Monday, May 24, 2010

The Archdiocese of New York Did What???

Because they've invaded my neighborhood. The Great Unwashed Muslim Horde is now attempting to build a new base of operations -- less than 1.5 miles from Lunatic Central. In what used to be a Catholic convent, no less.

We already have to suffer the indignity of a mosque going up in the shadow of Ground Zero (the scheduled opening for that monstrosity -- I shit you not-- is supposed to be set for September 11th. The fucking nerve of these people!). And the one that's now about to pollute my neighborhood is being built on a section of street that was re-named in honor of a FDNY Captain... killed on September 11th.

You know, I keep hearing Muslims complaining loudly that their sensibilities are constantly under assault by bigoted Christians and Jews (hey, I make no bones about it; I hate every fucking Sand Nigger on the Planet), and how their feelings continuously crushed by insensitive Westerners. But then again, they bring it upon themselves because they believe themselves to be entitled to insult us with impunity. You would think that a (fake) religion that likes to try to portray itself as promoting peace, understanding and universal brotherhood would try to take the high road sometimes, instead of opening mosques in places where the memory of the greatest mass murder ever on American soil took place, or in places associated with that disgusting tragedy.

They continue to incite us, because, well, they probably think it's funny. They consider it "getting some of their own back", I suppose, and even more of them consider it a religious duty to be assholes, I reckon. Then again, if there really were "moderate" Muslims, the one's everyone keeps looking for, but won't find, perhaps there would be a little sensitivity to the wounds of September 11th. Perhaps they'd realize that we don't find it a date worthy of commemoration in any but the saddest of contexts.

But of course, they won't ever see it our way. Because if there's anything you count upon in this life -- besides Barack Obama being a pansy-ass Commie cocksucker with a desk full of pre-signed apology forms addressed "To Whom It May Concern" -- it's that Muslims have no conception of either good taste or fairness. It's a genetic defect. These two mosques are designed to incite hard feelings, rather than eliminate them. They are intended to insult, and to re-open the wounds. They are monuments to the greatest Muslim accomplishment of the last 1,200 years.

And what, exactly, was that accomplishment?

It was the murder of 3,000 innocent people, all taken unawares, and unable to defend themselves. This counts as courage in the Muslim world, and is an event deemed a major victory for the Religion Of Peace. Sick motherfuckers, every last one of them. It's why their culture is ultimately doomed... that and the DNA-destroying practice of Cousin Marriage.

But I think they're about to find they've gone a bit too far, this time. Say what you want about Staten Island (everyone makes us the butt of their jokes, but they don't really know who we are and what we're about), but Staten Islanders fight. Well. This "community center" will never see the light of day. We'll do something here that the President of the United States won't do, and actually defeat terrorists with open opposition.

In the meantime, I have to seriously question the actions, motivations and agenda of the Archdiocese of New York in (allegedly) letting a parish priest handle the sale of this property, and then do so in a way that has alienated the community at large. It's being reported that the property is being sold for less than actual market value, and that local builders did, in fact, offer fair market value and were rebuffed. I'm shocked and appalled that the Catholic Church would turn over a convent to agents of the Muslim faith, in what appears to be such a cavalier manner; it just defies belief. I'm hoping our local reporters do some more digging and get to the truth of this matter, but if I had to guess, based on my extensive experience with Roman Catholicism and the Archdiocese of New York, the Muzzies could probably line up the financing ASAP. It's almost as if you should expect to see the "INRI" over the crucified Christ replaced by '$$$$'.

I wouldn't be surprised to find Saudi money involved somewhere in the project, as well.

So, I'm getting ready for the Big Show here, people. This neighborhood will soon be swarming with would-be suicide bombers if this deal goes through, and I don't intend to just let them wander around. I'm keeping both eyes and ears open, and I'll be watching every pile of walking dirty laundry extra-carefully.

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