Friday, April 16, 2010

When Illegal Aliens Attack...

Predictably, the Hate Mail rolled in in response to this post.

An obviously-organized effort sprang into being to chastise me over the issue of my "inhumane" and "disgusting" views on the subjects of Illegal Immigration and Bi-lingual education, and I have to say that so far as organized efforts go, this one was pretty tame and I've gotten worse Hate Mail than this. Some of it (perhaps half) was actually quite civil, if full of misspellings (and isn't it peculiar that everyone made the same spelling and grammatical errors?).

Except for the three e-mails that had viruses attached (jackasses -- I scan my e-mail thoroughly, and I used to be a System's Programmer, so I know all the tricks!), the letters all made the same points (and isn't funny that all my correspondents made the same points in the same language, and in the same order?), most of it was boilerplate "you're a racist" sort of stuff that I see, oh, every other day. This is old hat; the only difference was the volume. I routinely get worse stuff from Anglo Libtards with their panties in a bunch over my obvious homophobia, blatant racism and pitiless disregard for the feelings and tribulations of transgendered pets, and the People Who Love Them.

The respondents all make the same arguments, and I'll summarize them here:

1. There are no"illegal human beings".

2. The "crime" of sneaking across the American border is not a crime, per se, but rather a "civil offense". It's not that big a deal, like getting a speeding ticket.

3. Illegal immigrants DO pay taxes, just not income taxes, and this is not their fault since they're being exploited by Big Business and unscrupulous Capitalists who all presumably studied the art of Business Management at the Simon LaGree Institute.

4. Appeals to "Fairness" and "The American Dream".

5. "It's for the children".

6. The United States "belongs" to Us (Mexicans, Indians, etc.) in the first place, and you Anglos "stole" it from Us.

Now, let's knock these perfectly infantile arguments down one at a time:

1. You're absolutely right. There is no such thing as an "illegal human being". However, that argument is a piece of pure Sophistry which might get you an "A" in Diversity Class, but which is otherwise meaningless. Perhaps because you are not so skilled in the use of the English Language, or more precisely, the subtleties of American Culture (and why should you be? It's not as if you're being encouraged to assimilate), it is not evident to you that we don't begrudge you your basic humanity, we only object to what you have done in order to get here, and what you do once you are here. The word "illegal" applies to the act, not the perpetrator.

I recognize every one of you as a Person, no different from me, except in some external and cultural ways. However, I didn't commit a crime and violate another Nation's Sovereignty just because I could, and with a reasonable assumption that I could then partake of all that Nation had to offer (because we're good people) without any corresponding responsibility to the people and government that provide it to me.

It's all about Respect and Gratitude. We expect you to Respect our laws, and then we expect you to show some Gratitude -- you don't need to thank me personally, but you could make an effort to help better the society that gives you much and asks for so little in return. It's called Civic Responsibility. You could start by trying to atone for your Original Sin and become citizens (that is to say, taxpayers), and then the least you could do is be contributing to the betterment of your adopted Nation.

2. A Civil Offense is still a crime; it's just not one that'll get you hung in the Village Square. And even "Civil Offenses" have consequences; if I get a speeding ticket, I still have points applied to my driver's license, or have it suspended or revoked, and then my insurance company may decide that I'm suddenly a reckless driver and raise my premiums. I have to show up in court and pay a fine. I have the offense entered into my "permanent record", and it will follow me forever, and that speeding ticket will be seen by every potential employer, every loan officer and every magistrate that I ever cross paths with.

It's not that a Speeding Ticket is a Capital Offense it's that if the act of speeding wasn't illegal, I would never have been charged with a Civil Offense in the first place! The differences between my ticket and your crossing the border are these: I didn't speed in order to get Food Stamps, a Free Education for my children, a housing subsidy, and a myriad of services paid for by other people for which I'm not expected to reciprocate, in any way, and which excuses even the worst behavior in the name of some made-up notions about "Diversity" and "Brotherhood". There certainly any Congresscritters, Mayors and City Councilmen clamoring to represent the "Speeder's Community" because of the votes, money and notoriety this might bring them, and there isn't a Business or Agricultural Lobby who views Speeders as source of cheap and infinitely-exploitable labor that bucks up their bottom line. There sure-as-hell isn't a bevy of "Advocacy Groups" working on behalf of Speeders because there's a shitload of Federal Money to be skimmed.

The difference between my Speeding Ticket and your "Civil Offense" is that your offense often costs far more than money, and does appreciably more damage to civil society.

The argument that there are laws which "don't really count" is a rather bad one. I may disagree with certain laws myself, but I can still respect them, and hopefully, try to get them changed through the legal processes of petition and elections. You want to get them changed on the basis of "there's too many of us here for you to adequately and humanely enforce this law, so why not just forget it", and then when that Legion of Lawbreakers becomes the majority, you'll be able to use legal means to justify and excuse your initially illegal act. That's plain wrong.

3. Paying Sales Taxes is unavoidable, and if given a choice, I'm certain you'd dodge these, as well. I know I would. That argument cuts no ice. The idea that Illegal Aliens pay Social Security taxes is laughable: those are, firstly, paid by your Employer (who is taking these out of your check before you ever get it, and who has every reason to lie about what he pays you because it was illegal to hire you in the first place), and because you don't have permission to work in the United States.

Which means you shouldn't have been hired in the first place. It would be against the law to do so.

If you were paying Social Security taxes as an Illegal Immigrant, then you would have a Social Security Card, which means the Government would know where you live, in which case, it's failing in it's duty to arrest and deport you.

In the case of Income Taxes, if I have to suffer that act outrageous theft, then so should you. The fact is that your immigration status being nebulous or questionable often shields you, to a large extent, from having to suffer that indignity. In the meantime, my money (as well as the money of millions of others who don't really have a choice in the matter) pays for perpetuating this most unfair, confiscatory and punishing system, and rewarding you for your outrageous --and illegal -- behavior.

4. As for "Fairness", when I can enter Mexico in violation of the Law, not get arrested and deported for it, and have the government there provide me with free hospitals, schools that will teach my children in English, a political system that's eager to cater to my every need at someone else's expense, doesn't punish me for breaking the law, and considers all that an act of charity, then perhaps then we can talk about what's "Fair".

Oh, and the reason why it's called The American Dream is because it's reserved for Americans. That means the people who play by the rules and who are actual citizens. You could probably have something similar in Mexico, China, India or Pakistan, but that would require effort on your part, I guess. If most of you showed half the industry and fortitude you apply in getting here to take advantage of the American Taxpayer to improve the conditions in your own countries, perhaps you wouldn't have to come here and live on the edges of Society, glomming off other people's success and industry, and then wondering why you're resented for it.

You certainly wouldn't be organizing a letter-writing campaign to an anonymous loudmouth with an opinion you don't like. For every letter I got that started with "I'm a hard-working individual..." I had to ask the questions: Then why weren't you working hard where you originally came from? and Why, then, do you need welfare? Yes, I know: the culture where you come from neither rewards nor encourages the virtue of work, nor does it provide the same freedoms, but it could, if only you took the opportunity to make it so. It's just easier to exploit a nation where conditions are different, isn't it?

5. I don't care about your children, in this respect; because YOU obviously don't care about them. Because the lesson you're teaching them is that it's within their rights to break the law as they see fit, and then it's perfectly acceptable to live like beggars on the edges of society, under-the-radar, and dependant upon the kindness (rather the extortion) of strangers. You're teaching them that they're entitled to all the benefits of American Society and the American Taxpayer, without having to accept the responsibilities of American citizenship. You're teaching them that it's perfectly alright for them to steal from others. Worse, that they're entitled and expected to steal from others. It's a Human Right, after all.

I don't wish to see children suffer, to go uneducated and without as wide a range of options for their tiny, little futures as possible. I do, however, don't believe they should be allowed to benefit from their parent's criminal activity.

6. I'm not an "Anglo". I'm a 4th-generation American. I was born here, the descendants of people who entered the country legally through Ellis Island (and some of them were quarantined -- basically imprisoned -- when they arrived on these shores, for months), and who didn't have an entire array of Government Services to exploit. My ancestors came here knowing little or no English, and there were no schools to teach it to them as a Second Language, and they were expected to a) suck it up, and b) assimilate. They did the same jobs many of the newer generation of immigrants do (sweeping streets, laying bricks, digging trenches), and their life was considerably harder because ethnic and religious hatreds weren't considered "bad form" by polite society; they were openly discriminated against, and there was no form of legal protection for them. The terms "Immigrant" and "Italian" didn't come with their own battalion of Lawyers, Senators, Aldermen, and Advocacy Groups to leap to their defense, excuse their criminal behavior, nor bend the culture and legal system to accommodate their every whim.

They (my forebears) assimilated, and became AMERICANS, and while they still loved the Mother Country and kept as many of their customs and culture as they could, they also realized that some aspects of those practices certainly weren't acceptable here, and so they conformed. Unlike the Hispanics I've seen around here who's children feel it's perfectly fine to urinate in the street -- and often make a communal game out of it, or who pick their noses and wipe snot on every convenient vertical surface, spit like camels everywhere they go,. or live 20 people to a two-bedroom apartment, and who have brought measles, tuberculosis, and other diseases that were once wiped out, back into the country.

Where's the quarantine for infected "immigrants"? Why is the Emergency Room of my local hospital full of people speaking strange languages and coughing up blood without insurance or the means to pay for the First-Class care they demand and expect to get? Why does the City of New York have to empower special panels to see to the "problems of bi-lingual education"? Even the terminology "problems of bi-lingual education" admits it; there's a problem. If it were a good thing, it wouldn't be a problem. But I digress.

As to who "owns" what -- get over it. Your ancestors, be they Mexican, Amerindian, Pakistani, or whatever, are the losers of history. If you were winners, you wouldn't have to steal from others. It's not my fault that your Stone Age forebears came up against Renaissance and Industrial Revolution technology, not to mention Smallpox, and lost out. I don't believe in the nostrum that all cultures are "equal and valid". If they were, there would be no immigration (illegal or otherwise), and you'd still be ripping the beating hearts out of your captives, shagging camels, eating your own feces and lice, and earning a good living doing it all in your own country.

I don't owe you anything. I'm perfectly willing to share what I have as a matter of being a good citizen, but not when the transaction is one-sided, and costs me far more than I get in return, and especially when the response to what I have given is not "Thank you", but rather "Fuck You...and gimme more!"

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