Friday, May 28, 2010

A Libtard Just Told the Truth!

This is why, if you can hold your breakfast down, you should occasionally watch (P)MSNBC. New York Times columnist Gail Collins uttered a pearl of wisdom this morning on Morning Joe. This tidbit of honesty was allowed to escape during the discussion of Obama's crisis management in the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and criticism of the Federal Response, and what was -- they tell me -- Obama's first, official press conference in a year (forgive me if I wasn't as excited about it, since the douchebag in on my TV every goddamned day, whether it's "official or not"). I'll paraphrase:

"...the only reason Barack Obama is President of the United States is because the Stock Market tanked, and by comparison with a grandstanding, stunt-pulling, mighty confused John McCain, he seemed the cooler, more rational choice..."

Ah, finally: A Liberal tells the unvarnished truth about Obambi! It only took a year-and-a-half, 10% unemployment, a series of unconstitutional power grabs, a deficit growing at exponential rates, a naked Rahm Emanuel accosting psychotic gay men in the Congressional locker room, a possible pay-for-play scandal, several high-profile resignations, and an oil spill of Biblical proportions. NOW the media wants to do it's primary job and pick apart the persona and policies of Barack Obama?

Collins is jumping ship. Yesterday, I even watched Chrissy Matthews, and he was sounding the alarm bells over Obama. I might get a bottle of Pepto and attempt to watch Olbermann this evening, just to see if it's a trifecta. Why, even (P)MSNBC's House Negro, Eugene Robinson, had to admit that his man was somehow less inspiring in action than he had been on the campaign trail, and was beginning to wonder how it was that Obama was such a charismatic, transformation figure 18 months ago, and now hardly inspires anyone. You begin to believe that the media is finally to seeing what the rest of us do, and a faint hope for the future stirs once again.

You can see a NASA Satellite image of the Oil Spill here.

Update: Satellite Image would not upload, included hyperlink to UPI. Fixed some spelling errors.

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