems still elected this fool.

There are many ways to sum up the IQ and thought processes of liberals, but critically thinking isn't one that comes to mind. I just don't think the American liberal is all that smart and they will be fooled again when the next well spoken liar again comes along. Throw in a raging case of "white guilt" and you end up with a walking talking example of the "Peter Principle" - Barack Obama.

Obama never had me fooled and he didn't fool any of my Conservative friends either. The problem is Conservatives (despite some polls) and Republicans are a minority. Add the fact that we nominated a good man but weak candidate in John McCain and look at what we ended up with.

It's been said many times before and I suppose it's fact; many Americans don't want to hear the truth. They'd prefer to have smoke blown up their collective asses and that's exactly what Obama did. Now we're fucked.

I'm sure we can survive Obama. What I'm not sure of is can we survive or ever undo the damage he, along with Congress are doing to our Country?

Matthew said...

Liberalism is an affliction of the young and inexperienced. To paraphrase Churchill;

"A man under the age of 30 who is not a Liberal, has no heart. A man over 30 who is not a Conservative has no brain."

And today, 30 is the new 20, isn't it? The idiots are staying dumber for longer, and delaying the conventions which often changed their politics, like marriage, childbearing, and so forth, as well.

The youngin's came out in Force for the Messiah in the same way they came out for Kennedy in 1960.

There's a bunch of spoiled, mollycoddled, mouth-breathing morons out there who have not yet developed critical thinking skills and are afraid of their own shadows, on a good day.

Out from this darkened forest of their greatest fears, (most of which have their genesis in the drama that is Brittney, Christina and Ashton, or maybe who wins American Idol)came a man who wasn't, like old...and stuff, and who promised to vanquish all our bogeymen (terrorism, racism, global warming, Iranian and North Korean Nukes, impending bankruptcy and the heartbreak of psoriasis) with a mixture of GQ cool, lofty rhetoric... and other people's money. Sort of like P-Diddy. All our troubles would be carried off by little green pixies, so that we could live in a new, enviromentally-safe fantasy land of purple bunnies and rainbow unicorns.

Just like the younger set in 1960, living under the threat of nuclear destruction. They saw Kennedy as the answer to that problem in the same way today's kiddies see Obama.

We know how that story ends.

JFK got his brains blown out, and as he gave up the ghost, all the youthful idealism left with it, replaced by free-love, hallucinogenic drugs, riots int he streets, hedonism, political unrest, and all the worst excesses of the Baby Boomer generation -- the other batch of kiddies who voted for Obama, but only because they NEVER grew up (btw, these are the people who run our world NOW; they're in Congress, Academia, Business, and Media. And you wonder why things are this screwed up?).

I don't expect Obama to get his head blown off (I don't advocate it, and I don't want to see it), but before he's gone all the youthful enthusiasm will be gone when his balloon is finally popped, too.

And then the people who invested the most will discover that they're on the hook for the most, and I would expect history to repeat itself in a similar sort of social unrest.