Thursday, April 15, 2010

Building the Myth of the "Great Man" Of History, Part 2...

On the news that Syria has just given Hezbollah Scud missiles capable of hitting Tel-Aviv with a nuclear warhead;

The Obama administration has told us since it's inception that Syria is an important player, I believe the phrase is "potential ally", in the elusive quest for "Middle East Peace". The theory is that if we just "engage" Syria, and apply "diplomatic pressure" upon them, Syria will stop arming and aiding Hezbollah, and will also aid the United States in the fight against Al'Qaeda in Iraq, since many AII terrorists are operating from across the Syrian border.

To this end, the Obamatards sent John Kerry to Syria two weeks ago to "voice long-running concerns" with what passes for the leadership of Syria, and there's supposed to be a new ambassador to Syria to be named shortly, a symbol of America's willingness to go the extra mile in the name of "Peace".

Okay, a couple of things about all of this:

Why is Syria is still on the map? This is one aspect of the War on Terror that has always troubled me greatly. Of course, I say the same thing about all Muslim countries. It has been my contention since September 12, that the only way to put an end to the problem of Islamic Terrorism is to make sure there were a lot of dead Islamics, and that the United States should not limit the (armed) scope of it's War on Terror to simply those terrorists groups we currently have in our sights (Taliban, Al'Qaeda and it's off-shoots), but to every terrorist group within range of American power, anywhere.

Syria is a major supporter of terrorist groups. It has provided shelter for terrorists who have killed American troops in Iraq. It serves as a base of operations and safe-haven for Hezbollah in it's fight against Israel. It has now given Hezbollah long-range ballistic missiles; These missiles will soon be paired to an Iranian nuclear weapon (since Hezbollah is a fully-owned subsidiary of Iran) and what happens next is not difficult to foresee.

But that's okay: Obama sent a man who's only talent is for marrying the widows of even richer men to "strongly" voice our concerns, and to beg Assad to be a pal. The price of "engaging" Syria, is going to be a lot of dead Jews so that The Won can appear to be fighting terrorists without actually fighting Islam. The two are one in the same, and the sooner the American ruling asses....errr...classes, realize this, the sooner we can get onto the real strategy that will ensure that another 9/11 never happens; inflicting unspeakable and immeasurable suffering upon Muslims.

Obama doesn't realize this -- because he hasn't studied any history that doesn't begin and end with black people and their grievances -- but the nature of the foe we're fighting today in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, is the same as it was in 1941-45. The Nazis and the Japanese were fanatics, convinced of their racial and cultural superiority, determined to rule the planet, and willing to fight to the very last man. He apparently doesn't know about Kamikazes and Waffen SS, about the ruthless and pitiless determination, the racial hatreds (the only racial hatred he knows about is the stuff he didn't hear Reverend Wright talk about for 20 years), the barbarity, displayed by both in battle...and even more so against non-combatants who either just happened to be in the way, belonged to categories of "inferior beings", or who had the temerity to protest against their treatment by their conquerors.

In the end, it required the destruction of both Germany and Japan to end that conflict. By gruesome and bloody combat on the ground, relentless carpet and fire bombing, the strangulation of blockade, and a couple of atomic bombs. Both nations, and the criminal leadership that ran it all, were brought to heel. But in the meantime, the cumulative effects of all that bombing, all that starvation, all those soldiers who didn't come back to the Ancestral Rice Farm because of American firepower ruthlessly-applied, had it's effect upon the German and Japanese people and economy. They tired of war, they ran out of supplies, their morale was sapped, they hadn't the means or the heart to continue the fight, and they became committed to maintaining peace after the hostilities were over -- because the experience of war had been too terrible to ever suffer again.

That stuff works. It worked when Genghis Khan tossed plague-infected bodies over city walls, and when Scipio Africanus sowed Carthage with salt. People who have been on the receiving end of that sort of thing pretty much learn the lesson "don't screw with those guys again".

But no, we'd rather "Engage" Syria. I'm not sure what the purpose of doing so ultimately is. It's not as if Syria has anything we want, and I wouldn't consider Assad the most trustworthy person on the planet, considering that we're trying to cultivate him for the purposes of promoting peace while he arms and protects terrorists. No amount of playing nice with Syria, I believe, is going to encourage Assad to stop.

The attempt will be made, however, because Obama must be seen as a figure who managed to do what no one else, no Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, no American President, has ever done: made a Middle-Eastern Dictator see the error of his ways without a shitload of high-explosives. It will be a triumph of Smart Diplomacy applied by the Smartest Man Ever over the Neanderthal method of Brute Force, and it will be a glorious achievement in the annals of Statesmanship.

Because the New York Times will say so. That's what it's all about; getting the Times to call you One of the Greats.

If I'm an Israeli General this morning, my job is probably figuring out how destroy the Syrian Air Force on the ground as a prelude to locating and bombing the bejesus out of some mobile SCUD launchers. And that's after I've already been kept awake nights for the past year by the problem of how to defend against, or pre-emptively strike at, an Iranian nuke.

Again, if I'm that General, I'd be in my Prime Minister's office right now begging to be given The Order, and screw what Obama has to say about anything. Obama is a strutting peacock, nothing without a staged event in front of a hand-picked and fanatically loyal audience and a teleprompter filled with someone else's words, and his opinion or wishes when the subject is the survival of the Jewish State is irrelevant. Besides, the worst you can expect in retaliation for daring to disrupt his carefully-thought-out plan of cultivating dictators who support terrorists is that John Kerry will show up to waggle his finger at you and talk out of his ass.

That's a trade I'd be willing to make.

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