Friday, April 16, 2010

""We're saying, we don't care if you don't speak English, we don't care what your immigration status is..."

Those are the words of a New York City Bureaucrat attached to the Department of Education in the wake of a "scandal" in which it was discovered that perhaps thousands of New York City school kids who were "entitled" to Bi-lingual or English-As-A-Second-Language instruction, didn't get said instruction.

In true New York City government fashion, the Department of Education is forming a Blue-Ribbon Panel to study the issue, and it's seeking participation from the "Bi-Lingual Community" or whatever.

The story then goes on to tell you all about the trials and tribulations of immigrant parents who aren't involved in their children's schooling because "they don't feel welcomed" or are presumably intimidated by School Safety Officers who ask for identification cards when parents do show up at school. Tommyrot.

The story doesn't make clear, and I suppose neither did the nimrods who set up this Panel, just how many of those kids who require Bi-lingual education -- or just how many of those "unwelcomed" parents -- are illegal immigrants. Also left unexplained is just how the hell they're "entitled" to anything they don't pay taxes for. Because, let's face it, one of the biggest problems facing city and state governments nowadays is providing ever-more-expensive "services" to people who don't pay for any of them and abuse the hell out of them.

At what point does what passes for government in New York City and State begin to realize that it can't continue to provide things to people who shouldn't even be here in the first place? Why is it encouraging even more of these people to come here by letting them know their children will be educated in their Native Language at someone else's expense? Why is it that the "solution" to most problems in the United States involves taking from the productive to give to the non-productive, and in this case, probably criminal?

I might not have an issue if the people this program was specifically aimed at were people who were playing by the rules, and awaiting or actively working towards, U.S. Citizenship. But that quote "...we don't care what your immigration status is..." troubles me greatly.

If you want to fix the problems of Bi-lingual education, the solution, it seems to me, is to not provide it all, at least not when it's funded by the taxpayers. The truth is that many of the children in bi-lingual education programs will never learn English, and most won't even stay in school, because the system isn't set up to teach it to them in the first place; it exists solely to put more teachers on the payroll, and then overpay them. Perhaps those children would be better served if, and I'm spitballing here, the City didn't offer Bi-lingual education, and instead encouraged local organizations to provide English instruction before the little waifs attended school? Or better yet, perhaps the Federal Government could perform one of it's prime functions and keep Illegals out of the country in the first place?

In that fashion, perhaps we could avoid the "scandal" of not providing bi-lingual services (of all kinds) to criminals.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, spare me the crap about "it's about the children" and "don't punish the kids for the sins of the parents" and "they're just trying to build a better life". Because the reason most are here is to collect welfare and medical benefits they'll never pay for, and to give birth in American hospitals (that they won't pay for, either) so that the child obtains Birthright Citizenship which rewards criminal behavior by making it possible to import even more illegal immigrants who will collect welfare benefits they won't ever pay for.

I'm not anti-immigrant. After all, I'm the descendant of immigrants, but I am against rewarding people who break the law, and worse, encouraging them to come forward to suggest how their criminal activity can be facilitated and tailored to their particular requirements. Every non-English-speaking child of an Illegal Immigrant takes resources away from a Non-English-Speaking-Child who's parents at least had the decency to follow the goddamned rules.

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