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Douchebag of the Week (04/19/10): William J. Clinton...

My word, but this man just will not go away, will he? Like a very bad case of herpes, just when you think that annoying itch is finally gone, it comes back with an increased intensity to torment you. If there's anything worse than an ex-President with a Goodyear-blimp-sized-ego and a narcissistic pathology that still has mental health professionals rethinking the last 100 years of psychological 'science', I don't know what it is.

Oh, wait, I do know what it is: a racial huckster who manages to convince 53% of the American public that, somehow, taxing them within an inch of their lives to pay for reparations for slavery, trying terrorists in civilian courts, overthrowing the Constitutions, unleashing his menstrual wife on the general public, giving 32 teleprompter-approved "speeches"-disguised-as-Nuremberg-rallies a week, snubbing our oldest and closest allies, surrendering to Al'Qaeda and disarming ourselves in the face of Iranian nukes, just might be slightly worse than an (alleged) serial-rapist who still thinks he didn't do anything wrong, and can't adequately define "is".

But I digress....

Willy Jeff just can't shut up. And that's a double-edged sword, you see. Sometimes, it's funny as hell; He still thinks he's relevant to anything. He still thinks people give a shit about anything he has to say. He's still laboring under the mistaken impression that his image can be "rehabilitated" and that he'll become, once memories begin to fade, "a Great Statesman", in much the same way that Jimmy Carter is considered one by people who couldn't find their own ass with both hands and a road map...I mean...liberals.

You really should tune Bill Clinton out. I mean, there should be an ironclad law that all ex-Presidents should be tuned out. There used to be a Gentleman's Agreement that ex-Presidents stayed out of politics, and for the most part, they have (Clinton is a glaring exception), but this guy believes he still has a Place in History (and people's hearts) that isn't attached to a slew of stories about cigars and a stupid young woman's vagina (I should hope it was only her vagina!), not to mention that terible joke:

Q: What did the FBI find on Monica Lewinski's Dress?

A: Presidue.

Anyways, with all the hue-and-cry over the Tea Parties this past week, and the accusations (without proof, naturally) of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, Nazi sympathies, anti-Dog-and-Cat-ism, and perhaps even Simple Chronic Halitosis, Billy Jeff found himself unable to stay out of the fray, and he piled on. Actually, let me rephrase that: the last time Bill Clinton piled-on to anything, he told the victim to "put some on ice on it..." (allegedly). What I mean to say is that Clinton brought his gasoline and matches to the barbecue and turned the heat up a little.

He compared the Tea Partiers to Timothy MacVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber.

So now, Americans engaging in their Constitutional right to protest their government, and promote political change, are domestic terrorists?

Well, that's what Billy Jeff would like you to believe. And let's face it, if there's anyone who knows what domestic terrorism looks like, it would have to be William Jefferson Clinton.

After all, it was his Administration that incinerated 80 Americans, including children, attacking a church with tanks and tear gas after a 51 day siege by Federal Agents who botched the arrest of a religious lunatic because they decided the best way to do it was to assault "the compound" with a SWAT team and television cameras. Janet Reno, the token fat-ugly-lesbian demanded by PC hiring rules in the Clinton Administration "accepted" responsibility for the gruesome deaths, but ultimately, the buck stops at Bill Jeff's feet. He killed 80 people in Waco, Texas. Janet Reno was simply the murder weapon.

And who could forget the tale of Elian Gonzalez? The little Cuban boy, whose mother died trying to get him to freedom in the United States, became a cause celebre of both the anti-Castro factions in American Life, and the Clinton Administrations attempt to "engage" Cuba. Clinton, and Janet Reno, sided with Cuba, naturally, and sent another SWAT team in on a Easter Holiday weekend, in the wee hours of the morning, to take a child out of a home at gunpoint.

I wonder how many people and organizations that were critical of Willy Jeff found themselves on the receiving end of an IRS audit? I'm sure that number is somewhere in the thousands. What happened to Linda Tripp, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones when they tried to tell the world what sort of a cad the now-ex-President was/is? Can you say "Publicly humiliated"? Can you say "Legally harassed"? Can you say "attacked by Paul Begala and James Carville on a daily basis"? I'm surprised some of them didn't commit suicide for the level of hell they were subjected to.

Oh, excuse me, that's not "suicide", it's "Arkancide". If anyone knows how to use the apparatus of State and the Media to terrorize anyone, it's certainly Bill Clinton.

And then there's the stories circulating about Hitlery's Secret Police, the small army of private investigators who were tasked in tracking down and silencing Bill's bimbos, intimidating potential witnesses, shooting Vince the White House....oh, wait, did I say "shooting Vince Foster in the White House?" I'm sorry, I meant to say, "shooting Vince Foster in the White House, keeping the authorities from investigating the death immediately, then moving the body 20 miles to a deserted park, and tampering with and destroying the evidence, and sending the token black womanrequired by First-Lady PC hiring standards to remove to box of documents that were evidence both of that crime and the one's Hildebeest was probably soon to be charged with."

So, if there's anyone in America better-qualified to identify domestic terrorism in America, it's William Jefferson Clinton. Why, he's made a career out of it! He was so busy making a career out of domestic terrorism (inflicting it upon his own citizens, using the Oklahoma City bombing to hammer his political foes), that he missed Osama Bin Laden and all the foreign terrorists out there who not only attacked the World Trade Center once, but TWICE. Because Bill was busy burning down churches in Texas and making certain that 7-year old boys were safe FROM democracy, a bunch of really dangerous criminals were huddling together, making plans to slaughter innocent Americans on a scale that would make Clinton look like a bush-leaguer (no pun intended). Even when these foreign terrorists were offered up ona silver platter (seven times), Billy Jeff didn't want them -- Rush Limbaugh was the Greater Threat -- and we now know what happened.

Even if Sandy Berger did try to destroy the documents in the National Archives, or smuggle them out in his pants, we KNOW.

Timothy MacVeigh didn't bomb the Murrah Building because he was a racist, homophobic, Rush Limbaugh fan; he blew that building to smithereens because the American government, led by William Jefferson Clinton, had killed 80 of its own citizens at Waco. MacVeigh may have been a wackjob, but he was, in retrospect on to something. You don't have to agree with his methods, but it's becoming harder to argue with his conclusions; the American government was out of control. It was so out of control that it could attack American citizens -- women and children! -- with automatic weapons, explosives, helicopters and tanks, do so over 51 days in full view of television cameras and the World Press, and still consider itself to have been within it's rights. If that's the government's right, then what rights do you have?

That's why Tim MacVeigh did what he did. Oh, and he not only got a swift trial; he managed to get executed within weeks of sentence. Tim MacVeigh gets executed, but Khalid Sheik Mohanmmed is entitled to the full services of the American Justice System? The Left has some 'splainin' to do.

No, MacVeigh is no hero. He was a criminal. But then again, the Country was led by a Criminal in those days. When the day of reckoning finally came, and Clinton could have come clean -- the first step in perhaps achieving that Statesman-like status he now seems to crave -- he could have admitted his crimes. Instead, he copped a plea, like a common thug, on his last day in office and immediately hit the spew-bullshit-for-money circuit, andhe's been rewarded for all the evil he's done ever since.

I wonder if Clinton is even aware of the stupidity he displays when he accuses American citizens of terrorism, and his own record on the subject of terrorism is so crystal clear (summary: When the US government does it to it's own citizens, it's not terrorism, especially if the target is some kooky bunch of Christians. When Osama Bin Laden or some "Blind Cleric" does it, it's a criminal matter that requires warrants and writs and all sort of official proceedings. When an American citizen does it to protest the Power of Leviathan, it's a photo-op and club with which to hammer Right-Wing Talk Radio).

Today, incidentally, is the Anniversary of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Rest all of their souls.

Bill Clinton just couldn't help but inject himself into the current political debate -- notwithstanding his remarkable ability to "inject himself" into anything that'll hold still, or can be held down and bullied-into-silence, long enough. That The First Black President felt it necessary to speak up in defense of the First Half-Black President, is fascinating on so many levels. An d who is the ultimate target of this unwarranted defense? American citizens exercising their Constitutional Rights, that's who! It is telling; about Clinton the Man, Clinton the Politician, and the Political Left in general.

Even though Bill Clinton is receiving this week's Douchebag of the Week, I have to defend douchebags; at least they serve a purpose, and they have the virtue of leaving things cleaner than when they found them.

Bill Clinton is a criminal. He should roast in Hell, not be treated like he was some sort of King. Anything he has to say on any subject is suspect; because he's a proven liar and opportunist, and has blood on his hands.

Bill Clinton, you are our Douchebag of the Week.

Put some ice on that, Motherfucker!

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