Friday, December 04, 2009

Global Warming: The Academic Conspiracy...

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably heard a thing or two about the "Climategate scandal". I won't link to any articles, since they're all over the place, and many of them are confusing for the layman or uninitiated in the the double-crapspeak of the Global Warming Crowd, but the basic gist is this:

It appears as if a bunch of Climatologists at the University of East Anglia (in Britain) conspired to do one or more of the following:

1. Falsifying/and or deleting temperature data that did not fit their pre-conceived notions or political views, so as to show a steady increase in Global Temperatures when such temperatures were, in fact, either flat lining or falling, indicating a decade of actual global cooling. They have also failed to explain how they prepared or 'modeled' the data for use in their computer models, leading to a suspicion that either the data was tailored to fit the program, or the program tailored to fit the data

2. Deleting data that was the focus of a Freedom of Information Act request, so that it could not be seen or tested by those who requested it, and to hide the fact that the data was incorrect and/or fabricated. According to the scientists in the middle of this mess, that data is easily reproducible, but they refuse to reproduce it because it's too much work to do so.

3. Using their scientific clout in their field to silence dissenters who dared to disagree with them, corrupting the peer-review process which by allowing anyone to test a scientific theory or repeat an experiment to verify results, is vital to the advance of science. Destroying the careers of, or taking actions to publicly embarrass those, who might disagree with you (or worse, prove you are a fraud) is at the very least, bad form, in the context of what these scientists were entrusted with, it's probably criminal.

What, exactly, were they entrusted with?

Why, proving that Man-Made Global Warming exists, that's it a continuing trend, and that it has dire consequences for the entire planet. Oh, and they were the main laboratory providing European Governments, the U.N., the United States Government and a host of alphabet-soup organizations with the information they "needed" to regulate global economies and CO2 (Carbon dioxide) production.

In other words, these are the guys who were going to create the justification for World Government. In fact, one of the Euroweenies who is supposed to be a high muck-a-muck in what passes for government over there, recently bragged that this week's Copenhagen meetings on Global Warming, are the first step in crafting a single world-wide government.

That the data upon which this presumption was based now turns out to be (allegedly) false, I should think they shouldn't be having that meeting. But no, the Global Warming Crowd wouldn't let anything like a massive fraud which undermines the entire foundation of their cause stop them from 'saving the planet' by destroying Western Economies, taxing everything in sight, and having the pretext to push their noses into every aspect of every citizen's life. Of course not!

True believers never give up the ship, even when they've been proven wrong. It's a defect built into liberals, especially (see: Kennedy Assassination, 9/11 Truthers, The CIA brought Crack to the Ghetto, and so forth). Most liberals don't have the same sense God gave a cross-eyed Cocker Spaniel.

There's legislation in the U.S. Senate right now that will pass a Cap-and-Trade regime, which will severely restrict the use of energy for every conceivable purpose, and impose huge fees and taxes upon American business and citizens in the name of 'saving the planet'. Considering that the whole idea of man-made Global Warming is now, at least, severely put into question by the shenanigans of a bunch of politically-motivated professors who's basic experiments cannot be reproduced and verified, perhaps we Americans had better call our dopey Senators and tell them to kill this bill. Like right now.

And then it's time to start this whole "Man is wrecking the planet" stuff again from square one, and to do it right; with transparency, verifiable data, and scientific integrity. If the Warmers are right, then fine, but if they can't prove their hysteria, then they should leave the rest of us alone.

Update: Al Gore is now cancelling personal appearances, beginning with, oddly enough, the Copenhagen Conference.

Pajamas Media has a go at Gore's suddenly-low public profile, and the man himself.


Anonymous said...

The 'academic conspiracy' has a new background which has only recently been revealed. The 'academics' thought they were studying 'natural' phenomena, when they were not.

Sure, they 'cooked the books' to show their theories were working out, even though they weren't. They're crooks and frauds. But it's the fault of the CIA.

"The earlier Climategate documents reveal climate scientists 'cooking the books' to make their temperature data appear to confirm what their computer models were telling them should exist, and doing so quite ineptly. However, with the leaked CIA emails, it becomes apparent that the scientists were consistently confounded because the scientists thought they were investigating 'natural' weather patterns.

The scientists were not, in fact, investigating natural weather patterns because the CIA has been directly tampering with the climate for at least two decades."

Read the rest at:

Matthew said...

My, the CIA is awfully busy! I mean, what with all the time they spend trying to assassinate American presidents and maintain the near-50-year old cover-up, start wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, not to mention finding skyscrapers to wire with explosives and spare airliners to crash so that they can stage terrorist attacks.

It must be difficult keeping the Crack Factories up and running, because, you know, every Negro in America hasn't been hooked...yet. The CIA Crack Elves are probably paid slave wages and hidden in secret work camps in Honduras. Or maybe that's where the CIA stashes all the missing children they steal. You know, the ones on the milk cartons?

Why, I'm mighty impressed that not only has the CIA achieved so much, but it has also somehow managed to control and/or change the weather!

I guess that Hurricane Katrina deal was just a CIA test gone bad (or right, since Republicans don't like black folks), huh?

No wonder you post Anonymously. When was the last time they adjusted your meds, my friend?

Matthew said...

And now don't I feel stupid? I've just realized that link was supposed to a parody!

It readlike it could have come right out of the New York ztimes or similar publication.

I can only say in my defense that it was written so badly that it was difficult to identify it as paraody immediately. Especially when you're pumped full of Nyquil, like I am at the moment.

My apologies about the med thing!